Knowing Your Value

Community, Growth, and Financial Therapy: an interview with Nina Collins

Dear Money Adventurer, One of my favorite things about the way my work has evolved over the years is the continued growth and transformation of our Art of Money community. Here we have built a beautiful framework of support and camaraderie, a space where we find safety and comfort. Here we can step forward and share our secrets. Here we unshame, and allow ourselves to move forward and write new chapters in our money stories. This money journey is part…

February 18, 2021
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Social Justice Investing with Rachel Robasciotti

Dear Money Adventurer, When we wade into the waters of authentically engaging with money in our lives, we open ourselves up to exploring the money story that we have been unwittingly writing all along. As we step into unpacking these personal money stories, we dance with the “micro” side of money – intimately personal and soulfully deep. This is inside out work, rooted within your own psyche, your body, and your daily life. Yet, it becomes impossible not to see…

February 12, 2021
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Money Pioneer, Karen McCall, and I have a wonderful chat about all things money.

Dear Friend, If you’ve been a part of this chocolate and encouragement fuelled community for long, you know that I love to blend practical tools with dreamy inspiration. I’m so excited to pop into your inbox to share the interview I did with Karen McCall at the very beginning of the new year. I had just turned 52 the day before, and then Karen reminded me that she was 77. I sit in awe of her energy and continued commitment…

January 13, 2021
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