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Dear Money Adventurer, I truly believe that when we speak the truth about money, we open doors to new possibilities, foster deeper understanding, and create space for genuine healing and transformation. Step by step, story by story, we chip away at taboos, social norms, and expectations, and begin to create a more authentic, more equitable, more accessible conversation about money. In honor and celebration of showing up to own your voice, share your story, and become a part of a…

December 14, 2021
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I’m using our carpet fund to take my family to Barcelona instead.

Dear Money Adventurer, Over the last year and a half of living through a global pandemic, many of us find ourselves navigating a shift in perspective, realigning our goals, or fine-tuning personal priorities. Personally, I’ve found myself pondering life and death, like so many of us probably are, and I’ve realized that I want to experience more of life right now. So, after saving up to have nice new carpets put in our home, I’m taking my family to Barcelona…

October 27, 2021
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Feeling My Way Through Estate Planning

Dear Money Adventurer, So often, when we think of planning for the future, we’re looking to our goals and dreams to create what comes next in our lives. But what about the future that comes after us? Do you have a plan in place to protect and provide for your loved ones after your death? For so many of us, this question is full of fear and uncertainty. We’re brought face to face with our mortality. On top of that,…

October 5, 2021
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