RV Roadshow

Let the Roadshow begin! In this first episode, you’ll see the story of how we ended up on the West Coast in an RV, and Bari will explain why we’re doing this crazy road trip (in the middle of winter.) This is going to be an interesting, and highly beneficial, series of free tips and training over the coming weeks, and it’s all in celebration of the opening of our year long Art of Money program, which is now open…

January 4, 2015
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Dear Community, Oooooh, I’m so excited to let this cat out of the bag … ! In a few days, we’re packing up an RV, hitting the road, and heading out West to talk to some of our favorite Art of Moneyers! You see: I positively lovelovelove teaching online. I get to connect with students, Guest Teachers, and community members from all over the world … But you just can’t hug people on Facebook. Magic happens when we get together,…

December 28, 2014
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