Bari Tessler - The Art of Money

You don’t usually avoid things.


You’ll have that tough conversation with your sweetie -- because you know it’ll bring you closer together.


You try to look more lovingly at the person in the mirror. You work on bringing mindfulness and compassion into your family dinners, your work, and your parenting.


Being a “work in progress” is a great thing. After all: isn’t reflecting deeply what makes life better and better?


Normally, you’ll look the toughest taboo in the eye.


Heck: you’ll pour it a glass of Pinot Noir and share a few laughs.


But there’s one nagging, glaring exception. One area of your life that feels … off. Shameful. Misaligned, maybe.




It’s that thing you’d rather not think about. (Let alone talk about.) Gulp. Sweaty palms. Scary, pit-in-stomach icky feeling.


But IT keeps coming up, anyway. It’s the elephant in the room … that for some reason, you keep turning your back on.


The Money Elephant was there when you panicked after splurging on those amazing $200 boots. Can I actually afford these? What’s my bank account even AT, right now? Aaaaah, when will I be a grownup with money?


The Money Elephant was in the room when your new client asked about your rates and your tongue dried up like the Sahara. I want to “charge what I’m worth,” but what does that even mean?? And what if I just really need the money?


And the Money Elephant was plopped right between you and your sweetie that weekend after you maxed out the credit card -- and gave each other the silent treatment. She spent that much on fancy lotions?? How do couples even TALK about money??


Maybe you’ve tried forcing yourself to get along — by creating super-restrictive budgets. But you inevitably slip up — and feel worse than ever.


You’ve tried visualizing abundance — but that doesn’t really help when you need to hire a bookkeeper.


You’ve tried out-running the elephant. Or throwing all your bills away, hoping if you ignore them long enough you just won’t have to deal with them.


But the elephant isn’t going away. So … what if you could bring all that love and mindfulness and work-in-progress optimism to this area of your life, too?


He doesn’t bite. (Pinkie promise.) And he’s not really a big, scary monster. When you give him a chance, you’ll see: he can be a powerful, loyal friend.


He will move mountains for you to create the life you want.


Want to be closer to your sweetie? He’ll light the candles and pour the wine.


Want to feel more empowered and aflame with purpose? He’ll walk that path with you, pointing out opportunities for clarity and peace of mind.


Want to trust yourself more, and grow into the person you know you can be? He’ll let you ride on his back as you tour realms of profound wisdom, intuition, and personal power, deep within yourself.


Most of us have no idea how to do this, though. We simply weren’t taught how to work with money, from childhood on up. And we certainly weren’t taught how to deal with our emotions about it!


That’s why money is the final frontier of a conscious lifestyle for many, many people.


That’s why I do what I do.


And that’s why I’m so excited to share with you the fullest expression of my work: a year-long program called The Art of Money. It's a year-long, online money school designed to help you transform your relationship with money.

Hi, I’m Bari Tessler Linden.

Financial Therapist, Mampreneur, Mentor Coach, and author of the award-winning book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness.


Over the last 19 years, I’ve guided thousands of people into new, more loving, and refreshingly honest relationships with money. My work has been featured on, Inc., The Cut, Mindful Magazine, Reuters, MindBodyGreen, Experience Life Magazine (to name a few) and too many blogs and podcasts to count.  A decade before I started teaching my Financial Therapy work, I trained as a psychotherapist and have a Masters in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University.


Eight years ago, we shared something completely new with the world: a one-year money school called The Art of Money. It’s the thrilling culmination of over two decades of my money, emotional, and body-centered work — and the absolute best way I’ve found to share this deep money work.


The results have been nothing short of incredible. Extraordinary healing. Heart-opening insights. Deep transformation. Astonishing community support.


Now, we’re about to welcome a new group of Money Adventurers to our eighth year: The Art of Money 2020. It’s going to be our very best year, yet: with added support, new Guest Teachers, a new teaching platform and an oomphier-than-ever mission to create a global, conscious money movement.


You can transform boring, dry “money stuff” into a creative, loving self-care practice.

You can transform tense money conversations (or deafening silence) with your sweetie into intimate Money Dates that bring you closer than ever.


And you can transform money itself into an adventure of deep visioning, mindfulness, and joy … so that it stops holding you back and starts helping you live your dreams.

Because when you finally look into the elephant’s warm, brown eyes and give him some love, he’ll love you right back.


We’ll pour the chamomile.

Art of Money 2019

January - December 2020

… a year-long program for profound + practical money transformation
… with a treasure trove of content
… eclectic, expert Guest Teachers
… monthly live group coaching calls with Bari
… support from a heart-plucked team of Transformation Assistants
… a kindred, enthusiastic global community
… accountability, love, and support
… 12 months of teaching in a thoughtful, flexible structure
… practical, ready-to-use resources
… access to my entire library for the lifetime of the program
… for veteran students and brand new adventurers
… for solo journeyers and couples
… for anyone with a willing heart and curious mind.
One complete tapestry weaving together personal, couple, and entrepreneurial money teachings.
… All at our most affordable monthly price, ever.

It sounds hokey, but the Art of Money course has changed my life. After 16 years of intense therapy and lots (and lots) of change, I felt like I was ready for something bigger. I was pretty unconscious about my money issues when I heard about Bari, but was intrigued by her work.

Going through the AOM program each month with Bari’s gentle but firm questioning technique allowed me to uncover areas of shame and undervaluing myself (many of which that had NOTHING to do with money). Once the healing began, I grew bigger and was able to begin to see my own power and abilities in a new light, no longer shrouded in that unconscious shame from my past.

Since doing the program I’ve developed a new plan for my work that includes leaving district education and launching into my own business that is closer and truer to my deepest heart and calling. “It’s about the money and it’s NOT about the money” as Bari says. And it’s absolutely true.

Lori McDonald

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Here's an overview of the territory we cover on the journey in the program...

3 Phases of Money Transformation

Money Healing, Money Practices, Money Maps

Money Healing

This is the emotional work of creating an honest, mature relationship with money. Here, we dissolve shame. We get clear on the “Money Story” we’ve accumulated over the course of a lifetime (and all the patterns we’ve inherited from our family of origin, lineage, and culture). We identify and unwind patterns that no longer serve us. We claim our value. We learn mind and body-based practices to support our journey, and ensure we are working with self-care, acceptance, and love along the way.


We’ll spend 4 months here, learning to apply massive doses of compassion, listening, and love. 

