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A Practical & Soulful Collaboration, from Us for You.

Less putting out fires… more relaxing over s’mores…

bari_forest_3We’ve intertwined the heart of my Conscious Bookkeeping Method with my husband Forest’s practical tech wizardry to create Wake Up With Mint: a short, affordable course with everything you need to get started with your money practice.

I’m often asked how difficult it is to start a conscious money practice. For many people, this conjures nightmarish images of slaving over ledgers, sifting crumpled stacks of receipts, or buying expensive accounting software. The horror!

My husband Forest and I have experimented with many different financial management systems.  We’ve Goldilocks’ed our way from workhorse systems — “too hard!” — to lax ledgers — “too soft!”  Together, we’ve honed in on a quick & effective system that nurtures our money practice without requiring complete obsession. And we want to share this with you all.

Wake Up With Mint shows you how you can start your own money practice– quickly, affordably, and soulfully.

Meet Mint.
This little program forever changed our family’s relationship to money. It’s a web-based personal finance management system — basically, your very own pocket accountant. Keen eyed, broadly informed, and devoted to your best interests. It got my husband Forest engaged in our finances again after a long break, and it’s saved us both oodles of time.

How did it do this? Well, one of the main ways is that with Mint you don’t have to manually enter any transactions! It does it for you by downloading your transaction history from your bank’s online banking system. That right there removes the major portion of time that it takes to track your transactions. Easy peezy. Lickety split. That means more free time for you do be doing other things since you don’t have to laboriously enter each transaction manually.

And if you’re feeling concerned about the security of your banking data, don’t be. Mint uses the same exact 128-bit encryption and physical security that banks use, which makes your transaction data solid and safe. Mint is also monitored by TRUSTe, VeriSign and Hackersafe, and supported by RSA Security.

You can’t move any money around in any of your accounts with Mint either, and neither can anyone else…it’s a “read-only” service. Mint’s been around a long time, and there’s never been any cases of anyone’s personal financial data being comprimised.

Here’s more on why Mint’s so cool:

  • Presto!  All your finances together at last. No more inputting receipts by hand or hunting down balances. Mint syncs together all your accounts and tracks while you sleep.
  • Clarity on the go. Mint syncs with your iPhone or Android powered phone so you can check your stats anytime — even midnight in the ice cream aisle.
  • Pie!!  (OK — pie graphs.) Demystify and pretty-fy your financial picture with self-generating images.
  • Have we mentioned it’s 100% free?

Mint’s handy on its own. But stir in two missing ingredients, and bam! You’ve got a potent platform for financial management and personal growth.

money_practice_guide_cover_250w#1: Techie Wizardry.  It usually takes about 10 hours to get really comfortable using Mint.  In our world, that’s a mighty precious chunk!

#2: Deep Support.  Emotions will arise.  Financial tracking increases awareness of your relationship to money.  Most of us need a little help healing and visioning here.

Wake Up with Mint includes the best of our gifts, just for you:

1.  From Forest, you get a snappy and comprehensive video training course so you’ll get Mint up and going — in just one hour.  He’s been teaching people to use web-based software for years, and does it like a pro.
2.  From Bari, you get an 60-minute mp3 interview recording, where you’ll learn what a money practice is, and how to start & implement yours. This robust and compelling class is one of our all-time favorite interviews! PLUS, you’ll receive a 17-page excerpt from the Home Study Program to help you set up your nurturing money practice.

Want to take a peek inside one of the videos? Here’s a snippet sample for you:

We’re so excited to offer our collaborative tool to the Conscious Bookkeeping Community!   

Check out all these tasty benefits:

  • Become a Mint power user in one easy hour — instead of a hair-pulling ten.
  • With Forest’s detail-oriented and patient teaching style, you’ll step-by-step your way from zero to Mint in a snap.
  •  Geek tweak like a pro. Charts and budgets and reminders, oh my!
  • Learn from a real, live, person.  I’m not a bot, and neither are you! Dare I say, learning software can even be fun when done right!
  • Establish the daily, weekly, and monthly practices that are right for you.
  • Support the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of your money practice.
  • Tap into your most conscious, clear-hearted self by doing body check-ins.
  • Create your financial map of intention to carry you into the future in style.
  • Discover the importance of easing in, celebrating, and getting support.
  • Learn what your “stylish accoutrement” is — and how to therapeutically dose with chocolate for maximum benefits.

…Like a horse and carriage…

On its own, Mint is a handy financial management system. Integrated with Conscious Bookkeeping’s framework for emotional honesty and visioning, it’s all you need to have complete clarity and ease with your finances.

You’ll relate to money consciously, and use it as a tool to know yourself even better.  Gently, with curiosity, respect, and intention.

Don’t spend another moment in the dark about money.  We hope you’ll enjoy these tools and start right away building more confidence, heart, and clarity.

What people are saying

“Just a quick note to let you know how great of a job you did on the Mint course! I’ve been in mint for a while, but never given it enough attention to really have it work for me. The videos were super clear – not too long, short, fast, or slow in my opinion. I was getting super excited about some of the ways it can help – and being a fairly hands-off mint user, you clarified (and eliminated) some of my frustrations with what I thought were limitations in Mint. Specifically, splitting trasnactions, tracking cash, and having it remember category changes for a merchant. Really great little product here!”

“Love your price point, thank you for making it so easy to jump in!”

“Learn Mint has been on my ‘to-do’ list forever, perfect timing.”

“Mint is on my task list for this week. You guys made that super procrastinatable task more approachable.”

“Forest is great teacher. He makes me feel totally comfortable and trust that I can do this!”

