Group Coaching Program

An adventure of finances, friends, and freedom.

This course is underway, and currently closed for registration.

What if you embarked on a new money adventure? 

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A journey …

… towards more clarity, honesty, and deeply nourishing peace of mind.

… where you’re met with gentle encouragement, wise guidance, and loving acceptance.

… that honors the heartfelt depths of your personal story — and how-to practicality.

What if, instead of travelling this path alone, you belonged to a supportive community? A cohort of friends, all practicing heartfelt listening, genuine encouragement, and refreshing honesty?  A group of kindred wayfarers, committed to reaching the same destination — together?

Trekking through the financial forest can seem daunting.  But friends make all the difference.  And of course, you’ll have me by your side, offering compassion, guidance, and love, every step of the way.

Believe it or not, 2012 is on it’s way out. This fall, get the support you need to enter the new year on stronger financial footing than ever. Even if you’ve done nothing this year (or far less than you’d hoped) to track and align your finances, this program offers all the time, resources, and support you need to turn a new page in your money story.

If you’re inspired by my vision of marrying money and mindfulness — and would like my personal, loving attention on your relationship with money, The Conscious Bookkeeping Group Coaching Program is a phenomenal way to get it. In fact, besides private financial therapy with me (my highest price point offering), it’s the only way.

Back by enthusiastic demand …

The latest Group Coaching Program graduates have shared their success stories with us! The depth of support, love, and honesty in the community has been nothing short of astonishing. We’re delighted by the recurring themes in their praise for the program, including:

  • Soulful depth, loving awareness:  “I think the difference [between this and other courses … ] is your deep heart.  You create such a deep, safe, loving space that it’s possible to be with the hard truths, the blindspots, the areas of shame and money trauma without going into overwhelm or blanking out.  And when we do go into those dark places (which is sometimes needed to release them to the light) you model self-compassion and forgiveness which makes it possible for more truth-telling and releasing.”
  • The benefits ripple out to every area of life:  “I saw how money was tied to my feelings of self worth and how that was connected to everything. Everything!” “This group helped me do something that I never would have imagined I could do. I feel like a different person.”
  • There’s no substitute for a living, breathing, loving, devoted community:  “Being part of this group has been such an exquisite, tender and profound experience. We created something sort of miraculous on the forum. Rarely have I ever, even in a group that met live, experienced so much intimacy, trust, and depth being shared, and so much caring for each other.”

The Method

Our foundation for the Group Coaching Program is my 3 Doorways Conscious Bookkeeping Method. This powerful framework has helped thousands of people replace their old money stories with refreshingly honest and reassuring ones.

You’ll receive the complete guide to this teaching via the Home Study Program, included in this group course (more on that below). Consider it your trusty map as we journey through the financial forest together.

In it, you’ll find 3 powerful doorways to a healthier relationship with money:

  1. red doorFinancial Therapy, or “Money Healing.”  This enormously potent doorway is about deep healing and un-shaming our money stories so we can grow and move forward.  So often, the emotional foundations of our financial lives get neglected or completely skipped over — which is heartbreakingly unfortunate!  We’ll take the time to delve deep into the emotional and psychological territory of your money relationship, honoring all the nuance and complexity there.  We also travel back through your entire money story, exploring money dynamics in your family of origin, defining moments for you, and all of your patterns around money.  A huge range of feelings come up during this process — and we meet them all with massive doses of listening, forgiveness, and love.


  1. Values-Based Bookkeeping, or “Money Practices.” This practical doorway is about numbers and techniques — but so much more.  Just as the deeper healing is often missing in traditional money work, the nuts-and-bolts number-crunching can be left out of much of our soul work. Both-and, yin-yang, dark-light: we need it all.  Here we de-mystify our finances, learn the language of money + bookkeeping, and align our spending with our most cherished values.  We create (or refine) daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly money practices designed to bring you more clarity, empowerment, and joy around the money flowing in and out of your life.  And YES, we bring chocolate. We light candles. We make amazing playlists. We transform the often dry, oppressive, and dreaded subject of “bookkeeping” into something alive and infused with intention and playfulness. We allow our money practice to serve us and connect us with our deeper selves!
  1. door3-300x300Life Visioning, or “Money Maps.”  In this final doorway, you’re invited to connect deeply with your path, your dreams, your goals, and your gifts.  Here we take all the healing from Doorway #1, all the inspired and embodied action from doorway #2, and apply it to the bigger context of our life.  Where are you in your life journey? And how does this relate to your money story? Zoom out to get a clear picture of your money relationship: past, present, and future. Clarify your financial priorities based on where you are in this one beautiful life of yours, and learn the strategies and practices to serve where you’re headed.  Here we re-frame the often dreaded “budget” and create a “Map of Intention” instead — one that helps us know where we stand and where we’re going.  This final doorway is about asking the big questions.  With opened hearts and the tools to express them, we vision, review, adjust, experiment, intend, and vision some more.