  • • Learn what emotions come up for you around money
  • • Practice somatic (body-centered) tools to help you work with these emotions in money interactions
  • • Get honest about your money story and bring it into the light.
  • • Understand the nuanced, subtle, and complex forces driving your money patterns which comes from family conditioning, personality, culture, socio-economic factors and more.
  • • Create your own money rituals for refreshing peace, clarity, and acceptance.
  • • Experience forgiveness, un-shaming and fear-busting … in droves.
  • • Explore deep money healing 
  • • Celebrate your strengths, heal your wounds, and begin to step into a healthy relationship with money — on your own terms.

Money Practices

Create a clear, eyes-wide-open, refreshingly honest relationship with your finances. Soulful work is deeply rewarding — yet we also need the techniques, practical steps, and nuts ‘n bolts number-crunching to breathe it to life. Here, we empower ourselves by learning the language of money, choosing bookkeeping systems, practicing money dates, tracking money as it flows in and out and reviewing our numbers, patterns and deeply ingrained habits. We will learn new mindfulness tools to bring to this area of life. We will integrate our deep values into our bookkeeping. And, we will start to practice the spiritual side of money as well: trust, generosity, thriving and thankfulness. 


We’ll spend 4 months here, applying actionable how-tos, fresh perspectives, and expert guidance.

  • • Create a money self-care practice that fits your life on a daily, weekly, monthly + yearly basis.
  • • Learn how to have compassionate money dates with yourself. 
  • • Get empowered through learning the language of money and a bookkeeping system.
  • • Achieve new awareness with your Saving, Earning, Spending and Giving habits and learn to make the changes you want — with less resistance and more ease.
  • • Identify your deepest values -- and how to align your money habits with them.
  • • Learn about values-based bookkeeping with will help you Infuse more meaning + fun + creativity. And, it will transform dry, dreaded “bookkeeping” into something beautiful that supports your deepest values.
  • • Integrate your values into your earning, spending, saving, giving and investing.
  • • Learn about the different players on a Financial Support Team (Bookkeepers, Accountants, Financial Therapists, Financial Coaches and Financial Planners). 

Money Maps

Zooming out to the larger view of our lives and how money supports our goal setting, dreams, and the phase of life we’re in. Here, we create Money Maps and learn to fine tune and dance with the ebbs and flows we go through in money and life.. We learn how to integrate our values with our numbers and dreams. We learn how to fine tune our earning, spending, saving, giving, paying down debt, giving and investing patterns. We learn how to make good money decisions in small, medium, and large purchases. We’ll learn what strategies to employ during big money challenges or curveballs. And, we’ll learn how to create yearly money practices that fuel our dreams.


We’ll spend 4 months here, giving you the space and tools to connect even more deeply with yourself and craft your own responses to some big questions:

  • • What are your big visions, dreams, and goals for this one precious life?
  • • Honor what life phase are you in, what phase are you moving into, and how this connects with your money journey.
  • • Learn how to create a 3-tier money map (aka: budget) which integrates your numbers with your values, dreams and goals
  • • Fine tune your Earning, Spending, Giving, Paying Down Debt, Saving and Investing. 
  • • Practice how to be grateful in the present moment while planning for the future
  • • Learn tools to help you make solid money decisions in small, medium and large purchases.
  • • Learn how to work with big money challenges/curveballs. 
  • • Begin to clarify how you get from here to where you want to go? In the next 2 - 5 years? (or beyond)

Here’s what’s included:

Money Healing. Money Practices. Money Maps. The program unfolds fluidly through these three essential elements. Engage with ease, knowing we’re holding the grand vision.

A year-long journey. Within the grand framework, we’ll dive deeply into one theme every month — from careers to kids, debt to ritual, Enneagram to bookkeeping systems. Explore the varied and vast reaches of your money relationship. With ample time to prepare for the journey and integrate what you’ve learned.

Live, 2-hour Group Coaching Call with me, every month. This is your chance to ask me anything. I’ll guide the community through our Monthly Mission and save plenty of time for live Q&A. (Don’t worry: you can always send your questions ahead of time if you’re unavailable -- or just shy!)

Amazing Guest Teachers. We’ll welcome an amazing roster of guest teachers throughout the year. (See below for the full list). Each month will include two main Guest Teacher interviews. They will share their expertise and you can enjoy the interviews in audio and transcription format. Additionally, in the library you'll be able to access my top Guest Teacher interviews from 2013 - 2019

My incredible team of Transformation Assistants. These women are wise guides in their own right -- and have been steeped in my Art of Money work for years. They’ll help me support all of you, in more ways than I can count. When you hit a wall, when you need a hand, or when you want some help celebrating (which you will!).

Monthly Missions. Start each month fresh and focused with a Monthly Mission email. You’ll also receive video, audio, and workbook exercises to guide your exploration deeper.

Irresistible exercises. You’ll be encouraged to continuously engage the material — at your own pace — with weekly homework, reflection prompts, exercises, and more.

Ongoing Guidance and Love. You’ll be held with so much love by me and my team. Expect emails, love letters, support, and resources each week.

Rich Community. Connect, share, and engage with your fellow Money Adventurers as much as you like within the private community forum. I’m very active here, so if you need a little nudge or reflection from me, just ask!

Access to my entire Library. I’ve been gathering incredible resources about money for 19+ years now. And you get all of it. Videos, audios, interviews, exercises, referrals for financial experts, recommended reading list and other resources galore. Don’t fret: we won’t overwhelm you with it all! Your Monthly Mission is curated and focused. But all these other goodies are here for you, whenever you want.

A Program to Engage and Inspire

The Art of Money is the culmination of over two decades of conscious money work with thousands of people from all walks of life.


My team and I have listened to our community and created this experience based on what truly works best. We’ve experimented, pondered, and fine-tuned. We’ve surveyed previous Art of Money Explorers and made this year’s program even better. We’ve balanced flexibility and accountability. Go-at-your-own-pace resources and community structure. Personalized attention and group support.


Join us for this deeply personal exploration. With friends, teachers, and wise ones. With practices, ongoing support, and massive amounts of love.

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Sonya and I have now had numerous conversations about money. Numerous! Conversations! MONEY. Lol. As little as a year ago, one of us would say something like, “I think I’ll buy a pack of gum” and suddenly we’re in a fight about money. Your program came at a particularly pivotal time because Sonya and I closed on a house at the beginning of June. We are two Black lesbians who have just purchased a home in the SF Bay Area!! THANK YOU for the tools, the resources, the permission! For speaking out loud what many of us wish to keep hidden.


