Book 1

I have a big treat for you today! But first … please indulge me while I share why all my happy tears have been flowing, lately! As I mentioned recently, one of my BIGBIG dreams for my book (long before it was ever published) was that people of different backgrounds, faiths, income levels and ethnicities would join together over a cuppa, discuss the book, share stories, and heal. Well, it’s happening! I’ve been contacted by a few amazing Art of…

April 6, 2017
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  When’s the last time you heard about money bringing people together? (I’ll wait.) (Actually, that might take a terribly, horribly long time, so … let’s just continue, shall we?) Usually, when it comes to money and relationships, we hear about the bad stuff. Siblings who don’t speak anymore because of a nasty inheritance battle. That awkwardness between you and your sweetie over the credit card. Or that group of college friends you stopped talking to when they switched tax…

March 27, 2017
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Virtual Book Tour

Dear Community, When you create something, and send it out into the world, it stops being solely your own. Whether it’s a song you pen, a poem tugging at strangers’ heartstrings, or a watercolor open to a million, deeply personal interpretations … our creative darlings become their own entities, and leave our little nests to travel the world, make friends, evolve, and be discovered anew by everyone who encounters them. This is one of the most surprising, humbling, and exciting…

August 12, 2016
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