Mentor Program Small Group Continued Support

Dear Continued Mentor Small Group Crew!

Ha. that’s a mouthful and we really do need a better name for this group.

Yesterday was really beautiful.

This whole extra 3 months together has been deep and rich and life changing and so beautiful.

As discussed yesterday, and as encouraged by everyone on the call, I am offering to host another 3-month round with all of you at the same price point.

This will begin in February.

We will need to find a different day than Thursday because the mentor program is starting in February and Thursdays are already booked. We will figure this detail out, so don’t worry about this.

As discussed, you can pay in full $1500 (if you need an extra tax deduction for 2022 or just prefer that option) or you can pay $500 monthly for three months.

If you pay monthly you are welcome to start your payments now and they will end in February or start in January and end in March.

Here are the payment link options:

Pay in full $1500

Pay monthly $500 x 3

We will be leaving Circle open for everyone who continues with this small group.

With my dearest wishes and support,