Homestudy Program

Not long ago, a few million of us awoke in our beds to find ourselves transported deep into the financial forest.

Alone, miles from home, with no clear map— and no chocolate in sight!

Naturally, we panicked.
How did I get here?
When did money become so charged?
What’s behind this feeling that I’m missing out on something important?
Is that a cabin in the distance?

If all that stood between us and a calm, clear relationship with money were a budget or a QuickBooks class, we’d take care of it.

But so many deeper elements are at play. Stories and patterns we picked up from our families, our culture. They’re often so familiar to us that we can’t see them.

Never before in the history of my financial therapy & coaching business have I heard from so many people at once about this urgent desire to find clarity and meaning—and not just with money.

It’s not just you. It’s happening collectively, en masse.

There is safety in numbers.

If you would like your relationship with money to feel refreshingly honest and reassuring—joyous, even—I think you’ll find some relief inside.

What’s inside

More than 3,500 people have used the Conscious Bookkeeping Method to replace their old money stories and habits with refreshingly honest and reassuring new ones.

Now the same methods, materials, and practices my students have used to transform their relationships with money for more than ten years are available to all as a self-guided, step-by-step home study online course.

The course lives on my website in the private member area. So, you can access everything online, paper-free. Consider it your invitation to a cozy cabin in these woods.

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What’s inside? Three doorways.

Beyond these doorways, you will find so much forgiveness, reassurance, safety, and relief.

1. Financial Therapy. (4 live class recordings & workbook chapters) Uncover your hidden beliefs about money to see why you might horde it, spend it, or simply prefer to think about it as little as possible. By making it conscious, you make it truly your own.

2. Values-Based Bookkeeping. (4 live class recordings & workbook chapters) Track where your money is coming from and going to so you can take the mystery out of your finances and put yourself on a path of dealing with your money consciously. Rename your categories to match your values and intentions—so Rent/Mortgage can become Home, Sanctuary, or Love Shack. You’ll receive support to choose the financial tracking system that’s best for you (Mint, Quicken, Quickbooks, etc).

3. Life Visioning. (3 live class recordings & workbook chapters) Begin to live your life in alignment with your life goals so your unconscious spending habits stop working against your larger life purpose.

As you progress through each doorway in the program, you will create your own 3-tier plan that you can experiment with and live into over the next year.

Check out the complete outline:



Taboo; Initiation; The Conscious Bookkeeping Method

Doorway 1: Financial Therapy

Chapter 1: Current Relationship to Money
Chapter 2: Money History
Chapter 3: The Past & Current Relationships; Completions
Chapter 4: Forgiveness & Ritual

Doorway 2: Values-Based Bookkeeping

Chapter 5: Conscious Bookkeping Elements; Chart of Accounts
Chapter 6: Personal Chart of Accounts and Values Renaming
Chapter 7: Business Chart of Accounts; The Money Practice
Chapter 8: The Money Practice, part 2

Doorway 3: Life Vision

Chapter 9: Budget: Map of Intention Lesson; 3 Tiers
Chapter 10: Visioning
Chapter 11: Honoring Endings… and, New Beginnings

Bonus Content:

Tips and Tricks for Couples
Determining Your Entrepreneurial Value and Fees
Examples of Values-Based Chart of Accounts
Determining Who Should Be on Your Financial Team
Larger Economic Perspectives (Yin/Yang Currency)
Spiritual Laws (Tithing; Forgiveness; etc.)


This is a living catalyst for your own process of self-discovery. A workbook for clarity-diving, a joyful partner in play. You won’t be tempted to read and forget it, because it cannot be read and forgotten.

It is processed, listened to, absorbed, and put into practice every day. Listen, explore, draw, write. Truly revitalize yourself.

You’ll have unlimited access to the private online Member’s Area, where the entire program lives. This is where you will listen to the audio recordings and access the workbook excercises.  Make yourself at home here. Pull out your journal, have a cup of tea, and connect with your money story.

What to expect on this quest.

This is not how-to information to be skimmed. It’s a guide to a deep, transformational process.

I tend to hear the wildest success stories from students who stay with the material for 6 to 12 months. Expect much from the material, and give it time to take root. Have the workbook at hand—along with some chocolate, colored pencils, and anything else you need to feel creative and refreshed.

