Financial Therapy Method

Golden Nugget #2: Money Practices. Should you hire a bookkeeper, or learn to do it yourself? This is the question today. Let’s navigate through this tricky terrain together. But first: Light a candle. Whip out the dark chocolate. Insert body-check-ins galore.Let’s dive into the Money Practice part of this work…  True Story Back in the day, I was on a mission to make sure everyone did their own bookkeeping. I was a big-time pusher of bookkeeping, with chocolate. I felt everyone…

January 19, 2013
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How are you doing these days, during this wonderful, and sometimes challenging, season? How are you and money doing these days? {Hint: help with that below.} For me, holiday time conjures up so many emotions all at the same time: from deep love, joy + connectedness . . . to deep sadness . . . to deep introspection & re-evaluation . . . and back again to deep joy, rest, rejuvenation, celebration and connectedness. I welcome the whole range this…

December 20, 2012
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Do you have an accountant you adore and trust? If so, you can stop reading now. If, on the other hand, the mere mention of the word “Accountant” puts you on edge . . . today’s article is for you, dear friend. So many of us feel dis-empowered, confused, and overwhelmed when it comes to hiring and working with an accountant, E.A. (Enrolled Agent), or Tax expert. Today’s article is intended to help you work through your money emotions and…

November 29, 2012
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