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Couples + Money Discovery Tool

**This is a continuation of my previous post and it would be helpful to read it first: Have you ever had money issues with your spouse?  Read this… Couples + Money Discovery Tool~ Step One. We need awareness before we can see what changes need to be made or what direction we want to go in. Here is a simple Couples Discovery Tool to help you increase your awareness and build your clarity for the best next steps. Deep Breath……

July 6, 2011
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Have you ever had money issues with your spouse?

Have you ever had money issues come up with your spouse? Hi there. This is a silly question, right? Of course you’ve had money issues with your spouse or partner or however you refer to your honey. We all have. So the question is: What do we do when our money issues come up within our relationship? This post is for you whether you are currently married, in a long-term relationship, in a new relationship, or single and wanting to…

July 5, 2011
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My Celebration Ritual + Why I highly recommend it for you too!

My Ritual: Details + Why I recommend it for you! This past weekend I gathered a group of 10 people at my home for a celebration and honoring of my completed Home Study Program. You may recall in a previous newsletter, I shared a story: A Tale of Failure, Triumph and Celebration. Well, I followed through on my plan and finally gave myself the gift of celebration by calling together friends to help me honor the birth of my Home…

June 6, 2011
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