Praise for Bari and her work . . .

Allow me to introduce some of the beautiful people I’ve had the honor of supporting over the past ten years. Enjoy their sharings; may they inspire you and help you clarify the next best step in your money story.

[quote style=”boxed”] I think what Bari does more than anything is un-shames us around money.  It’s the combination of nuts and bolts financial knowledge and practices, with compassionate attention — not only on the numbers, but past baggage, emotions, and heart.  . . . . It was the combination of rigor — and frankly love — that made this work land with me like nothing before. ~Kristin Wheeler[/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]Bari Tessler Linden is like no money expert I have ever experienced. She takes the topic of money, which can be dry and unappealing, and breathes life into it. Her front of the room presence is captivating and calming and her information is practical and transformative. Unlike others in her field, Bari helps her audience transform their emotional and spiritual relationship with money, which gets to the root of many people’s money blocks. Bari is truly an exceptional speaker who packed the house and left our audience raving with praise. We can’t wait to have Bari back to speak in the future!” ~Jessie May Kezele, [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]Bari was my entrance to the world of conscious money, and over the span of slightly more than 10 years I have studied with her twice, and continue to follow her writing and work. I remember what a relief Bari’s presence was, how I knew she was ‘one of us’ but in the world of money, that I could trust her. She holds the tension of practical ‘real-world’ bookkeeping and financial tracking skills in perfect harmony with the world of personal patterns and human relations. When I recently read her post naming her superpower as ‘unshaming’, I couldn’t agree more! She brings her delightful, and very human, self to her work, creating a space for you to bring yours. I still recommend folks to her, and will continue to do so!
Ursula Ferreira, [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]andrea_eye_150wBari is a burst of inspiration. She is a soulful, wise and energetic teacher who can guide anyone to greater clarity and power around their money. Bari’s Conscious Bookkeeping class was a revelation for me — a firestarter that allowed me to get more clear, grounded and empowered around my finances and my life. ~ Andrea Scher [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]Tanya1359I loved working with Bari! The #1 thing I learned by working with her was how to set my boundaries so that I’m not giving so much that I burn out and become resentful. Instead, now I am creating a beautiful balance to give my gifts and receive money because I really value my time and energy.  Before Bari, I didn’t know if I was going to get paid for the month or not. Now I do. I got organized so that I bring in a consistent amount of income every month. Not to mention I also cleaned up my expenses from doing the Home Study course! I highly recommend working with her if you want to make more money and save what you make. ~ Tanya Paluso [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]CT HeadshotHonestly, it’s hard to put into words how much I valued working with Bari.  I didn’t have an active coaching practice when we started, so I wasn’t sure it made sense to go forward with the mentor program.  But after our first session I had my answer.  More than with any other coach, I felt completely supported and heard with Bari.  She helped me to trust myself deeply and provided a safe space in which I could be totally honest and transparent.  Some of our sessions were very subtle and others left me with sudden insights.  Overall, working with Bari helped me connect more deeply with myself and trust the ways in which I’m here to serve.  I can’t recommend her highly enough. ~ Carrie Tallman [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]stephaniethomasI have loved the time I’ve spent working with Bari on the Money Mastery Experience.  Bari is gentle, trustworthy, and knows her stuff—a great ally to have on the path towards financial awareness and empowerment.  Although I knew the Money Mastery Experience would be more than learning how to create and follow a budget, I was surprised by how much deeper the experience went.  Not only did I learn some valuable methods for saving and using money, I also gained confidence and a stronger sense of self worth.  Through working with Bari, I opened up to receiving the fullness of the gifts I have in my life: my income, my work situation, and all the beautiful choices in front of me.  As your financial therapist, Bari will lead you to the heart of your money matters, show you vulnerable areas that need to be seen, heard, and acknowledged, and gently guide you back, giving you practical tools that you can use in your everyday world.  I promise: if you spend or earn money, you too can benefit from working with Bari.  It will be a transformative experience! ~ Stephanie Thomas [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]Screen Shot 2012-06-26 at 4.23.08 PM Bari is amazing. I took her video course and was blown away by her eloquence and the depth of knowledge regarding psychology and money. She is a master at helping others deal with Money issues and how they create fear and resistance in the physical body. After our brainstorming session, not only did I feel relieved and calm, but I was given a solution on how to handle a sticky money situation that I was involved with. Thank you Bari! ~ Tracy Matthews [/quote]
