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I can’t believe I actually invited myself to this event

Have you ever invited yourself to an event?!!   In the past I might have been too shy to do this. But, when I heard about this event and went to the site, I had an immediate desire to contribute, as a speaker, to this online extravaganza. So, instead of pushing that strong desire to the side or waiting to see if I would be invited to be a speaker, I decided to be brave and bold and reached out…

August 20, 2011
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My Celebration Ritual + Why I highly recommend it for you too!

My Ritual: Details + Why I recommend it for you! This past weekend I gathered a group of 10 people at my home for a celebration and honoring of my completed Home Study Program. You may recall in a previous newsletter, I shared a story: A Tale of Failure, Triumph and Celebration. Well, I followed through on my plan and finally gave myself the gift of celebration by calling together friends to help me honor the birth of my Home…

June 6, 2011
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A Tale of Failure, Triumph and Celebration

A Tale of Failure, Triumph, and Celebration Question: Have you ever taken a step forward in your life and then realized that you totally forgot to honor and celebrate the step that came before? In my teaching I emphasize the importance of honoring and celebrating each of our life steps from the small ones to the big ones and everything in between. So, how interesting (and humbling!) to find myself in this current situation: I totally forgot to honor and…

May 5, 2011
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