RV Roadshow

Today, our Roadshow RV pulled up in one of my favorite cities — Portland, Oregon — where we sat down with a dear couple from our Art of Money community: Julie and Catharine Buck Clarenbach. Catharine is a Spiritual Director and six months into building her brand-new online business, and Julie offers tech setup for online businesses (in addition to her day job). These two are deeply soulful, entrepreneurial, kind-hearted and smart. … And like so many folks in my…

January 11, 2015
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For our second stop in Portland, we drove our RV to Laurelhurst Park (one of my absolute favorite places!) and sat down to chat with our dear friend, Terry Jordan. Terry is a true healer: a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, and amazing storyteller. And, she’s about to begin her third year doing the Art of Money work. AOM Roadshow – Ep 3. How the Art of Money has changed one woman’s life. was last modified: December 17th, 2021 by Bari…

January 10, 2015
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Here it is, everyone!! Our very first, unscripted-and-from-the-road video interview!! In case you missed the news: for the next few weeks, my little family and I are on the road, filming The Art of Money Roadshow: a mini-travelogue about life, love, and money. We’re driving an RV from Seattle to Santa Cruz, breaking bread with some of our beautiful community members, and chatting about what’s working in their money relationship. And, most importantly: we’re sharing all the unscripted video interviews…

January 6, 2015
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