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As a man with a traditional finance background, I was extremely skeptical of this seemingly feminine and feelings oriented course because I felt like I knew exactly what needed to be done for our financial health. But through the course, Bari won me over and my perspective has completely changed. If you are a married couple with young children like we are, and you are wondering if you should do this, I would strongly suggest it. I have been the money person in our relationship, and I always wanted my wife to care as much about saving money as much as I do. But I couldn’t get her to see my side of things. So it wasn’t a surprise to me that she proposed we enroll in this course. My instant reaction was that we should keep our money in our account instead of enrolling. I tried to convince her that I could teach her everything she needs to know about budgeting, money, investing etc. It turns out, Bari was a better teacher for her than I am. She needed a really kind, gentle approach, and a community of support to engage in money talk. Bari taught us techniques for being kind to ourselves and each other around a topic that brings up so much tension and stress. During the course, we paid off all debt completely and are both focused on building our savings. My wife does it without me nagging her now. Her inner money manager has been awakened. Our finances are better than ever before, and we are both involved now. I’m grateful to you Bari, for helping us connect on this issue so deeply.
Rene Cordova and Lumina Gershfield Cordova


What We'll Cover Each Month

Money Healing




  • Setting intentions for the year-long journey and getting started with initial tools and overview


Here's what we'll cover:

  • • Make yourself at home here in the Members’ Area
  • • Familiarize yourself with some logistics so you know what to expect and can get the most out of this year
  • • Do whatever YOU need, to create a safe container so you can utterly transform, this year
  • • Why are you here? Turn within and clarify your intentions for this year
  • • Start practicing The Body Check-In: my #1 favorite tool for money transformation
  • • Get a solid overview of the Art of Money 3-phased-methodology
  • • Be ready to go deep: grab your Money Journal.




  • Guest teachers: Karin Robbins - Somatic Tools for Your Money Relationship, Andrea Smith Gage - Somatic Tools and Boundaries


  • Here’s the great stuff you can expect to do this month:
  • • Learn what your body has to say about money. 
  • • Learn somatic practices + tools to support this deep work. 
  • • Begin to practice the Body-Check-in (my favorite somatic tool!)
  • • Begin un-shaming . . . in a big, beautiful way.
  • • Get really clear about your current money relationship.
  • • Examine your relationship to earning, spending, saving, giving … all in a healing, loving way.



  • Guest teachers: Jacquette Timmons and Olivia Mellan on Money and Couples


  • Here's what we'll cover: 

  • • Understand the concept of a Money Story
  • • Unearth memories, beliefs, and attitudes about money from your childhood
  • • Discover the golden nuggets and challenging aspects of your money story
  • • Examine how your family lineage have impacted your money relationship
  • • Notice how your past is showing up in your present
  • • Listen to other's people's money stories from all different lineage and economic backgrounds
  • • Start to re-write your Money Story





  • Guest teachers: Hiro Boga - Money + Energy, Julie Daley - Money + Healing Rituals


  • Here's what we'll cover:
  • • Figure out what’s really draining your energy and how you can reclaim your vitality from the four realms of financial “incompletes.”
  • • Banish overwhelm, paralysis, and shame.
  • • Free yourself from old resentments, shame, and anything that has a hold on you and your Money Story
  • • Learn the surprising reasons forgiveness is a major money practice -- and 5 myths that may be keeping you from forgiving
  • • Want to go even deeper? From blessing to releasing, ritual is a powerful way to consciously step into the future you want. I’ll walk you through the 7 elements to consider as you create your very own, personalized Money Healing Ritual. 

Money Practices




  • Monthly Mission: Money as Self-Care


  • Guest teachers: Sara Avant Stover - Money Practices, Geri Detweiler - Money + Debt, Cassie Price - Credit Scores


  • Here's what we'll cover:

  • • Transition from deep healing into practical money work
  • • Start learning the language of money (so empowering!)
  • • Learn what a Chart of Accounts is (it’s not that scary, I promise!)
  • • Start bringing more meaning, beauty, and compassion into your money practices
  • • Create (or fine-tune) your own personalized Money Practice -- with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly practices.
  • • Go beyond traditional bookkeeping by honoring your “intrinsic assets” 
  • • Get a clear, birds eye view of your financial world by creating your very own Chart of Accounts. (Yes you can do this!)



  • Guest teachers: Jess Salzman - Choosing a Bookkeeping System for personal and biz finances


  • Here's what we'll cover:
  • • Choose the best financial tracking system for you – and begin using it!
  • • Identify your deepest values …  and learn how to align them with your bookkeeping.
  • • Revamp your Chart of Accounts with your very own, values-driven names.
  • • Do a bookkeeping assessment. How’s this going, for you?
  • • Bring oh-so-much gentleness + ease to your practice of checking in with your numbers. (Yes, it is possible!)



  • Guest teachers: Eva Konigsberg - Taxes and Financial Support Teams, Amy Bradbury - Cashflow, Systems, and Biz Models for Entrepreneurs 


  • Here's what we'll cover:
  • • Get into the swing of a regular daily, weekly, and monthly money practice
  • • Make your money practices your own + deepen your self-care
  • • Get up close ‘n personal with your numbers in basic financial reports
  • • Bring on some financial support: who do you need to help you, right now? (Bookkeepers, accountants, financial planners, etc.)
  • • Learn about taxes and start thinking about financial planning and socially responsible investing



  • Guest teachers: Kristen Wheeler - Living Your Native Genius, Marianne Elliot - Money + Courage, Fabeku Fatunmise - Money + Creative Entrepreneurship + Superpowers 


  • Here's what we'll cover:

  • • Review everything we’ve covered so far
  • • Celebrate your victories. Big and small
  • • Revisit material and exercises you missed
  • • Identify your stuck places and growing edges
  • • Solidify your insights and progress now, so you can be fully available for our final phase, Money Maps (which starts next month).
  • • Enjoy plenty of time and compassionate encouragement as you implement, regroup, and integrate your new habits and approaches.

Money Maps




  • Guest teachers: Galia Gichon - Money + Financial Planning for personal and biz finances, Nona Jordan - Money + Entrepreneurial Adventures


  • Here's what we'll cover:

  • • Discover a whole new way to budget, infused with your personal dreams + values: your Money Map
  • • Make space for your “budget baggage” & and learn why most of your resistance is probably oh-so-wise
  • • Learn my absolute fave way to Money Map: Your 3 Tier Plan
  • • Vision, define, and create your very own Money Map 
  • • Dance gracefully with your goals, projections, values, dreams -- and current reality
  • • Learn new tools + practices to make great money decisions.



  • Guest teachers:  Mikelann Valterra - Unlock Your Earning Power, Barbara Huson (Formerly Stanny): Money + Overcoming Under-Earning


  • Here's what we'll cover:
  • • Dive deep into your dreams, values, and goals through guided visualizations
  • • Identify practical financial steps to take to bring your dreams to life
  • • Learn tools to dance with your real-world cashflow, whatever your reality: peaks and dips, steady income, couples, entrepreneurs, etc.


