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My hubby’s bookkeeping confession + Our 1st Collaboration

Dear Conscious Bookkeeping Community, I’m so excited to announce to you my very first business collaboration with my husband, Forest. We’ve put together our heads and hearts and created a  practical and meaningful learning tool for your journey. (Can’t wait? Click here to check out our brand new Wake Up With Mint Course!) If you’re already a student of my method, this is a fantastic new addition to your toolkit. And if you’re new to the Conscious Bookkeeping world and…

August 31, 2011
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I can’t believe I actually invited myself to this event

Have you ever invited yourself to an event?!!   In the past I might have been too shy to do this. But, when I heard about this event and went to the site, I had an immediate desire to contribute, as a speaker, to this online extravaganza. So, instead of pushing that strong desire to the side or waiting to see if I would be invited to be a speaker, I decided to be brave and bold and reached out…

August 20, 2011
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Three Gateways to Money Initiation

  Here’s me dorkin out…in a good way about my old website and my new website. Ode to (website) Time to shed another skin…and let you go.You have served me so well for 8 long years.You have served our dear and growing community.You have been a great bridge for money, body, mind and spirit.And, the beauty of your timely initiation has been sung by many.

August 5, 2011
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