So . . . what’s the cost?

$65 and you’re in.

Yup, that’s it.

We wanted to give you an affordable, practical way to get started with a new relationship with money through the Conscious Bookkeeping Method.

And even if you’ve already been through the Home Study Program, the Wake Up With Mint Course is a great training tool to help you make your new money habits super solid.

Once you sign up, you’ll get access to the hour’s worth of training videos for as long as you like, which means that you can learn at your own comfy pace.

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Enter the special code “FAREWELL” at check out for 50% off from now through Sunday, December 16th.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mint is currently only available in America and Canada. Sorry about that if you live in another country :(. When we find suitable alternatives for folks in other countries, we’ll create courses on some of them. Also, be aware that not all banks are compatible with Mint. Before you sign up for this Mint course, it’s a good idea to go to Mint and sign up for a free account. Then search to see if your bank is in the list of available banks that can be used with Mint. If you can successfully find your bank and connect to its online banking service, you’re clear for take off.

Questions? Here are answers.

1. What do you mean when you say that my transactions get downloaded directly into Mint?

Once you enter your bank account information, Mint automatically and continually downloads all your financial transactions from your bank’s online banking site.

There’s no manual tracking, which some of you find laborious.

That’s the joy of using Mint for me, for my husband, and for many people in the conscious bookkeeping community.

As you’ll see in the video tutorials, all you do is start training Mint to categorize transactions from merchants you buy from often, and then it does the rest by downloading transactions from your bank’s online banking site.

Easy peezy! It makes tracking and managing your personal finances a cinch.

2. Can I really replace Quicken and Excel?

YES! Mint can and will replace Quicken and Excel. Again, No more laborious tracking.

Does this sound like you?

“I just got Quicken but haven’t started using it yet. I used it years ago but not with much luck. I also worked with a financial coach for a while with great results using an excel budget system and tracking (love it) but again, have gotten away from it because it’s a hassle to enter and track all my receipts.”

It is time to find an easy system. We found it for you. And, Forest is one of the best teachers around.

3. How far back will I be able to track once I start my Mint account? How much history does it load?

Mint downloads about 2 months of your financial history. It will then track your finances indefinitely from the time you open your account, and you’ll be able to access your history into the future. Depending on the bank, other tracking systems like Quicken and Quickbooks would also only be able to download 2-3 months of history, however some banks allow up to 18 months.

4. Is Mint secure?

If you’re feeling concerned about the security of your banking data, don’t be. Mint uses the same exact 128-bit encryption and physical security that banks do, which means your transaction data is totally safe. Mint is also monitored by TRUSTe, VeriSign, and Hackersafe, and supported by RSA Security.

Mint has been around since 2006 (almost 6 years now). I kept an eye on them for a few years before I even started referring to them due my concern about security. Many in my community were not yet ready to trust something like Mint a few years back, but they have clearly proven themselves, and I have yet to hear of a security breach of any kind in any way. Mint relies on their impeccable security and could not exist without it. They would have gone out of business a long time ago if any security breach had happened.


5. What if I get in there, get clarity, and find out that I’m truly a financial moron?

Hey folks, I hear your concern, but without clarity we have no power to make new choices. I never use the term “financial moron” but if I did it would refer to not looking at one’s finances, being unconscious, and making the same choices over and over due to an unwillingness to look (or even take a peek)!

Remember, we all have money issues. We all have positive and negative patterns around money. By looking at your numbers you may also see what you are doing well! You may very well surprise yourself. I see this over and over. And, once you start to clearly see your money story and spending and earning patterns, YOU WILL start to see new options, but only if you take the step.

Stop procrastinating, folks 🙂

I have been there. I understand.

Believe me—you CAN learn this stuff and improve your money situation (whatever that means to you).

And you CAN merge your heaven and earth so that you get savvy on a practical level while not losing touch with your magic and creativity.

Jump in! You will be held. My hand is here, folks. All you gotta do is take it!

6. Can Mint help me with my small biz?

Yes! Although Mint is geared more for personal finance (for individuals and couples) than for business bookkeeping, it’s certainly better to use it than to use no system at all! Quickbooks is the industry standard for business finances, as it includes additional features like invoicing, payroll, and a data base.

However, if you’re not ready for all that and want to start simple, Mint is a great first step, especially for service businesses like coaching, consulting, or financial planning. Some of you may choose to stay with Mint forever as opposed to moving on to Quickbooks or Outright (another business bookkeeping system), and that is totally fine too.

You can easily set up a separate business checking account and have Mint track all of your transactions. On a simple level, you will be able to have all of your Income and Expense data ready for tax purposes at the end of the year. This is a much better plan than either having to add up all of your receipts at the end of the year or being “creative” about your totals. And, on another level, you will be able to review your Income and Expenses each month and as a whole year.

As a business owner it’s essential to start to see your income and expense patterns. You can then begin to shape and plan what your goals and see what revenue streams are actually bringing in money and which ones are not. This in turn gives you the option of focusing your efforts where they bring the largest return, as well as planning out your expenses better.

Most important, though, is to take one step at a time.

Getting a system in place like Mint and starting to review your patterns on a monthly basis is a great and wonderful step. From there, you will see what the next steps are and will be much more connected to them and excited to take them. One step at a time…

Please note: I personally use Quickbooks for my business! I still enjoy manually tracking and love the robust business accounting features that Quickbooks offers. And, for our personal, I am psyched that my husband has taken this over and is using Mint.

Ready to Jump In?

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Enter the special code “FAREWELL” at check out for 50% off from now through Sunday, December 16th.