  • How to Dance with Your Money Map -
  •   • Learn the 5 Money Areas: 
  •    • Earning and Income
  •    • Spending and Expenses
  •    • Saving
  •    • Debt repayment
  •    • Investing
  • • Find your way into right pricing and breaking through money ceilings





  • Guest Teachers: Amanda Steinberg - Money + Earning, Jess Reagan Salzman - Profit First Accounting


  • Here's what we'll cover:

  • • Learn how to make smart money decisions that feel good to you
  • • Explore some ready-to-use frameworks and questions to help you make good money decisions in different scenarios -- and get inspired to create your own!
  • • Learn the warning signs that it’s not a great time to make a money decision with the H.A.L.T. method (so helpful)
  • • What do you do when time, energy, and money are all at a premium? Try out the 3 Pots method.
  • • Learn my Zen-inspired reframe for those big, huge money questions that feel impossible to answer (and how to solve them)



  • Here's what we'll cover:

  • • Honor the ending of our Art of Money journey.
  • • Explore how you “do” endings, in general: what emotions do they conjure, for you. What do you need to feel complete?
  • • Explore your unique Holiday Money Story (we all have one!)
  • • Do a full End of Year Money Ritual to review the past year (in money and beyond) with loving awareness … and set the stage for the New Year with clarity and empowerment.

Experience it for yourself in a robust, miniaturized version. Whether you’re new to my teaching style -- or just new to The Art of Money -- get a behind-the-scenes peek so you’re confident you’ll love it before you buy. Get an Art of Money Sampler, including:


  • • Audio teaching introducing a Monthly Mission
  • • A Weekly Love Note
  • • A slice of a Monthly Mission -- in PDF format
  • • A Guest Teacher interview
  • • An audio excerpt of a live Q&A call, with Bari’s focused teaching and support.


It’s all delicious, delightful, and deep. Get your own Art of Money Sampler, for free, right here.


I have to tell you, reading this section gives me happy chills every time I look at it. I am humbled and honored to introduce you to this crazy-amazing lineup of teachers and contributors I’ve gathered to support you over the years.


I consider each a visionary expert in their field, and I’ve collaborated with them to choose the most potent topic to dive into together. Topics include: How to use somatic tools to help you understand your money emotions, How to create money healing rituals, How to choose the best bookkeeping systems for you, How to increase your credit score, How to pay down debt, How to increase your income and heal your earning issues, How to make solid money decisions and start saving and investing for the future and on and on. 


In addition to the robust framework from me (money healing, money practices, and money maps), each month we’ll welcome two guest teachers to enhance your experience. (You’ll be able to enjoy the interviews via audio and transcription). Additional Guest Teacher interviews will be stored in our library.


This roster is hand-picked — no, heart-picked — by me, for you. 


Feast your eyes, dear friends . . . .

The Guest Teachers for 2020:

Saundra Headshot x300
Untitled design
Vicki Robin
tara-nicholle nelson
maketa born
Sonya square 150
Olivia Mellan
Tad Hargrave 150
Jess Headshot 150
Julie Daley Golden State Soul Portrait
berna anat

I have also lined up a fabulous crew of TA's to help support you inside the community, along with a great behind-the-scenes team to help support you.

It takes a village to do this work.

I’m honored to introduce you to our village’s incredible Wise Ones.

This diverse, seasoned group will help hold our container all year, offering loving support, creative solutions, fresh perspectives, un-shaming listening, and virtual high fives.

Jess Headshot 150

Jess Reagan Salzman
Bookkeeping Specialist
and Trainer

Sonya square 150

Sonya Brewer
Somatic Psychotherapist


Andrea Gage Smith
Somatic Trainer


Debbie Sassen
Financial Planner

Is 2020 your year?

As a Money Adventurer, you’ll be guided through my entire, time-tested approach — and enjoy brand-new teachings on a multitude of themes. From grand vision to monthly themes to baby-steps: discover a vibrant tapestry that lovingly weaves together every thread of your money relationship.


Got Questions? We’ve got Answers.

We’ve given every detail of this program oodles of caring thought. Want to know our reasons behind anything and everything?










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Prior to enrolling in Art of Money, I thought I had the finance thing down, at least the operational parts of it. However, there were disconnects with how I was living my dreams – the “why” and “why not” – that I didn’t even realize I needed to address until I saw the ad for the yearlong course. Something about it resonated deeply, and I’m so glad I went into what is deeply rich, prolific and practical content.

After a year of experiencing her, I don’t want to minimize the impact of Bari’s unique approach, either, as her gentle, compassionate, non-shaming presence and community created a sense of safety that allowed me to take risks and go deeper than I have before. Through this work, I’ve been able to move beyond simply tracking and managing my money with diligence, to stewarding my life and finances with love. Art of Money was a life-changing experience for which I am immensely grateful.

Jennifer Jackson

Is the Art of Money Right for you?

This program isn’t for everyone. (No program is.) And I’m not everyone’s teacher. (Nobody is.) My team and I want to be as transparent and loving as possible in helping you decide whether The Art of Money is perfect for you.


The Art of Money is perfect for you if:


  • • You’re SO ready for this. You’ve been wishing upon a star for this kind of support for ages now. Or you just learned about us and this work feels like the answer to a prayer you didn’t even realize you had. This format, style, and approach feels like a perfect fit for where you are and where you’d like to go. The thought of lovingly diving into all the facets of your money relationship (emotions, number-crunching, relationships, family history, gender dynamics, work and life purpose … and so much more) excites and inspires you. You realize that you’ve needed this kind of experience for a long time -- and by golly, you’re ready.
  • • You’re a self-starter -- who needs a framework, a community, or maybe just a little loving encouragement. It’s OK if you’re not 100% ready to go full throttle on every single aspect of your money relationship right at this very millisecond. Resistance is part of the process (sometimes in a big way!) But if you’re willing to put in some work, meet your resistance when it arises, ask for help when you need it, and show up with everything you’ve got -- this program will absolutely repay your efforts.
  • • You love online learning -- or are at least willing to give it the college try. You love the idea of being a part of a sacred international community. And come to think of it, doing all of this from the comfort of your PJ’s sounds pretty swell, too. Much of The Art of Money takes place online -- in our member’s area, with recordings and PDFs, through weekly Love Notes and Monthly Missions, and in our private member's forum. (The rest of the program -- our live group coaching calls -- happen over the phone.) You certainly don’t need to be a whiz-kid-hacker to fully engage with The Art of Money! But you do need to be willing to check your email and give online learning a try to get the most out of this year. Even if this isn’t your tippy-top favorite learning style, if you’re inspired by this work (and perhaps thrilled that you can engage with it without travelling all the way to Boulder, CO!) you’ll do just fine.
  • • A loving, gentle approach to learning sounds amazing. My teaching approach is very feminine, nurturing, and compassionate. With me, you get a loving guide -- not a barking drill sergeant. If the thought of adding some chocolate and candlelight to your money routine sounds lovely -- if the thought of loving through your resistances instead of beating your head against them sounds refreshing -- if the thought of finding compassionate acceptance when you “fall behind” puts you at ease -- then you’ll feel right at home here.


