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Financial Transparency How to have new Money Conversations

How to have new Money Conversations: Tips on how to set up Money Partners & Money Dates In my work, I like to support transparency around our relationship and actions with our finances. I am thrilled when I hear that all of you are initiating new money conversations with the people closest to you. I know that many of us come from families that do not talk about money or some of us come from families that talk ‘too much’…

May 4, 2010
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7 Mini Exercises to Help you Determine Your Value & Fees

1. Do the simple body-gut check in and see what number you get- for your hourly fee… Explore that a bit through fantasizing about charging for that, wrestling with your inner de-valuer, just going out and asking for that fee, or doubling that fee, etc.  Experiment here. Do some work with a therapist or a dear friend who can support and challenge you here. 2. What is your family’s monthly and yearly nut? Do the math on what your family’s lifestyle is…

March 24, 2010
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yin and yang currency

Today’s article might bend your mind just a little bit — in a really good way! It’s about a side of money that I rarely focus on: the great, big, systems view of money … or what I call the “macro” side of money. You see, my whole methodology starts with the individual — with YOU. I have a gift for feeling into the subtle nuances of an individual’s unique money journey: from the emotions and bodily sensations to simple…

May 31, 2009
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