You + Money: Starter Kit

Bari TesslerOh, it’s so very good that you’re here.

This page is busting at the seams with some of my favorite bite-sized money tools + insights.

Potent stuff. Pure Silliness. Perspective. Unshaming.                                Inspiration. Gentle nudges. Powerful Invitations.


I invite you to pull out the chocolate, make a cuppa something delicious and click, read, listen, and engage. Bookmark this page, and return here often until you’ve soaked it all up.

I’m so glad you’re here. Consider this a warm welcome to my community. May it serve you very deeply.

~ Bari


#1: Probably my all-time favorite tool

(for Financial Transformation and just about everything else by the way)

#2: Some winners from the blog:

#3: Got a bit more time?

Enjoy this 90-ish-minute audio teleclass recording from Spring 2011. You’ll hear more about my story, my method, and how to begin.*Note: in this call, I talk about a program which has been retired to my online vault, and reborn into this. 

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#4: Did I mention I love chocolate?

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