The Art of Money is NOT for you if:


  • • You expect a quick fix. My friends, our money relationships are complex, far-reaching, and deep. They’re ancient and personal and evolving. Working with them is just that: work. We weren’t taught how to do this as children or even young adults -- so we need a year-long journey to create a new foundation, trace new grooves, and create new patterns that will serve us for the rest of our lives. There simply are no quick fixes in money work -- that’s just not how this works. The Art of Money will stir up your resistance. It will dredge up fears and wounds for healing, and invite you to dig deep and meet yourself in new ways. If you’re not prepared to put in some time and energy and effort -- if you want to take a magic pill and change everything on Day One -- or if you expect someone else to “fix” everything for you, with no effort on your own part -- this is not the program for you.
  • • You hate online learning. This is an online program, with a members center, weekly emails, a  member's forum, and more. To get the most out of it, you need to be comfortable (or at least willing to be guided!) with online learning. If you absolutely, positively need face-to-face teaching, this isn’t the program for you.
  • • You hate a feminine approach. The Art of Money balances deep emotional healing with practical nuts ‘n bolts. Yet my overall approach is decidedly feminine. I’m compassionate and nurturing and maternal. I believe in loving people into transformation -- and I refuse to shame you into change. I believe in gently excavating the reasons behind your resistance -- and I refuse to be anyone’s drill sergeant. Our framework is firm yet flexible -- I refuse to be rigid when something softer will serve better. If all of this sounds awful to you, I’m likely not the best teacher for you right now. And that’s OK!
  • • You actually don’t want to change your money relationship. In order to get value from this program, you truly need to take responsibility for your own experience. We’ll offer you tons of tools, resources, community support, and ongoing, loving guidance. But it’s up to you to step up, use them, and apply them to your life. As with anything in life: it’s all what you make of what you’re given. If you’re ready to do some work, get some guidance, and let some love in -- you’ll be astonished at the results.
  • • If you need daily tasks. There is a larger 3-phase framework: Money Healing, Money Practices and Money Maps. We will give you monthly themes and content with checklists. You will get weekly support and access to the private forum to ask questions whenever you like. But you will not receive daily tasks. There is a very clear framework for the year and for each month and you will need to decide how to map our your weekly or daily assignments in the best way for your life.


Wherever you are in your money journey, wherever you are on the globe, whatever you earn or spend in a month: we want to welcome you to this deep, rewarding work. And make it easy for you to give an empowered, clear-hearted YES!

What does it cost?


We’ve made every effort to make this program as affordable and accessible as possible. We’re just that committed to sharing this work with the world! Please enjoy our lowest, most generous price point, ever. Join the program by choosing one of the options below, and please note that these prices are in US Dollars.


For solo journeyers

$88/month for 12 months


One-time payment of $850


For couples

$108/month for 12 months


One-time payment of $988



Ready for a Recap?

When: Our year-long journey officially runs January - December 31st, 2020.

Where: Online. So: participate from anywhere in the world. In your pinstripes or PJs!

Who: You, Us, Everyone!

How Much: $88 per month for 12 months or one-time time payment of $850. Or, if you’d like to join the program with your intimate love partner, you can both join for $108 per month for 12 months or a one-time payment of $988. Please enjoy this low, generous price point!

WHY: Because, in your heart of hearts, you dream of a better relationship with money. You’re tired of the anxiety, confusion, and overwhelm. You’re ready for relief, refreshing clarity, and renewed confidence. And the idea of masterful guidance, visionary teachers, and loving community sounds too sweet to pass up.



I’m putting everything I’ve got into this program. Everything I’ve learned, everything I am, and everything I know we can become — together. This program will take the lion’s share of my time, heart, and energy this year — so if you want to work with me in 2020, this is your chance

I’ve done all kinds of deep inner work for years. But money?! No way. It was the final frontier. A shadow realm I had never learned much about, and somehow thought everyone else had an education I was missing. While walking on the Art of Money path, I discovered that next to no one gets a great money education, and all of us have healing and learning to do, whether we’re deep in debt or deep in a big inheritance. I adore Bari’s compassion, enthusiasm, somatic sensibility, practical skills and vast heart. I can’t imagine a more kind-hearted guide in this exploration of such an important topic, so ridden with stress and shame for many of us.
Erin Geesaman Rabke

This is Really, Really Important

The “Why” behind our No-Refund, No Opt-Out Policy


The Art of Money is a non-refundable investment in your relationship with money. It’s an invitation to listen, learn, connect, explore, and transform, in a richly supportive group experience.


My team and I thought long and hard about whether or not to offer a “30-day money-back guarantee” or some other sort of refund policy. Ultimately, we decided it didn’t feel right to us to offer one. We asked ourselves a lot of questions about this and finally recognized it as an opportunity to provide a conscious money teaching — right here in your decision-making process, before even clicking “buy.”


The Art of Money is a year-long experience that can be paid monthly or in full -- but it is not a monthly membership program that you can cancel and opt-out of at any time. It’s important to us to create a safe, supportive group container for this deep work.


To help create that, it’s important to us that everyone start together, with intention and commitment -- and everyone stick together ‘till the end. We offer a number of ways for you to experience The Art of Money before you buy (see Reason #2, right below), but we do not allow you to “test the waters” within the year-long program, itself.


Here are our reasons for not offering refunds for The Art of Money, or allowing members to opt-out of the monthly payments, if they choose that payment option:


Reason #1: This is your chance to make a clear, confident money decision. A big part of conscious money work is empowering you to engage every money decision mindfully, lovingly, truthfully, and directly. By not offering a refund for this program, or allowing you to opt-out at some point during the journey, we’re asking you to make the truest decision for you, right now. So check in with yourself. Take a breath. Look at your numbers. Reflect on your intentions. Consider the value. Ask yourself: yes or no?


