Bari Tessler

Body Check In My Favorite Conscious Bookkeeping Tool

The Body Check-in is an incredible practice for life and money. The first step of the Art of Money journey is to bring more awareness to your money story. Here is a great tool to assist you. I have been teaching this tool since I started offering the Art of Money work over a decade ago. I know many of you have a similar practice that you bring to other areas of your life or maybe this type of thing…

February 5, 2011
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Awaken from Financial Trance

Awaken from Financial Trance by Tara Nicholle-Nelson Here is a great article from friend and colleague Tara who is a consumer ambassador and educator on Real Estate topics… One essential evolutionary step in Americans’ money consciousness will be to stop checking out, falling asleep, tuning out and turning off when it comes to everything from financial, retirement and estate planning; to monitoring and managing our income and — especially — our expenses.

Step one of this awakening is to rethink or…

December 12, 2010
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