The Art of Money Series

Dear Money Adventurer, After a bit of a hiatus, the Art of Money podcast is back with a brand-new episode. I could not be more thrilled to introduce you to my guest: former social worker turned financial therapist, Lindsay Bryan-Podvin. While Lindsay’s expertise speaks to mental health and neurodivergence, we have a shocking amount in common. In an origin story that feels oh so familiar, Lindsay graduated with her Master’s degree in Social Work and began working in the field,…

June 28, 2023
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What is enoughness?

Dear Money Adventurer, Sometimes, as we journey deeper into our relationship with money, we find that this work brings up old wounds or emotions that we thought had healed. Like cutting into an onion, new depths are revealed as we peel back the outer layers, and we find ourselves grasping for safety, stability, for enough ground beneath our feet to feel secure. We seek solace in enoughness, but enoughness isn’t just an external state of having sufficient resources. It’s also…

June 2, 2023
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Why Somatic Tools are Essential To Money Work Blog

Dear Money Adventurer, Your mind and body had a relationship with money long before you began your conscious money work. Before you began to write your money story with intention, they held it for you, narrating the money lessons and beliefs you’ve inherited and internalized from your family, culture, community, and your own lived experiences of survival, safety, stability, and enoughness. Because your money story isn’t just an external expression of your current financial circumstances, it is life-long and ever-unfolding,…

May 17, 2023
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