Create your own stories and joyful practices with all-you-can-wish access to:

  • 11 class recordings. This is not a series of static lectures. These were unedited, interactive classes with a close-knit group of people who are probably a lot like you. Uncensored, raw, real, soul-feeding stuff.
  • A 150 + page workbook with provocative exercises that feel as illuminating as a coaching or therapy session. After all, they were created by a coach/therapist (that would be me, Bari Tessler Linden)
  • Audio Transcriptions, Bonus Interviews and Chapters! 

Change takes time. I originally taught this as a 6-month course, and there’s no finish line to race towards. Go at your own pace. Let it sink in softly.  Honor your process. If you like, download the materials and revisit them for years to come.

Read about the benefits below.


Refreshingly honest benefits.
From a course that teaches you how to be refreshingly honest with yourself.

Awake, at last. And it feels safe.

Just about everyone who takes this course experiences delightful surprises and transformations—like these:

  • Break out into silly dances when you open Mint, Quicken, and Quickbooks—or, create your own color-coded money files. You’ll find ways to interact with a bookkeeping system that feel fun and joyful.
  • Elevate the quality of your mindfulness by learning how to use your bookkeeping system as a financial practice.
  • Find intimacy and ease in the way you talk with your sweetheart, clients, and business partners about money—often for the first time.
  • Create Maps of Intention to replace tight, constrained budgets. You’ll learn to create bookkeeping and budgeting systems that reflect your deepest values.
  • Align the way you spend money with the way you want to live, so nothing happens without grounding and intention. You’ll find yourself making new choices based on a transformed relationship with money.
  • Write new stories about money—stories filled with forgiveness, purpose, and playful possibility. And you’ll clear up unresolved money issues in the process.
  • Rest into something real. We got a little messy on these calls. We helped each other through vulnerable moments. It became a kind of therapeutic salon.

(This course includes everything I wish I’d received when I was paying off student loans while working as a counselor after putting myself through grad school for Somatic Psychology. Read my story.)

My students tell me there’s something about my voice that makes them feel grounded, clear, and in the zone.
It’s wonderful to hear that kind of feedback, because that’s exactly how I feel working with students in a live, unscripted setting—even though sometimes I stumble a bit trying to find the right word. (Those parts are all included.)

What Students are Saying:

[quote style=”boxed”]I waffled for almost a year before deciding to take Bari’s course. I eventually took a leap and signed up, having no idea that my whole financial world was about to transform! Bari brings tremendous compassion, insight, intuition and wisdom to this work, and invites transformation at a pace that is gentle, allows for integration, and includes plenty of support, playfulness and celebration. In the four months since I began this class, I am now debt-free (when the class began I was carrying debt on three different credit cards) and no longer purchase on credit. I have set up a values-based bookkeeping system on Quicken (after years of avoiding any tracking of my finances beyond balancing my checkbook) and have finally separated my personal and business finances. I see much more clearly how my family stories and practices around money have affected my own way of relating to my finances, and have found many things to forgive and to be grateful for. I am finally growing up in relationship to money! My quality of life, and my spiritual journey, is greatly deepened and elevated from my work with Bari. Bari is a true midwife of financial transformation.”  ~Holly Shere

[quote style=”boxed”]Bari is a burst of inspiration. She is a soulful, wise and energetic teacher who can guide anyone to greater clarity and power around their money. Bari’s Conscious Bookkeeping class was a revelation for me — a firestarter that allowed me to get more clear, grounded and empowered around my finances and my life.”  ~Andrea Scher

For you?

Telltale signs this is for you.

This is an unconventional kind of course for an unconventional kind of person.

Traditional financial advice has never really spoken to you. Personal, intimate feels best. Experiences, not declarations. Convenience, yes, but also depth, purpose, meaning.

You want to make this process your own. Without being entirely on your own. Something deeper than “budgets” and “profits” and “expense categories.”

Rejoice. You have found it.

Listen, journal, draw, dance, talk. Give this material time, patience, and room to transform you. This course was created so you could create your own way.

A gentle readiness assessment.

Are you open? This is the main thing.

Open to a gentle, playful shift.

Open to metaphors.

Open to curious self-inquiry.

