My son started Kindergarten yesterday!  The back to school energy is palpable in my household, very tender and also exciting. This time of year always feels like another New Year to me — a time to reassess, look forward, and tidy things up. It feels like a good time to zoom out for a little Back to School Round Up from the blog! Some of you have been following my blog for years, and many of you have just recently…

August 28, 2013
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You’re doing your money work. You’re shedding light on your money story, healing your money shame, and mustering the courage to really look at your numbers. And then: Wham. Ouch. Brick Wall. You’re still spending more than you’re earning. It feels like it’s still not enough. And, you worry it will never be enough or feel like enough. What happens now?

July 24, 2013
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Today, it’s my pleasure to be included in the BlogLovin’ Tour that is sweeping the interwebs this summer, in celebration of the new book The Declaration of You, by Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift. These ladies are wonderful, heart-full creatives, and I’m thrilled for them! This week’s theme of the BlogLovin’ Tour is Money (my fave), and Jessica & Michelle sent me some great q’s to explore my own personal “Declaration of Money”. I’m sharing my answers here today, and…

July 17, 2013
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