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Our favorite interviews of 2019

As a way to honor and close out the year, I am sharing some of my favorite interviews from 2019. #1: Vicki Robin. Why money pioneer Vicki Robin’s classic work is more relevant than ever. This year I had the honor of interviewing one of the matriarchs of the conscious money movement, Vicki Robin. Vicki’s classic book, Your Money or Your Life (which has sold over a million copies) was one of my original money inspirations, and right now a…

December 11, 2019
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What the Enneagram can teach you about your money relationship

Guest Post By Angela Raines You can’t get away with being Bari Tessler’s co-writer for eight years without getting a serious education about money. Boy, howdy: immersing myself in this world has taken me to some steep growing edges. I’ve had to face inner demons I didn’t know I had. I’ve taken practical steps and broken through money ceilings. And I’ve made friends with money in a way I never dreamed I could. (It’s a work in progress. But there’s…

September 4, 2018
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Dear Community, Today, I am blessed and so excited to have my friend Karin Robbins bring you much deeper into the somatic world. She is a Somatic Experiencing Therapist and one of the beloved T.A’s (Transformation Assistants) in our year-long Art of Money money school. She has done her own Art of Money work for a few years now, living and breathing the connection between somatic work and money work. She is also a wonderful therapist, space-holder, and keeper of…

April 26, 2015
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