Open to finding places that feel dissonant and incongruent, and making them feel whole again.

Things will begin to shift within the first week, but the sustainable, life-changing stuff happens one week at a time over several months.

Come along with us. 


You’re invited to make a commitment to yourself.

At some level, you’ve already begun to shift your money patterns, simply by reading these words.

Why not continue the process and see what unfolds? This material has been more than ten years in the making, and it reflects my life’s greatest work.

Your openness, curiosity, and commitment will allow it to work its magic.

The process can be as rich and as deep as you would like it to be. As healing as you would like it to be. And, yes, as fun and as playful as you would like it to be.

Let’s begin.

3 monthly payments of $125 or One payment of $300

(Note: you’ll see the option for a payment plan in the upper right of the cart, after you click on the Add to Cart button.)

Please Note: After you pay, you’ll immediately receive an email with a link to the online private Member’s Only area of my site, where the entire program is being housed and you can access the entire course right away!

A word to the wise.

It’s a good bet that if you’ve made it this far on the site, you already value mindful self-inquiry. This is important, because the Home Study is not simply information that you either know or do not know. It is not advice that either works or does not work.

There will be practical information here, but it is all part of a transformational experience co-created by you, including all the methods and practices that have worked for more than 3,500 people who were drawn to incorporating it into their lives.

This is truly your journey.

This process is yours. Commit to giving it time and space to transform you, and it will.

Beginning today, every decision you make about money can feel right because you made time for careful, thoughtful reflection. So, reflect. Consider. Talk it over.

When the time is right to begin, begin.

If you know that time is now for you, then click on the button below to join the other money adventurers for a journey that can transform your life.

Have questions?

Here are a few of our most common questions about the Conscious Bookkeeping Homestudy Program, answered.

1. How is the program delivered?

Everyone who enrolls has immediate and forever access to the entire course online, in the members only section of our website. Here, you can listen to the audio classes, read the workbook, and download all materials to your computer.

For those of you who prefer an old-school pen and paper, writing by hand, and seeing everything all tidy in a row on your desk, we’ll be offering an optional hard copy soon! It’s in the works. Jump in online now and we’ll let you know as soon as this optional additional feature is available.

2. Which financial tracking systems do you support? Which systems does the Homestudy program cover and teach about?

We support any and all tracking systems that fit best for you! (Mint, Quicken, Quickbooks, etc). The Homestudy Program teaches you how to approach your tracking system in a general sense – giving you the tools to make the most out of whichever system you choose. You’ll also receive support in choosing the best system for you, and we’ll give you a comparison of the main systems we see the most.

In other words, you don’t have to use a particular system to benefit from the Homestudy program – all the systems we’ve seen have their benefits and setbacks, and it’s all about choosing the best fit for you in this moment of your money story.

3. What support or interaction is included in the program?

The Homestudy Program is designed for you self-motivated supernovas out there. It’s completely self-guided, and we’ve provided all the information, resources, and tools to make sure you have everything at your fingertips.

We encourage you to sign up with a friend and support each other through the process.

However, there’s no interaction or individual support included in the course. Because of this, we’re able to price the program at an accessible amount so anyone can experience financial transformation.

If you thrive on group interaction, you’ll want to check out some of our other programs.

Even though there’s no individual support with the content of the course, our team is available to make sure you have uninterrupted access to the course materials, and will promptly assist you if you have any technical difficulties, or billing questions.

4. How was the curriculum for the Homestudy Program developed?

The curriculum for this course is the result of over 10 years of Bari’s teaching, writing, and counseling on the Conscious Bookkeeping Method. The content has been distilled, re-worked, polished, and expanded through years of offering the course in live workships, via tele-courses and working with private financial therapy clients. It’s Bari’s first baby. 🙂 More about Bari’s story here.

5. What if I don’t live in the US?

You can experience financial transformation through the Homestudy Course from anywhere in the world!

The entire course is accessible from the comfort of your own home, computer, and/or mailbox. And the course will teach you to track your finances using whichever system is available and appropriate in the country you live in.

We’re so thrilled to be able to reach and support our students all over the world. 🙂

Ready? Jump In!
If you know that time is now for you, then click on the button below to join the other money adventurers for a journey that can transform your life.