Tools for Financial Transformation Video Course


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A digital jaunt through the financial forest…

Four Videos: 35 Minutes each!


Welcome to your very own, brand-spankin’ new, mojo-riffic and nourishing relationship with money.  Replete with whip-smart next-steps, hot cocoa-hugs, and resonant insights.  Face-to-face (virtually, that is), with me: your seasoned maven of a money guide.

We’ve lovingly crafted a 4-part video series that presents my comprehensive Conscious Bookkeeping vision in lively, bite-sized morsels of transformative genius.  If you’re ready for a jump start into a more conscious and fulfilling relationship with money, you won’t want to miss it!

Get ready to escort general unease and awkwardness to the door.  Money matters will soon have you feeling lit up, relaxed, and hopeful. Then just watch as that va-va-voom wildfires its way to the rest of your life in unexpected, surprisingly wonderful ways.

This course will completely change how you interact with money: forever, for better.

In this 4-part video course, you’ll discover how to:

  • Breathe clarity, authenticity, and ease into your relationship with money.
  • Deepen intimacy in your relationships by getting real about money’s impact.
  • Use simple tools to bring more wakefulness, fun, and style to your spending.
  • Align your spending with your most cherished values.
  • Get clear on your grand life vision — and spend to bring yourself closer to it.
  • Transform ho-hum budgeting into an enlivening spiritual practice.
  • Nurture yourself with gentle awareness techniques.
  • Accelerate your transformation with therapeutic chocolate remedies.

Video Course Outline: 4 Videos (35 Minutes each)

  • Video #1: Overview of the Conscious Bookkeeping Method
  • Video #2: Financial Therapy 
  • Video #3: Values-Based Bookkeeping 
  • Video #4: Life Vision Planning + next steps

I love the energy and intimacy of video, and I’m thrilled for you to see me at my most genuine and playful. You’ll get juicy insights and immediate next-steps, plus specific recommendations for those of you wanting to delve deeper.

Ready to dive in?

I’m so honored to be your guide!

Cost: $45

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Note: Once you purchase, you’ll immediately be sent an email with a link and login information to our private members area of the site. Once you’re in there, you’ll be able to access all the videos and get started right away. This is a paper-free course! All the learning happens online. Important: If you don’t see an email from us within a few minutes, go ahead and check your spam folder to see if we got stuck in there accidentally!

What people are saying…

“OMG is it rich Bari Tessler Linden! And worth so much more than $45.00. I am still processing and learning so much from your video course. I am ‘assigning it’ to everyone in my Inner Circle as homework. Thank YOU. ~Sue Ann Gleason

“Totally impressed with Bari Tessler Linden’s new video course – she has covered all the bases of what keeps me watching!” ~Amy

“Had a date with your videos yesterday, and I LOVED them 🙂 Thanks for such an approachable, informative and FUN gift.” ~Emma

“Very interesting as I when I started these videos and shared the ideas with my husband we were still at a place where simply the word money lead us into argument and a stuck place. We just had a whole conversation and did some good work on making progress towards what kind of relationship we want to have with money. Transformation is happening!!! YEAH! Thank you for this video course. What a wonderful gift. This is the stuff that changes lives.” ~Keesha

“Bari, I’m so inspired. You look so beautiful in the videos. So calm, so gentle. It makes me want to open up my Quicken and do something for myself (my version of your chocolate) and do my bookkeeping. I am so in awe of you and how you keep re-inventing yourself. Big big hug, mama-love!” ~Kat

“Aloha Bari, love your videos and the course – wow. You’ve assisted me in creating means to navigate through the surf zone of business to catch my wave so that I can ride my passion.  Thank you.” ~Patrick

“I loved your relaxed style and “content with yourself” presentation.  I LOVE your Body Check-In tip — I’ve been using it every day!!!  (Even though it didn’t have anything to do with finances (YET), it’s been a wonderful tool and I appreciated learning that much!). Thanks again for your sage advice and easy-going style!” ~Kim

“Been watching listening with my partner and baby daddy!..Thank you…as two creative types, it’s actually getting us interested in finally dealing with this money situation. You’re awesome…I dig the obvious care and love that went into the videos! A rarity these days in a market of just get something out there. ♥” ~Leslie

“I love your videos and love your style, empathy and compassion.  I really appreciate that you take a psychological/emotional and practical approach to dealing with this.” ~Karen

“I really enjoyed the videos, I really like how Bari links emotion to finances, both to uncover pre-existing issues that are unconciously interfereing, and to make the future money stuff exciting & hopeful instead of scary & dreadful. That Values-Renaming looks like the kind of thing that will be a huge help to me to not lose focus. Bari is inspiring in her attitude, knowledge, and by example just by living her life, and also very unintimidating and friendly. I really enjoyed the videos, took pages of notes. Thank you SO MUCH for it.” ~Victoria

“Absolute must-see videos by Bari Tesslar! She shares valuable info about your relationship with money!” ~Cora

“Thank you so much for putting this video series together, I think it’s great. Not too long, informative and full of good and useful suggestions to try at home. Love it.” ~Melissa

“Dear Bari, You have taken money management to a whole new level.  Thank you for the joyous videos.” ~Lee

“Thank you for such good energy around a ‘scary’ subject” ~Jennifer

“Getting real about money! (finally) thank you Bari Tessler Linden for your delightful video series. just about to start my ‘wake up with mint’ program. excited. SCARED to take this step, but grateful to have this support.”  ~Indigo

Jump in! $45.

Enter the special code “FAREWELL” at check out for 50% off from now through Sunday, December 16th.