[quote style=”boxed”]Suzanne SchillerYour Home Study Program has rocked my world in the best way!  And, you are a miracle worker for lovingly steering people into more money awareness while having a good ol’ time.And, I loved our phone session.  It really helped me create a decisive and clear path through some murky emotional and financial territories. I felt completely supported and uplifted by the session. I am incredibly impressed with your ability to be present, intuitive and positive. You brilliantly identified some key patterns for me to be aware of and helped me restore a sense of personal empowerment. Thanks, Bari! ~ Dr. Suzanne Schiller [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]aninha_150wBari’s work is two-fold. Not only is she an excellent guide in the realm of consciousness with money, she simultaneously teaches through example how to be in the world as a woman and mother, while staying in deep contact with one’s inner wisdom and truth. I am grateful to have her as a role model. ~ Aninha Livingstone, Ph.D., Psychologist [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]RowanI’m that woman. That wildly successful woman in a quirky profession, whose dad isn’t even sure I have a real job. And you know what, I hold myself back, from earning earning earning because of old tapes and mantras from my past, and fear of who I will be when the barn door flies off and my services and healing information become a household name. Who will I be with six figures? How about seven figures? Who is that woman gonna be? I know that woman now. She can do quickbooks on a mac, she knows the difference between financial planner and financial coach, and can hire a bookkeeper when the time comes with confidence. She’s upgraded the mantras and sings a new financial song. And I stepped up because I no longer stumbled in my money shoes. Thank you Bari. My healing around that which scares (terrifies) me has blown right off the charts. And she speaks in these low soothing tones that could talk a (financial) jumper off a ledge, uh, like me. My life will never be the same, and yours won’t be either if you are brave and love yourself enough to change that which does not serve, even if its its mad scary. Bari will help you. Trust me. ~ Rowan Twosisters- [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]HannahkissingmeMy husband and I decided to work with Bari because we were stuck in the same, old (ugly) patterns around money. We each had our own individual money “stuff” which was affecting our self-esteem and our businesses; and together, as a couple, we had “stuff” with money, which was hurting the rest of our relationship. We knew we needed to change, yet the “money talks,” the budgeting, the planning…none of it was working, but instead, keeping us on a merry-go-round of struggle, anger and frustration. I knew it was our “psychology” and our emotions around money that really needed to shift, while my husband was more focused on the nuts-and-bolts of our finances; and Bari was a perfect fit for both of our needs. In her kind, soothing and ever-so-compassionate way, she gently helped us see the old patterns and begin to shift them. She helped us understand how to finally become “grown ups” with money and take responsibility for what we had and what we wanted to have. She reminded us that although we each “held” different stances around money in the relationship, we actually had similar values and wishes for our family. Bari also gave us the courage to “look” at our money in a more nuts-and-bolts, concrete way. We set up a Mint account, have “money dates” weekly, and budget and plan in a way that doesn’t feel “restrictive” and depriving, but exciting and hopeful. Together, we are working toward goals as a couple and as a family, and we have shifted personal and relationship patterns in a big way. Our conversations hold connection instead of disconnection and anger; and our money relationship is no longer a source of conflict for us. It is a HUGE relief. In addition – and this feels almost magical – my income has increased. I think that by looking at my money, my thoughts about my “value” and my boundaries with money, I was naturally able to shift how I approached my business, and it’s shaken up the bottom-line! If you struggle with money (and who doesn’t?) and you want a loving, soothing guide to support you with wisdom, intuition and deep psychological awareness, than you will be in great hands with Bari. ~ Karen Schachter,[/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]loraAs I took steps along the journey to transition from my longstanding psychotherapy practice to working with financial therapy clients, I knew that Bari Tessler, a pioneer in the financial therapy field, would be an instrumental mentor in shaping my mastery of this specialization. Bari was generous in providing her expertise, support, and guidance in working with clients around money issues. Although I was showing up to my sessions and supervision with Bari as a self-aware and seasoned clinician, she helped me delve deeper into my own money story, which left me with greater money consciousness and an enhanced ability to guide others on their journey. I was also able to get very clear on delineating–for myself–the differences between traditional psychotherapy and financial therapy, allowing me serve my money coaching and financial therapy clients in the highest way. Bari is gifted in creating a warm, safe, and nurturing learning environment from which she shares her expertise and talents in helping people heal their money stories. She is a special lady and experienced financial therapist who will guide you in discovering your unique path with this work. It’s my sincerest honor and pleasure to be part of the Conscious Bookkeeping lineage!” Lora Sasiela, LCSW, Financial Therapist & Money Coach – Financially Smitten [/quote]

