Financial Therapy Method

Just pick one: choosing a bookkeeping system

So, you’re working through your deeper “money stories”, gaining clarity all over the place, and then. . . Boom. Stopped in your tracks around this question: “Which system should I use to keep track of my money??” This is a big, huge hang up for so many people journeying on the path of financial transformation. In this article I’m going to do my darndest to help you move through this piece once and for all, my friends. Indecision can look…

June 20, 2012
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I really can't stand the term "underearning".

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of “underearning” talk. The reason I’m turned off by the term is because I feel it oversimplifies a very complex and nuanced topic. While labeling or naming can be a helpful first step, we need to go further and break open those boxes. There’s some great work out there on “Underearning” (notably Overcoming Under-Earning by Barbara Stanny and Why Women Earn Less: How to Make What You’re Really Worth by Mikelann Valterra.) In my…

May 31, 2012
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Needs vs. Wants

How do you know the difference between needs and wants in your money life? Where is that thin line between, “I need this” and “I want this” when it comes to earning and spending your money? This week, one of my Group Coaching students asked me to clarify this, and inspired today’s article – what a great question for all of us, as we deepen in our conscious money relationship! Let’s start at the beginning. Before moving forward, taking action,…

May 16, 2012
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