The Program

Welcome to a safe, loving community to support your journey.  The best of what I have to offer in home-study and guided support. Here you’ll find the wisdom and camaraderie you need to help you finish 2012 on a stronger financial footing than ever. Think of this course as a 10-week kickstarter for your new relationship with money.  A transitional period.  A courtship.  If you want and allow it, this incredibly deep work will continue serving you (and lighting you up!) for years to come.  That’s why I make sure you get lifetime access to the program — so you can revisit all the practices, perspectives, and insights, whenever you need.

  • Lifetime access to the Conscious Bookkeeping Home Study Program: This online course includes my most comprehensive teachings and lays the foundation for our group coaching together. You’ll receive a 150+ page workbook that puts all the deep insights, practical how-to’s, and helpful guides for financial transformation right at your fingertips. Plus, 15+ hours of audio recordings — the entire method, taught live, full of uncensored, soulful conversations with people just like you, healing their money story.
  • Seven 90-minute Group Coaching sessions: With my Home Study Program as our guide, we’ll navigate through each of the 3 Doorways, with ample space and time for your questions & sharings. Everyone works through the material at their own pace, and these calls are where the teaching comes alive with new, fresh insights inspired by your questions, ponderings, and challenges. I’ll be supporting you wherever you find yourself on the path of financial transformation.
  • Powerful Community Support: For three months, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group to connect with your kindred money voyagers, me, and the Conscious Bookkeeping team.  Share your stories.  Celebrate your triumphs.  Walk the path with companions devoted to helping you enjoy the most gentle, soul-expanding journey possible.  Even if you’re too shy to speak up, you’ll soak up the benefits of the caring community.  As one graduate of this program raved, “We created something sort of miraculous on the forum. Rarely have I ever, even in a group that met live, experienced so much intimacy, trust, and depth being shared, and so much caring for each other.”  Expect an oasis brimming with love and support.
  • Amazing Guest Teachers: I’m bringing in two of my favorite colleagues so you’ll get their special, fresh, and ultra-valuable perspectives to round out your money path.  They’ll each join us for a live call to answer your questions about their special focus.  Loralee Hutton is a bookkeeping systems expert and rockstar accountant — she’ll help you find the right financial system (like Mint, Quicken, or Quickbooks) for your unique money practice.  Galia Gichon is a financial coach with a genius for explaining budgeting, saving, and investing in delightfully simple ways.  I’m so excited to introduce both of these experts to you, because I know they’ll support your journey with phenomenal insight and care.
  • Optional One-on-One Guidance: Want a little extra loving support from me?  I’ve listened to the wisdom of popular demand and am thrilled to offer you the option to add on 2 private, one-on-one sessions with me. The Group Coaching Program certainly stands on its own, but if you’d like a little extra help to process everything, I’m all yours!  Normally, I only offer individualized sessions for clients who sign on for long-term coaching with me (my highest price offering). But since everyone in the Group Coaching Program will already be committed to a delightfully deep dive, I’m thrilled to offer this deluxe special option. You can schedule your sessions anytime between registration and the end of the program. It’s a special, intimate experience to supplement (ok, skyrocket) the support you’ll receive in this experience. (See below for pricing details.)

Wondering if this is right for You?

I know this program is a big investment, both financially and emotionally.  The rewards, though?  Priceless.  Take a moment, take a breath, and ask yourself if any of these fit for you:

  • You’ve tried other financial programs, but they just didn’t “stick.”  Perhaps they left out the emotional dimension of finances — or maybe they offered that in spades but neglected the practical how-to’s.  My 3 Doorway Method is about integrating all the aspects of your financial life in a gentle, honest way.
  • You want direct access to me.  I’m here for you!  As a member of the Group Coaching Program, you’ll be able to get my answers to your questions through laser coaching, group phone calls, and in the private Facebook group.  Want to ask me something but a little shy about it?  Send me your question before the call.  I’ll sit with it, reflect, and answer it during our group coaching.  Introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between will feel supported and held.  This program truly offers the best of the group and customized coaching worlds.  **Want even more?  See below for details on the Deluxe package, including two one-on-one calls with me.
  • You need community. Accountability. A schedule! Self-study at home just isn’t your thing, but investing in private financial therapy isn’t right either. Here’s your middle ground. Voila!
  • You’re old hat at Conscious Bookkeeping — or brand new to it.  We’ll meet you exactly where you are in your money journey — that’s what makes Conscious Bookkeeping so effective!  In our last Group Coaching Program, there were participants who have followed my work for years, some who had completed programs with me but wanted even more — and some people who are brand new to all of these questions.  This diversity within the group is exciting and enriching for everyone.  Plus, no coaching call, forum thread, or cohort is ever the same, because it’s you that brings the work to life!  No matter what stage you’re at, you’ll feel met, seen, and welcome.