FotoFlexer Photo[quote style=”boxed”]Bari has helped me navigate a bridge I thought I would never get over on my own. My personal finances have always struck fear in my stomach and have loomed over me like a dark cloud of doom. But, with Bari’s calm and confident guidance…and a little dark chocolate…I have tamed my financial demons and am even having a little fun in the process! ~ Shari Hambleton [/quote]

holly b[quote style=”boxed”]Everytime I hear Bari speak, I feel that she gives me something that raises my consciousness to the next level. Bari is very intuituve, loving, and knew excactly what I needed to hear to guide me to being more conscious in my money story. I would highly recommend her to anyone who need to get very clear about where they are at in their journey and what the immediate next steps are. She was Spot on in our private session. And, I just started Bari’s Home Study program which is what I wish I would have done YEARS ago. It is so simple and easy to follow and very much makes the maze of money very easy and FUN! What I found to be very encourging and personal about this course is her intuituve approach, loving side, and how she knows exactly what I needed to hear to guide me to being more conscious in my money story. Thank you Bari! Holly Barber- Traveling Physical Therapist [/quote]


[quote style=”boxed”]Bari and Conscious Bookkeeping are truly unsung national treasures. As a real estate attorney and personal finance “expert” in my own right, I took Bari’s Level One class for dual motivations. I thought I might learn something I could share with so many clients and consumers whose money struggles I’d witnessed up close, and I thought I might be able to uplevel my own borderline lackadaisical money management habits. I’d say I achieved both these aims in the class and my subsequent work with Bari’s material: to the hundredth power! Everyone in the course had a very different experience of it, as Bari’s material, her compassionate manner and whole-life insights truly meet you wherever you are on your life path and your path to greater financial ease. But for me, it was the perfect marriage of a small dose of reflection on the origins of our money thoughts and actions, a big dollop of basic education and inspiration and an amazing initiation into a new, daily way of relationship with money – from the mundane, yet important (what to do with all those receipts!) to the wildly aspirational (how to use your books to manifest your life’s vision and dreams). My piano teacher used to say: “Practice makes perfect.” Take the Conscious Bookkeeping course and you’ll realize that practice actually makes prosperity. Tara-Nicholle Nelson, Esq. Real Estate Broker, Attorney, Author and Syndicated Columnist Chief Visionary of [/quote]

kc_david_150w[quote style=”boxed”]On Facebook: KC: “Opera, warm fire,, and David by my side working on our Conscious Bookkeeping homework. Dreamy Sunday eve…” Bari: “So happy you both have found out how romantic (& even sexy) the ConsciousBookkeeping journey can be! 🙂 So pleased and honored to have you both doing this work, knowing you both have such an incredible role & impact in this world~ May it continue to ripple out in beautiful & positive ways~”KC: “Bari, we are LOVING your course and getting great value out of it already. The shifts that are happening, and the clarity and peace that are arising are priceless.” KC Baker: David Hassell: [/quote]

mary_danny_150w[quote style=”boxed”]Money and finances have always been a stressful topic in our household. No matter what we did, we always seemed to have more month than money. The worst part was that any financial dialogue was strained, with feelings of guilt and blame resulting. We signed up for Bari’s “Wake up with money course” despite some difficulty doing so due to (you guessed it!) the cost of the course. We were hopeful that we would be able to have easier discussions about money which, after 12 years of marriage, we continued to struggle with. At first, the homework felt awkward and forced as we went through the motions as a couple. Then, we decided to individually work on the homework assignments before coming together to compare notes prior to getting on the weekly call with Bari. What we discovered was that there was some significant “baggage” that both of us carried as well as too many outworn assumptions. Bari’s course truly opened all of this up for us and created the safe space for us to examine the baggage and assumptions without blame, guilt, or frustration. We learned some truly illuminating things about each other and the ways that we learned to deal with money from our parents, which have helped us tremendously in our marriage. Now we are able to have those money conversations without the emotional charge. The practical work that Bari guided us through after the financial therapy has also served us very well. Though we had already kept our home accounts in Quicken for years, Bari’s exercises helped us look with fresh eyes at how we categorized and gave meaning to the energy represented by our money. This was another great piece of work that we did together in this course. Danny Veerkamp, Co-Chair Board of Directors, Prairie Moon Waldorf School and Mary Baldwin Veerkamp, Ph.D., Behavior Specialist [/quote]