Reason #2: Everything you need to make an informed decision is right here. On the fence? Get a full taste of the program right here. Catch our Money Mocha series, which are delightful, quick shots of Art of Money awareness and wisdom, right here. Check out our beloved Money Memoir series, which is an intimate gathering for truth-telling about money. Folks from all different lineage and economic backgrounds tell their honest money stories, right here.


Browse the archives on this site and see if my approach to money feels good to you. Does it make sense? Does it align with your way of being in the world — or do you want it to? Do you want more of it? Do the guest teachers for the program intrigue and excite you? Does the format feel like something you’d love? Am I, Bari, the right guide for you? We’ve given you all the details to empower your decision.


Reason #3: The transformation we’re offering can only be measured by you. If you engage with the entirety of this program — all the coaching calls, exercises, community support, and resources — if you do the deep inner work and implement the practical steps we recommend — we’re confident you’ll experience profound shifts, in your money relationship and beyond. Yet what these look like will be different for each participant.


We offer a helpful framework -- but the responsibility for what you get out of it belongs to you, and you alone. Some of you will choose to do every single exercise -- others may pick and choose from what we offer and still benefit tremendously.


Some of you already have clarity around your numbers, but need help being more gentle and forgiving around money. Others of you might already overflow with financial compassion, yet need help with a nuts ‘n bolts money practice. You might need help recovering from debt — or you may have an overabundance of money that feels equally overwhelming. The shifts you experience are unique to your financial history, situation, and goals.


Reason #4: When you’re all in, you’re all in. This experience will most likely challenge you. Holy moly, will stir up resistance -- and that looks like falling behind in the program, getting triggered by lessons or teachers, or even wanting to throw the towel in completely. It will flow through phases of excitement and grief, clarity and difficulty.


Often the biggest breakthroughs come just after the greatest resistance. By denying you an escape route when things get tough, we hope to encourage you to work through your tough spots — whether they come in Month #1 or Month #12. We’re inviting you to be an active co-creator in this experience, to trust the process, and commit to it. Because life happens -- and it will happen during this year.


Things will come up, related to this program and outside of it. Growth spurts. Paradigm-shifting pivots. Births, deaths, job shifts, moves, and life-changing parties. It’s up to you -- and only you -- to commit to this deep work, not only when it’s convenient, but especially when things get tough. Because devotion is beautiful. And it’s all and only yours to claim. But speaking of all that …


Reason #5: You get access for the lifetime of the program. Every recording and resource we offer is yours, for the lifetime of the Art of Money. So even if you hit resistance in the moment -- or if “life happens” during this year and you fall behind -- you may reconnect with these teachings in a few months and suddenly glean all their value.


We want to welcome you to this community of kindred money adventurers — and we know the warmest welcomes come when you show up fully, right from day one, knowing this is where you want to be (even if it feels vulnerable/scary/big).

How would your life change if money became your powerful ally?

Just imagine: what could money become, for you, if you devoted a year to your relationship with it?


A source of confidence, not shame.


A lit-up expression of your conscious lifestyle — instead of a nagging exception.


A reason for spontaneous dance parties … instead of tense shoulders.


A springboard for fulfilling intimacy with your honey instead of ongoing conflict (or awkward silence).


An opportunity to connect with a kindred community of other conscious wayfarers.


Founded in soulful abundance. Clarified by passion. Fueled by your deepest values. Graceful, easeful, true.

I've been listening to you — here in my community and beyond. To your wants and needs, to your pain and frustration, to your anger, numbness, overwhelm, and over-it-ness around money. Sound familiar?


The Art of Money is my response to what so many of you have asked for.


Truth: Your money relationship has everything to do with everything.


Your family stories. Your career. Your spirituality. Your body. Your life dreams and goals. Your unique way of seeing and being in the world.


This program honors all these aspects of you. Your whole self is invited.


Expect deep wisdom and practical how-tos. Reflective solitude and community connection. Pattern-untangling and self-care to-the-max. Rich community support and skilled leadership. A visionary approach to serve you for a lifetime.


I’ll guide you to creating a sacred new phase in your money journey. One founded on clarity, ease, and intimacy.


Then gradually — sometimes gently, sometimes dramatically — these qualities soak into the rich terrain of the rest of your life.


You’ll bring a new-found sense of peaceful confidence to your tasks, epic and mundane. You’ll carry yourself with deep, abiding value, during high times and low. You’ll relax into well-informed hope and fulfilling freedom: in relationships, in solitude, in big-life-visioning.


You are brave to be here. Oh, so brave. Welcome to the right time, the perfect place, and the path to transformation.


Join us and begin the journey.


Please enjoy our lowest, most generous price point, ever. Join the program by choosing one of the options below. Please know, this is a year long commitment (not a monthly membership) and we have a clear no refund policy, read our FAQ to learn more.


Please note all prices are in US Dollars.

For solo journeyers

$88/month for 12 months


One-time payment of $850


For couples

$108/month for 12 months


One-time payment of $988





The Art of Money course was a steady and deep journey of financial transformation over three years for me.

The first year, I stayed in the money healing phase, realising what I needed was somatic therapy to shift old trauma, which really enabled me to do the Body Check-ins and follow the course with a light touch.

Over my second year I followed the full course in depth each month. That year I got a full range of data from my money practices and my emergency fund back in place, which was a great relief following financial devastation due to divorce and redundancy some years earlier.

In the third year, I made significant shifts which included dealing with my elderly parents’ financial affairs whilst also increasing my income levels by bringing my small teaching business out of dormancy. I found exactly the right expertise and advice amongst the Transformation Assistants on the course and took every opportunity to get advice from and do some additional work separately with them.

I would not have gone so far financially and personally over the past 3 years had it not also been for all the contributions from the AoM community, which I leant on, not just learnt in.

It has truly been a healing journey, which will continue. I am looking forward to exploring the next phase with curiosity and openness, and an emerging sense of optimism about what future might bring.

Sarah Jane Williamson
The Art of Money - Sarah Jane Williamson

I’m not really sure I will ever truly find the right words to express my deep gratitude for having found Bari’s work and for the year I have spent as part of the AOM community. This program has RADICALLY shifted my relationship with money and even how I see myself. I broke through some barriers that had held me back for a long time. I even launched out and started my own business which I NEVER would have been able to do if I had not changed how I related to money. This program was a gift from the Divine at a time when I needed it the most.

If you are considering doing this work, I can’t say strongly enough how much you should do it. Money and I are on such better terms and I owe it to this program. You will not be sorry and you will be the better for having invested the time. If you show up and do the work, you will be rewarded by levels of growth you can’t begin to imagine right now. This program is worth the investment of both your time and your dollars. I can’t say enough good things about AOM and Bari. I loved this program and I know you will too!