I’m so delighted by the overwhelming positive response this program has received.  If you feel inspired, I hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a truly rich and rewarding experience!

When you join this community, you’ll get 10+ hours of group and laser coaching with me, plus ongoing, intimate support and guidance over a 3-month period.

The results are in.  Graduates love this program.

marilynThe training you provide is stellar in the online world.  I’ve done a few other courses in abundance, money shadow, money management and it honestly made almost no difference.  Your course, on the other hand, helped me heal and transform my relationship to money, deepen my understanding of my history of money and to change my money practices significantly.   These practices have allowed me to gain far more consciousness around how, why, and where I spend money and have helped me gain alignment between my income, my expenses and the values that underlay these decisions.  As a result the money hemoragging has stopped, which has more than paid for the cost of the course.  Its also helped me lay the foundation for a far greater level of abundance.  Which, in turn, allows me to be of far greater service to my clients and the world.

I think the difference (in addition to your comprehensive, integrated approach) is your deep heart.  You create such a deep, safe loving space that it’s possible to be with the hard truths, the blindspots, the areas of shame and money trauma without going into overwhelm or blanking out.  And when we do go into those dark places (which is sometimes needed to release them to the light) you model self-compassion and forgiveness which makes it possible for more truth-telling and releasing.  I felt that you treated every person and every question with extreme sensitivity and care and the constant encouragement to keep going.   I now see my money path as a sacred journey, and your loving presence will always be with me as I continue to walk towards new possibilities.

~ Marilyn Daniels, Mentor to women with a message and a mission at Sacred Enterprise


MO headshotSigning up for Bari’s class was a huge leap of faith, both financially and emotionally, and I waited until the last day possible to sign up. I had no idea what would happen next, but making a decision to invest in my financial life from the inside out felt right.

My heart cracked open on the first call; listening to others share their story made me realize how much we all have in common, and how we don’t have to do this work alone. The very next night, in a burst of inspiration, I finally articulated what I would do if “money” were no concern. I would be a Gratitude Accountability Coach.

The next morning I began my first 30 day micro coaching group with 8 people sending me 5 things/day they were grateful for. We’re now in our forth month with “5 affirmations/day” with many people (myself included) reporting deep and meaningful shifts towards healing and well being. I know would not have happened if I hadn’t made the LEAP to join this amazing program.

Participating in this community gave me courage to dive into the deep end of my money story/history and really embrace all the lessons still needing to be learned. As I suspected, many of these involved painful & dysfunctional relationship patterns I witnessed between my parents. I knew they were plaguing my 20 year relationship with my soulmate, and were the reason I was drawn to Bari’s gentle approach.

This program helped me own my own energy source; to BE the spotlight rather than stand in someone else’s spotlight, feeling insecure as a result. I trust more now. I am more open and loving with myself and my husband. I am more mindful and skilled in observing vs. reacting. I am at peace.

I am infinitely grateful to Bari, Hannah, and this incredible community for the loving & sacred space you created for this important, energetic force we call money. I hope we can stay connected and keep blessing and honoring this incredible connection.

~ Megan OKelly, Micro Coach


Susan Thaxton - FVMy biggest take-away from this experience is that I have become more relaxed and confident about having the ability to manage my finances. I still have a lot to do but now know that I’m capable. That alone has been worth the price of admission!

~ Susan Thaxton


ElizabethsmallI feel total gratitude and completion with this course. I was looking for a right of passage in money, and I got it. It created the container for me to dive deeper into my money archetypes and face what was holding me back- ultimately my inability to bridge the take a full step into my work potential.  

I’m thrilled to report that I start my new job tomorrow with the financial planning firm David White & Associates, bringing my Money Coaching practice full circle- through this course I found the missing ingredients that allowed me to bridge my precious work in Inner Economics/Money Coaching with the outer work of financial planning. Already I have started to taste the power that comes from exercising that muscle of earning your worth. This group helped me do something that I never would have imagined I could do. I feel like a different person. I’ve discovered a new language that I’ve been super hesitant to jump into. Outer economics, money and my earning potential feels like a whole new world, and finally, it feels possible.

~ Elizabeth Husserl, Financial Associate, David White & Associates

K.Graham 020 3Before I took Bari’s Conscious Bookkeeping course, I was still stuck in some negative money stories and struggles.  Working through this course and the amazing group support on the forum helped me release the stories and make tremendous progress to the financial life I want.  

