Bari Tessler

“The only difference between a failure and a lesson, is how much you were paying attention.” When I recently read this on Joshua Onysko’s Facebook wall, I felt a big YES! My mind was flooded by all the ways this relates to our money relationship and the path to money healing. I’m curious . . . Looking back on your money story so far, do you interpret challenging spots as money failures, or money lessons? More often than not, I…

May 29, 2013
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In August of 2001… I moved from Colorado to California, and arrived in a little town called Sebastopol. I was post-graduate school (in Somatic Psychology), standing at a huge professional crossroads. I was working as a bookkeeper, doing overnight hospice shifts, and leading authentic movement groups. I was searching . . . Trying to put the pieces together and discover the next chapter in my life and work. Just a few weeks after moving, I’m on my way to see…

May 15, 2013
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I love ritual. I especially love those rituals we self-create for our own healing. And I extra-specially love those rituals we self-create for our money healing! For some of you, rituals may seem a bit silly, or you wonder how significant or productive they could really be. Perhaps the concept is overwhelming, and you wouldn’t know where to start, even though the idea piques your curiosity. If you hear a little whisper that there’s something worthwhile there for you, I…

May 2, 2013
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