Bari Tessler

I can’t believe I actually invited myself to this event

Have you ever invited yourself to an event?!!   In the past I might have been too shy to do this. But, when I heard about this event and went to the site, I had an immediate desire to contribute, as a speaker, to this online extravaganza. So, instead of pushing that strong desire to the side or waiting to see if I would be invited to be a speaker, I decided to be brave and bold and reached out…

August 20, 2011
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Three Gateways to Money Initiation

  Here’s me dorkin out…in a good way about my old website and my new website. Ode to (website) Time to shed another skin…and let you go.You have served me so well for 8 long years.You have served our dear and growing community.You have been a great bridge for money, body, mind and spirit.And, the beauty of your timely initiation has been sung by many.

August 5, 2011
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Couples + Money Discovery Tool

**This is a continuation of my previous post and it would be helpful to read it first: Have you ever had money issues with your spouse?  Read this… Couples + Money Discovery Tool~ Step One. We need awareness before we can see what changes need to be made or what direction we want to go in. Here is a simple Couples Discovery Tool to help you increase your awareness and build your clarity for the best next steps. Deep Breath……

July 6, 2011
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