Are there men in The Art of Money program?

written by Bari Tessler November 29, 2018

In general, it is a very heavily dominated female space with probably 80% women and 20% men. The women take up most of the space in the forum too, although there are always some men and men are very welcome!

We get some single men and some men who come in with their female partners as a couple and men who come in with their male partners.

Bari’s approach has always drawn more women, but for the men that feel a connection with this style, we wholeheartedly welcome them into the space.

For some reason, men tend to hire a financial planner privately more or work on their own, or they are drawn to a more traditional masculine style, i.e. Dave Ramsey.

Some of the Art of Money’s guest teachers are male, although the TA’s (teaching assistants) inside the forum are all female.

Lastly, Bari is married to a man and they have worked together for 18 years on their money relationship. Her husband has a very different style than she does and she has a lot of experience with this.