When’s the last time you heard about money bringing people together? (I’ll wait.) (Actually, that might take a terribly, horribly long time, so … let’s just continue, shall we?) Usually, when it comes to money and relationships, we hear about the bad stuff. Siblings who don’t speak anymore because of a nasty inheritance battle. That awkwardness between you and your sweetie over the credit card. Or that group of college friends you stopped talking to when they switched tax…

March 27, 2017
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Hi there, this is Forest Linden here, Bari’s husband and business partner. If you caught the last newsletter we sent out, you know that we’ve got a heap ton of things going on behind the scenes over here in Art of Money world. One of the side effects of those projects, like the writing of the Art of Money book that we’re working on, is that our normal flow of newsletters has been a bit disrupted of late. So today,…

June 14, 2015
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