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What I Wish More Couples Knew About Facing Money Stress

Dear Money Adventurer, We live in a world that romanticizes wealth and abundance, but actually talking about financial needs and goals–actually talking about money–is hardly a romantic notion. For many couples who otherwise share the same values and ideals, money is a polarizing subject, fraught with shame and blame. Why is it so hard to get on the same page about finances when you align on everything else? Because every single one of us carries our own money stories and…

July 13, 2022
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Dear Money Adventurer, Despite our best-laid plans, growth is never a straightforward journey. In life, business, and money – as in all things – there will always be ebbs and flows, triumphant victories, unexpected detours, and disappointing setbacks. In those moments of so-called failure, it is so easy to fall into patterns of shame and self-blame. To feel like you’re worth less because you didn’t get the big promotion, or the raise you worked so hard for, because your business…

June 14, 2022
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3 Money Conversations that surprised, delighted, and inspired me

Dear Money Adventurer, There are all kinds of tools, resources, and practices that we can use to bring more compassion and awareness to our relationship with money. But even just talking about money can bring new insights and understanding to our personal money journeys, our relationships, and our communities.  Every open, honest conversation we have about money helps break down the shame and silent taboos that our world has created around money.  So, even in the midst of all the…

June 2, 2022
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