Makeda Pennycooke

Thank you to this whole beautiful community for your support, exposing yourselves to the most candid, truthful sharing and holding each other’s hands along the way. Bari, you embody feminine wisdom, gently steering this tribe, without judgement, nourishing us woman-to-women with your considerable experience, from the heart. It’s been such a wonderful journey.
Victoria Penko

Bari is the real deal. In a world mucked up by hype and overblown promises, Bari’s work is a rare gem: shining with clarity, love, and outrageous generosity. She brings a level of depth and gentleness to this tender work that’s not just refreshing — it’s profoundly transformative. I’ve had the great privilege of working with her for over 4 years now, both professionally and in the Art of Money program. Thanks to her guidance and graceful modeling, I’m proud to say that I’ve taken some great strides in my money relationship. Now, I can look at my numbers (a triumph in itself!), and it’s not about strong-arming myself; it feels fun, empowering, and playful. (No, seriously!!) And everything she says about how working on your “money stuff” ripples out to the other areas of your life? 100% true. I’ve learned invaluable skills in this program around un-shaming, boundary-setting, truth-telling, and so much more … and I apply them to my career, my relationships, and other areas of my life at least once a day. I still have so much work to do with my money relationship — and I say that with way more excitement than shame. I’m so very grateful for Bari’s work. This work is profoundly important. And Bari is the one to lead it. My highest, unequivocal recommendation.
Angela Raines

Bari Tessler Linden is helping people learn to have better relationships to money. This work is SO important. The Art of Money is a great program – rock solid. It is like a slow unfolding journey which starts with unravelling your old stories and then working towards developing new habits and thoughts around money. I highly recommend it. If you are looking to become more conscious (and smarter) with your money, this is the program for it.
Theresa Reed

I have made so many amazing shifts since this class began. First of all, I am totally up-to-date with all my business books and have a wonderful bookkeeper who is guiding me through the joys of QuickBooks! This is huge! Now, all of my taxes are paid and everything is up-to-date and it feels wonderful. Second, my honey and I have had so many amazing Money Dates and we’re moving forward to the next phase of our lives. After 25 years together and going through really lean times, (having to roll coins to make a down-payment on a townhouse) we are finally at a point where he can retire. Having the Money Dates has helped to really clarify what we have, what we value, and how we want to spend our time and lives together in the future. I tell everyone I meet about this class. I love it! Bari has such a warm, sincere and real presence. Each call, letter or Facebook message, make it feel as if Bari is right there with each of us. Bari’s love and passion for this work along with her honesty and kindness are so appreciated.
Terry Jordan

Over ten years ago I went to a seminar given by Bari entitled, "Conscious Bookkeeping" I remembered connecting to the information and I filed it away. Many years later, I ran across and on-line course entitled, "Art of Money" which was being taught by Bari. I jumped on it!

I joined this community in 2013 and have learned so much about myself-mainly getting myself out of debt. I was able to pay off all credit cards (I now have one card which I pay off monthly), pay off my student loan, and my house will be paid off next month!!!!! Sometimes when I berate myself, I forget all of my accomplishments and my gratitude for these gifts. My work is not done, and as I have said to Bari many times, I will be a part of this work for as long as it exists. Thank you all for indulging me and thank you Bari for your infinite wisdom and gentleness around this work.

Tandy Iles

I joined Art of Money because I wanted to know what was behind the curtain of my money avoidance. For so many years, I looked down on money, and detested dealing with everything around it. As the curtain lifted, with Bari's gentle, deep, sensible and sensitive guidance, I began the process of peeling off all those layers, years of experiences that have unknowingly shaped my money views, my world views, my self views...

It has been, and continues to be, a journey of deep healing and hope for change and growth. I am grateful for the work that Bari has discovered, named and crafted with wisdom, humility, humor, and a rich tapestry of fascinating collaborators who join together to support us on the journey that EVERYONE and ANYONE can learn and grow from, moving from the inside OUT.

This program may help you get more RICH on the outside, but it will DEFINITELY make you feel so much richer on the INSIDE.

Keshet Margolis

Bari’s love of this work is very evident; her passion comes through in her interviews and in the community calls. Even her voice is soothing; more than once a pent-up sadness was released when she asked us to “take a deep breath”. She provides TONS of resources and has amazing connections! The best part is that she provides loving support throughout and strongly encourages us not to be hard on ourselves if we “fall behind”. The Facebook group is also a great resource – people sharing their struggles and “aha” moments – it’s another way to connect and get feedback. Great care has obviously gone into Art of Money and it shows! I would highly recommend this program, and I think anyone who has taken it can vouch that its effects are far reaching – it’s not just money work, it’s SOUL work! Thank you, Bari!
Robin Robinson

Our goal for taking The Art of Money was to find a responsible way to raise and teach our six-year-old son about money. We got that and so much more. The Art of Money taught my wife and me that it is never really about the money. It is about the emotional and psychological conditioning regarding money we grew up with — the silent rules, emotional stress and lack of guidance we witnessed as our families “danced” with money. Our family journey with The Art of Money couldn’t have come at a better time. We were able to create of a year of intentional living, working with a firm money map, allowing us to spend time with our son before he started kindergarten. Since then, we created a dream map, and we have launched two companies this past year, not without stress, but without emotional or financial casualties. Bari’s graceful, transparent and nurturing facilitation brings a sense of well-being for you as an individual in the program and as a community that gets created. We highly recommend the Art of Money program!
Skeeter Buck

I’m that woman. That wildly successful woman in a quirky profession, whose dad isn’t even sure I have a real job. And you know what, I hold myself back, from earning earning earning because of old tapes and mantras from my past, and fear of who I will be when the barn door flies off and my services and healing information become a household name. Who will I be with six figures? How about seven figures? Who is that woman gonna be? I know that woman now. She can do quickbooks on a mac, she knows the difference between financial planner and financial coach, and can hire a bookkeeper when the time comes with confidence. She’s upgraded the mantras and sings a new financial song. And I stepped up because I no longer stumbled in my money shoes. Thank you Bari. My healing around that which scares (terrifies) me has blown right off the charts. And she speaks in these low soothing tones that could talk a (financial) jumper off a ledge, uh, like me. My life will never be the same, and yours won’t be either if you are brave and love yourself enough to change that which does not serve, even if its its mad scary. Bari will help you. Trust me.
Rowan Twosisters

Through my work with AOM, I realized it was time to expand my services, and because of this work I had the courage to go through the process of consciously taking on a student loan, which clear communication and understanding of what I am creating…very different than my first batch of undergraduate student loans, which have taken long years to clean up. After years of unconsciously choosing struggle , I can honestly say that it is a pleasure and a joy to handle money , and I *can* handle it, with grace and ease ~ I have gotten my ducks in a row to prepare for this new era of stable, regular income doing what I love. As more and more income flows to me, I have all the tools I need to create order and stability with it, uniting very practical steps with more expansive ways of seeing money and financial matters. Thank you, Bari, and the rest of the amazing Art of Money team and community…I would have no idea that any of this was possible, or even where to begin without everything I have received on this journey.
Jaime D. Powell

The reason I signed up for the AOM was that I was so in love with Bari's book and I hoped she could help me in my relationship with money in my business and my life with my, (now) husband and our 2 young children.

