Bari Tessler

Dear Community,  I discovered Heather Jarvis in response to requests from my Art of Money community for student loan support. Even though this topic wasn’t originally part of the curriculum, it quickly surfaced as a need for my community and I set out to find an expert (as I am certainly not!) to support them. As soon as I landed on Heather’s site, I exhaled in relief. She exists! Heather graciously joined me for an interview to support my AOM…

July 10, 2013
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My 44th year has been powerful. And, I have been Daring Greatly like crazy. Some of my great dares this year have been:  1. As many of you know, I opened my year-long program, The Art of Money, a global conscious money movement. It’s my favorite teaching model and business model to date and more sustainable and fulfilling than anything I have previously done. It’s an amazing blessing! (Psst… Art of Money 2014 is close on the horizon . .…

June 25, 2013
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You. Your Honey. And Money.   How’s it working these days? If you’ve been in my community for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about money dates – the time you spend on your relationship with your money. What happens when we add another person into the mix? In relationships, money can be one of the stickiest and most challenging areas to navigate as a couple. What to do if a money date with your honey sounds HORRIFYING. was…

June 12, 2013
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