[quote style=”boxed”]I looked for a financial coach or adviser for years. I worked with several people and took courses, but there was something missing… When I stared working with Bari I found the missing piece. Money is not just money. It involves so much more: emotions, circumstances, time… Bari truly understands this. Her compassion instilled my trust, and her determination kept me motivated when life got overwhelming. I love her work. It has been life transforming, and her teachings have stuck with me.  Bari, from the bottom of my heart I thank you!” Patricia Escorihuela Anitzia Real Estate & Consulting, Baja Mexico [/quote]

seth_braun[quote style=”boxed”]Thank you Bari, the deepening is happening and my wife and I are more connected now because of your work, I am a fan! Really, I have been a fan since I saw you speak at Naropa University in 2007. Recently, a few people even asked me, “did you really buy this course for your wife?~” Yes, the practices and tools I use are so powerful, she wanted to learn them too, so we could be on board as a team. By the way… that is an awesome feeling! Right now, my wife is steadily moving through the home-study course. We meet once a week for sacred financial practice. And, we are getting so much out of the shared vocabulary. Considering all that my wife and I have been through together, this is truly an amazing gift. And, I’ve had a great deal of support in getting clear within myself from the Conscious Bookkeeping method. I think this has allowed me to express industriousness with less money mess and without stressing my conscious brain. Getting clear about my relationship with money means more freedom to create wealth. If you are thinking about investing in your education this year, personally or professionally, make this a priority. Conscious Bookkeeping is part of my success plan. Make it part of yours too. Seth Braun-Coach, Speaker & Author [/quote]

michael_costuros_150w[quote style=”boxed”]It has been 6 years since I took Bari’s course. The new perspectives on money, my relationship to it, as well as the practical tools, I still value to this day. The course has paid for itself countless time over and I can only imagine how much better the material must be today. I wholeheartedly recommend it. Michael Costuros– Businesses Coach to entrepreneurs [/quote]

Clara_110w_opt[quote style=”boxed”]Bari Tessler and her team of Financial Therapists, Financial Coaches and Bookkeeping Trainers are wonderful resources when you are ready to explore the last frontier of personal development: your relationship with money. Bari is an exceptional guide, with a very well rounded program, tried and true. It attracts the most corageous, authentic and inquisitive constellation of people I’ve ever met. Actually, I haven’t really met anyone, since it’s a tele-class and I have to admit that even though my corporate experience included countless hours of conference calls I don’t recall ever being that engaged. Bari knows how to work with groups and has perfected doing it over the phone. This makes the program accessible to anyone, anywhere, while you are driving or in your pajamas. It’s really a blessing to find someone who is willing and able to help us improve our relationship with money with compassion, mindfulness and creativity. Namo namo, I bow to you Bari!” Clara Hori, Founder – [/quote]

