Online Money Programs

[box]The offerings you’ll find here are designed to help you build your own bridges between money, body, mind, and spirit. Along the way, we eat chocolate. We linger in unconditionally loving spaces. We find deeper meanings and follow clues. We develop conscious relationships with ourselves. And we move from feeling lost deep in the financial woods into our own custom-built log cabins.[/box]

At the heart of my work lies my Conscious Bookkeeping Method®- Tools for Financial Transformation:

  • Financial Therapy (Money Healing)
  • Values-Based Bookkeeping (Money Practices)
  • Life Vision Planning (Money Maps)

Take a look at the offerings below, and choose the best next step for you, at this moment in your money story.

[box]Want a free taste?  Sign up for instant access to the You + Money: Starter Kit, a potent schmorgusboard of my favorite teachings. My welcome gift to you, the Starter Kit is bursting at the seams with inspiration, insight and practical tools. Get your copy using the form on the upper right corner of this page. [/box]

[box]Introductory Video Course

We’ve lovingly crafted a 4-part video series that presents my  comprehensive Conscious Bookkeeping vision in lively, bite-sized morsels of transformative genius. If you’re ready for a jump start into a more conscious and fulfilling relationship with money, you won’t want to miss it!

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[box]Wake Up with Mint Training Course

My first collaboration with my husband, Forest, this course has everything you need to start a money practice: from soulful vision to uber-practical tools. You’ll get Forest’s comprehensive video training guide to Mint: the hip & handy web-based personal finance management app. You’ll also step-by-step your way through the psychological, emotional, and spiritual considerations in my Money Practice Guide, a lengthy excerpt from my Home Study Program. Whether you’re already a student of my method looking to amplify and streamline, or are new to Conscious Bookkeeping and want to test the waters, you’ll love this delightfully affordable and efficient offering.

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[box]Home Study Program

For over 10 years, I’ve guided my students and clients to more clear-headed, open-hearted, and fulfilling relationships with money. Now I’ve distilled all the methods, materials and practices we’ve used into a self-guided, step-by-step and comprehensive online home study course that includes class audios and workbook chapters. Charged with practical action steps, teeming with deep reflection cues, and guided by a nurturing curiosity, this course allows you to transform at your own pace. Discover the liberating clarity and passionate oomph that’s yours once you solidify your financial house.

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[box]Group Coaching Program

Deep healing is so much richer with friends.  We’ve crafted an intimate experience for those of you who love the added support, accountability, and challenge of community.  Think of it as a group trek through the financial forest — with me as your compassionate and insightful guide.  You’ll get the entire Conscious Bookkeeping Home Study Program along with laser coaching with me on our group coaching calls, plus an amazing private online community.  After all, there’s safety in numbers… and more fun, too!

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[box]Private Financial Therapy

This Money Mastery Experience is lovingly crafted for you deep divers, transformation seekers, and support connoisseurs. It’s a comprehensive package with everything I have to offer, including my Home Study Program, Wake Up with Mint course, and private Financial Therapy. Most importantly, it’s the only way for individuals and couples to work one-on-one with me.  You’ll enjoy the most rapid and nurturing growth, with oodles of personalized, insightful support, all integrated, demystified, and tied with a bow. Due to the extensive personalized support, I can only offer twelve spots for this program at any time.

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