Erika Rasure

Official Bio:

Dr. Erika Rasure is an internationally recognized leader, educator, and
researcher in holistic financial wellness. For almost two decades, she has
practiced financial therapy and coaching. Among her achievements is helping
to create National Financial Practice Week, which she is co-founder as
Chief Financial Wellness Advisor at Beyond Finance. Dr. Rasure also serves
as Chair of the Research Board for the Financial Therapy Clinical
Institute. Additionally, she is a member of the Financial Review Boards for
Investopedia, The Balance, VeryWell Family, and VeryWell Parents. She is a
Certified Deep Transformational Coach and holds a PhD in Personal Financial
Planning from Kansas State University.

Her insight and interviews have been featured in several prestigious
national outlets, such as Barron’s, CNN, Forbes, Fox Business, Marketwatch,
NBC News Now, USA Today, Business Insider, GoBankingRates, AOL, and Yahoo!