jamie_2[quote style=”boxed”]Two years after completing Bari’s telecourse, I hired her for some personalized coaching. After years of denial, I was finally ready to take action to clear away the wreckage of my financial past and create a brand new, abundant future. Bari’s keen intuition, incisive questions, and warm compassion were just what I needed.  She helped me understand and let go of old, stuck patterns in my financial life. In their place, I was able to create new behaviors and generate forward momentum that affected not only my finances, but my career and relationships as well. My work has become more aligned with my core values, and I now interact with my clients in more productive ways. Through Bari’s guidance, I’ve found new clarity, confidence, and purpose in my money matters and now actually feel secure and at peace with having any type of money conversation that arises. In summary, she helped me let go of shame, guilt, and “shoulds” and thereby create a relationship with myself and money that feels authentic, resonant, and aligned with my unique self. Thank you, Bari! Jaime Powell- Life Coach, Yoga Teacher & Transformation Coach [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]Before working with Bari I was all over the map. I had lost track of my finances to the point where I was playing the “I hope there is enough in mAnne_websitey account game”.  As I was going into business for myself I realized that I needed a financial education and thats when I heard about Conscious Bookkeeping with Bari Tessler.  After going through two of her courses I felt so much more confident, at ease and clear around my issues in dealing with my finances. With expertise and compassion, she guided us through many exercises and teachings that provided the perfect balance of spiritual, personal and practical transformation. By the end I not only had a foundation to keep track of my finances in a way that worked for me, but I also had a whole new perspective on how to work positively with money in my life.  I am forever grateful for her ability to see what it is that you need and her knowledge of the practical tools that help you have a healthy relationship to money! Anne Cleveland~ Life Balance for Teachers [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]Walker_Johanna_150wI had been receiving Bari’s emails for several years, and, although curious about the work, the two internal recordings that stopped me from taking the class were “I already know what I need to do to clean up my money world, I just need to do it” and “I can’t afford it.” When those voices finally stopped winning, and I noticed that I wasn’t practicing what I already knew how to do, I realized that I couldn’t afford not to do the class. I decided to sign up and I’m so glad I did! Bari is very skilled at creating a clear yet flexible container that allows each person to show up exactly where he or she is, without judgment, and work from that place. She listens deeply and helps tease out only the very next step for each person, whatever that may be. Before engaging in this work, I often felt overwhelmed with all the layers of my money story that got in the way, all the different ways I earn income, all the steps I had to take to get where I wanted to be, and discouragement would easily take over. With Bari’s support, I was able to take a good look at some of the old patterns running my money, re-tell the old story in a new way, get clear about what the next baby step was, and then the next, and the next, and the next, until I found I was taking those steps with courage, confidence and excitement. The container of the class has really helped me bring forth all that I already know and put it into action, with a compassionate and attentive witness holding the space all along the way. I feel I’m gaining a solid grasp on how much money I have on a daily basis, how to track my money as I spend and earn, and how to make empowered choices about saving and spending my money. It’s definitely not a magic potion and it’s a lot of hard work and unraveling of old patterns, but the way Bari has set up the program really supports engaging with it as a life practice that will continue to grow and deepen even after the class is over.” Johanna Walker – 
performing artist and teacher [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]kimberly_150wWith budgeting and money tracking being an integral part of my upbringing, the idea of a bookkeeping class has often felt like it might be redundant – I know where my money is coming in and going out at all times. However, what I learned almost immediately through Wake UP With Money is that a bookkeeping course and a conscious bookkeeping course are two very different things. Having heard a compelling introductory talk from Bari a number of years ago about value-based accounting and financial therapy, I had an inkling that something was missing in my world of money. After years of avoiding that niggling, I recently decided to take the plunge and enroll in Bari’s course. And Wow!, has the water been warm. I have unearthed things about my money history that are actively changing how I track, budget and relate to my finances on a daily basis. Unexpected new skills and insights are re-shaping my on-going dialogue with Prosperity, expanding my views and choices. What I am learning from Bari is nothing short of profound – sometimes subtle, sometimes in-my-face – and feels unequivocally like an essential process for anyone wanting a healthy relationship with money.” Kimberly [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]vidda_chanIt was great to have you teach your workshop with my family and very close friends in my home. Our eyes were opened to new perspectives, especially after we got to see how some of our old beliefs really got in the way and helped create the financial problems we had. Renaming budget categories with names that were personally meaningful made budgeting and bill paying more fun, as well as reminding ourselves of the why behind anything we do involving money. You provided a wonderful, safe, supportive and enjoyable space for us, as well as giving us the confidence that this was a workshop that was truly going to make a difference for us. Thanks for everything, Bari! Vidda Chan- [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]elizabeth_150wI signed up for Bari’s Wake UP With Money course because I loved the idea of aligning my spending with my values. What I got from the course was so much more. I was able to uncover and let go of many unconscious beliefs about money that were no longer serving me. I already knew most of the right things to do. Now, it feels more natural to actually do them. I am no longer sabotaging my own success & am on the way to a much healthier relationship with money. Elizabeth Halt [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]holly_2_150wI waffled for almost a year before deciding to take Bari’s