I’m a business owner/entrepreneur.  That carries special challenges.  Because Bari is also an entrepreneur, she really gets it.  Not only did I learn everything I need to know about personal finances but my business finances are running well as a result of Bari’s course.  

The Conscious Bookkeeping course can also work magic in your intimate relationship.  I came to some important revelations about relationship and money.  Because of this, my relationship with my partner is better than ever.  

Finally, my business is doing better than ever, too!  I believe it’s due to many things, one of the most important being my work here.   The course material is clear and very well put-together.  The group calls are so valuable because you realize you are not alone.  It’s been such a delight and gift.  Thank you, Bari!

~ Kimberly Graham, Divorce Guide, Founder of High Road Divorce


jaimeWowza. I am standing in the most secure place I’ve been in a very long time, if ever.

I am literally handling cash money, everyday. Learning what my expenses are in a very tangible way. I have a partner who loves to talk about money with me, loves to look deeply and confront old patterns. I have Quickbooks, and I’ve reconciled my finances through June.

My life is really full and beautiful. I’ve come so far since this course started, and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your support, encouragement, wisdom, ideas, love, hope, vulnerability, and trust have literally changed my life.

~ Jaime Powell


leslie wattsI came to this course sensing that there was more to my lack of interest in tracking money than a lack of interest. I’ve read books about getting your money life in order, I knew how important it was, and yet I couldn’t force myself to keep track and focus on where I wanted to go. I’ve always had a sense that there was not enough money, even though there was always plenty. I decided to take a leap of faith and join the course. When Bari explained how the course is structured, I was so glad I had signed up. I really needed to dig deep and uncover my beliefs and way of being around money, energy, and time.

The financial therapy portion of the course and the support of Bari and the other conscious bookkeepers helped me to feel comfortable and really made the journey possible. I saw how money was tied to my feelings of self worth and how that was connected to everything. Everything! Before I started, I had no idea where to go or what to do in my money life. Since doing the course, I have done some significant and necessary foundational work, I have several immediate next steps, and I know where I want to go. I really didn’t understand how profound this would be, and yet it has affected every area of my life. I’m so very grateful for the invitation to do the work, Bari, and for my willingness to take the plunge!  

~ Leslie Watts, Writer and Mother of two


Tomar w glasses small lighterBeing part of this group has been such an exquisite, tender and profound experience. We created something sort of miraculous on the forum. Rarely have I ever, even in a group that met live, experienced so much intimacy, trust, and depth being shared, and so much caring for each other.

~ Tomar Levine, Soul Guidance for Your Business



shaktifaceI feel very rich with gratitude for the whole course, and the many levels and layers of it, and how far reaching it’s been for me in my life. I am aware that there was a really freaked out infant part of me that really didn’t know how to handle my life and finances, and the whole thing felt very mysterious and overwhelming.

Bari’s emotional gentleness and also getting the basic information, is helping me feel that I understand the game plan enough to participate. And that’s been one of many rich harvests that have come for me from all of this.

It’s such a great thing to be able to use what is so finely established and fine tuned (in the Home Study) and be able to feel everything that comes up and engage with the group and Bari. I have loved having a new language of weave between what seems like a very dry and stale subject of bookkeeping and instead to open it up and for it to be this rich, emotional conversation.

~ Shakti Shen, Tantra Teacher


crystal maysIn doing the Home Study Program, I really enjoyed all the questions you put in there. It really helped me have a different perspective on my relationship with money, my money story. Doing this course has helped me feel very empowered that I can figure things out. I feel ready to really set down a solid foundation, and I feel excited that I can be successful in my business and realize my dreams. It’s beautiful the community that’s been created.

~ Crystal Mays, Revision Hair



sharronA deep bow of gratitude for this amazing course. It has so far has surpassed all my wildest dreams about it.  Tremendously valuable, and deeply grateful.

~ Sharron Mendel Swain




caroline donahueI am not doing this with a spouse or partner, but am in this new relationship and I have found our conversations about money to be really rich and healing as a result of this course and the way I am able to  approach it. After the session where I shared how I was feeling, I was able to talk to him about my concerns around money and he was able to share how much he enjoys being able to take me out to nice places and that paying makes him feel good, as he says he is courting me. It feels really amazing to be able to interact this way and share all of this. We have worked out a great system where we both feel good. We have also felt more comfortable talking about money dynamics we want to change from previous relationships. It definitely feels like a much more adult way to be in relationship and I notice myself feeling more like a team. I am more open and comfortable than I have with previous men.

~ Caroline Donahue

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