Bari Tessler

Dear Community, I’ve cleaned off my desk. Adorned it with my palm-filling rose quartz (that opens my heart during all important calls). I have some high-quality dark chocolate at the ready, and I’ll light some candles. Deep breath. Shoulder shimmies. Excitement galore. Later today, in a handful of hours, we’ll gather for the very first live Kickstarter call for The Art of Money 2020. (Are you in?) In our live, 90-minute group call tonight, we will kick off our journey…

October 27, 2019
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Dear Community, “Charge what you’re worth!” “Raise your rates every year!” “Don’t leave money on the table!” (Oh, boy. I feel stressed out, just seeing that. Do you??) This is the kind of money advice we’re all swimming in. Yes, it has its place. AND … I’m proud to break all of these rules, when it serves a higher purpose. As we head into the eighth year of my year-long Art of Money program (and the end of its early…

October 26, 2019
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All aboard! The Art of Money 2019 train is leaving the station!

Dear Community, Our first Kickstarter class for The Art of Money 2020 is this Sunday, October 27th, at 5pm Mountain time. (I’m so excited!!) Want in? Join The Art of Money 2020 right here. The Art of Money is my year-long, global money school. And we only begin this life-changing journey once a year, in January. But we’ve opened our doors for a short time for you smartypants early birds who want to start transforming your money relationship right now.…

October 25, 2019
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