course. I considered my relationship with money pretty good–it flowed in and flowed out, and I always had enough to live happily and simply. I wasn’t sure what a class on conscious bookkeeping could offer me. Yet, reading Bari’s website sparked a possibility that maybe there was something more explore in the realm of my finances. I eventually took a leap and signed up, having no idea that my whole financial world was about to transform! From our very first class session, I was inspired, motivated and given practical tools beyond anything I’d expected. Connecting the financial and the somatic is for me a dream come true, and the body check-in’s that Bari encourages during this course have become a regular practice in my money journey. Bari brings tremendous compassion, insight, intuition and wisdom to this work, and invites transformation at a pace that is gentle, allows for integration, and includes plenty of support, playfulness and celebration. In the four months since this class began, I am now debt-free (when the class began I was carrying debt on three different credit cards) and no longer purchase on credit. I have set up a values-based bookkeeping system on Quicken (after years of avoiding any tracking of my finances beyond balancing my checkbook) and have finally separated my personal and business finances. I see much more clearly how my family stories and practices around money have affected my own way of relating to my finances, and have found many things to forgive and to be grateful for. I am finally growing up in relationship to money! My quality of life, and my spiritual journey, is greatly deepened and elevated from my work with Bari. Now, everytime I spend, give or receive money (many times a day except for the sabbath) I am able to do so with awareness, and from a place of clarity where there once was muddle. I am deeply grateful to Bari for so masterfully merging the realms of money, body and spirit. She is a true midwife of financial transformation.” Holly Shere [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]caroline_donahue_2Conscious Bookkeeping’s training and support is one of the best gifts I ever gave myself. Bari’s philosophy of money managing transformed an activity that felt foreign, confusing, and scary into something empowering and enjoyable. There is simply nothing else out there like Conscious Bookkeeping. As Bari says, money is often at the heart of our shadow and everything we keep hidden from ourselves. The relief and surge of energy and joy that came from handling this area of my life that felt in line with my values is beyond words. At the end of the course I went from avoiding bank statements and wincing when I pulled out my debit card because I wasn’t sure how much was in the account to bounding home to input my receipts as a fun activity. Who knew that the thing that scared me the most (bookkeeping) is now something I am most grateful for? Thank you, Bari for all you do and for creating this course. It’s literally a lifesaver.” Caroline Donahue: [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]havi_selmaI have been working on the emotional and spiritual components of my relationship with money for some time, so I wasn’t expecting to get any new information on that level. In your class I was able to get in touch with a lot of things that had remained hidden for me. So thank you. I loved the body check-ins. This is something I always do (habits of a yoga/meditation teacher) and find especially important on the phone, where it’s so easy to get into physical discomfort as well as ignore body reactions to difficult topics. Everything you said about balancing the brain really spoke to me. I was also a numbers-hating, creative explorer, in love with words and history and abstract meaning as opposed to something that just seemed static, frustrating and devoid of “real” meaning and emotion. 
I also loved what you said about the demystification of bookkeeping within a language metaphor. Thank you again for your beautiful gift of time, energy and spirit. It was a pleasure to take part and to learn. What an exciting process.” Havi Brooks, The Fluent Self [/quote]
[quote style=”boxed”]
jenny_150wI highly recommend Conscious Bookkeeping, especially to those trying to understand money better. After reading about Bari’s Level I class in Life Experience magazine, I acted immediately. I knew I needed to learn more about the practical and psychological issues of money in my life. Now was the time! I found myself separated from my spouse for the first time in 9 years and knew these issues contributed to our lack of harmony as well. I obtained a small job and was not sure how to go about saving and spending on this limited budget. It was imperative that I learn now! Bari’s Level I class was just what I needed. This introductory course addresses the psychological aspects of money that a “how to” course would not solve alone. Conscious Bookeeping “Waking up to Money” allowed me to take a look at deeper issues around money so that I could be ready to take practical steps towards money management. I am grateful for Bari and her course. I delved into and addressed deeper issues around money in this short class and it was all critical to my future development and success around money. I feel so much more empowered and I love working on my finances now. I continue with a Financial Coach and consider this part of my self-empowerment as I learn how to do it on my own. A huge bonus was how this helped me to be more prepared for my reconciliation and a job where I would see lots of “numbers”. I am conscious and awake to finances on every level now that I am awake, which is so rewarding! I am grateful for the hard work both Bari and I put in to making this course a beginning step that has helped me continue to grow and improve as a person. I’m grateful for all my financial coaches, their training and commitment to my personal success!” Jenny Holzaepfel, works for non-profit and is a tri-athlete [/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]alexBari has the ability to put creative entrepreneurs like myself at ease with her unique outlook, language and ability to engage us with her hands on and playful approach. Committing to her course catapulted me to another level! When I started the course I had been used to delegating my bookkeeping and dreaded anything to do with it. I also had hit a financial wall. This course allowed me to understand where I was blocked and set new money habits—- then be able to delegate it in a way that makes sense to me! Today I have a newly found passion for bookkeeping and apply my creative problem solving skills to my finances as well. I dreamt this was possible! Thank you Bari for such a positive experience, that is a now a foundation for my businesses! If you are stuck and not sure what to do, this course may be just the thing to create the shift you need… Alex Leikermoser, Yogi + Founder & [/quote]