All 3 parts of AOM have so much to offer. It is so beautiful to see how much of my life is influenced by the choices I make with money and how I think and feel about it. I discovered I love mindful budgeting, see my numbers and see how money comes in and out. What shifted in my life is my thinking and feelings about money. "Money is just what you think money is." That shifted everything for me.

I would tell all my friends and all parents to sign up for AOM. It is so important to learn about money, so you can teach it to your children without fear or judgement. With trust and LOVE. So you can live the life with your children that's important to you.

Marianne Oude Nijhuis

Bari is a burst of inspiration. She is a soulful, wise and energetic teacher who can guide anyone to greater clarity and power around their money. Bari’s program was a revelation for me — a firestarter that allowed me to get more clear, grounded and empowered around my finances and my life.
Andrea Scher

I cannot fully express how much The Art of Money and Bari Tessler have changed my life. My relationship with money and making money and financial decisions has shifted so much. This has been a huge catalyst for me to reconsider my work and personal life in regard to how I see money and not fear it so much anymore.

I love the gentle and judgement free space that Bari and her team create for AOM. Money is such a trigger for me and am sure many others so I love how everyone is accepted where they are at and we go at our on pace. I have learned from all aspects of the program and can see myself signing up to take it again in the future. There are so many incredible resources with incredible people involved in the FB community as well. So grateful!!

Lara Thompson

I’ve been doing the course this year and it is so amazing! Life changing, really, I’m not being dramatic! If you are an entrepreneur, want to be an entrepreneur, or simply want to have a better relationship with money this course may be just what you are looking for! Bari’s approach is so supportive, yet direct, and honest! I don’t know about you, but we just don’t learn about money in school the way we learn about so many other subjects. Bari Tessler Linden is so wonderful and the guest teachers have all been super helpful! I’ve actually been working closely with two of them and I’m sure they aren’t the last two teachers I will work with from this fabulous community.
Karin Robbins

I had been attracted to Art of Money for a couple of years before I jumped in. I found the program gentle, profound, and healing. Bari's approach is so inclusive and she's literally seen it all, so nothing anyone asks her about is a surprise and she knows many ways to approach the solution. The community calls and expert interviews are invaluable.

What I like the most about the program is the phases that Bari walks you through - from healing your money history, getting clear on your numbers, and how to figure out what you need and want for your lifestyle and how to get it. I highly recommend this program if you are wanting more freedom and control around your money and to heal any money shame you may have.

Adele Michal

Yesterday my husband and I were discussing some numbers in YNAB when one of the kids asked “what is that?” pointing at the computer screen. I said “I would love to tell you!” and proceeded to tell our 11 and 9 year old boys about what each of the numbers were- income, expenses, how we were trying to get balanced, how if we spend more than we brought in, it follows to the next month, and we looked at the history of the last 4 months we have tracked (yay!). We looked in a few categories, they asked what we could do to spend less, and we thought of the different options. And then at some point I said “you know, I’m so happy to share this with you because I hope to teach you how to do this when you are older. M parents didn’t teach me and it’s taken a long time to learn, and I hope I can teach you better.” And the best part- I was so happy, I wasn’t even angry at my parents at that moment. Thank you Bari Tessler Linden for a beautiful moment that could have never happened, on so many levels, before Art of Money.
Chana Lieb

Since starting The Art Money, I’ve really started to become more comfortable with money. I learned about where my negative beliefs and mindsets are around money and where they come from, and I’m learning that I can change that. I no longer feels as that I have no control over my money. I’m starting to feel comfortable looking at my numbers, making simple goals and plans for my money and most of all, not being AFRAID. This has been a wonderful program!
Milissa Harding

A couple of weeks ago I finally sat down to rename my chart of accounts. I’ve been a bookkeeper working in Quickbooks for about 16 years, so I know my way around a chart of accounts, but putting this together was really powerful . Often our money and our time don’t align with our priorities, which I think is the source of so much pain around money. To be able to realign the chart of accounts around my priorities was the most powerful exercise. Bravo / Brava! to all of you out there who don’t have this background but dove into the Art of Money anyway! This is hard work, even for a seasoned professional. I’ve been trying to do this work for my own household for so many years, and and even with the practical tools it wasn’t where I wanted it to be. Once I was able to shift my thinking with this guidance, I was able to transform the process.
Betty Marcon

I grew up with no money education and no money understanding. My first memory of money is that there’s never enough at the end of the month. But the Art of Money community, working with Bari, and coming together with my wife around money have been extraordinary experiences! I am changing my understanding of my history, present, and future, thanks to AOM! My wife’s and my relationship with one another and with money is changing so radically. We have been digging out things that need healing, and working to have money dates every single week. And that is amazing. If I got nothing from this Art of Money besides the concept of money dates and support for putting them into place, the whole thing would be worth it. The reality, though, is that I’ve gotten so much more and I believe that what I have received will continue to support me and others, like concentric circles, working their way out blessing the world.
Catherine Clarenbach


Thank you for also sharing your trainings with my wife and I. It has been years, but your Conscious Bookkeeping course really made a huge and lasting impact on our lives (fiscally and otherwise).

Matthew Esparrago and Family

A few months into the Art of Money program I told my friend “I think this is the best thing I’ve ever done.” Bari has this amazing combination of acute sensitivity, compassion, ability to listen to and stay with what a student is going through, all in addition to being a somatic therapist who can relate the world of one’s finances to various levels of one’s being – mental, emotional, spiritual and so much more. Bari has imparted so much wisdom throughout the year, and I feel blessed to be a part of her community. This work is a lifelong process, so I plan to sign up for a second year. Thanks Bari!
Susan Bensen

Thanks so much for another great year of Art of Money! I’ve downloaded all the guest teacher interviews and when I’m working with my hands, like cleaning or washing dishes, I listen or re-listen to an interview. I infinitely trust the care with which you curate the teachers you invite and the other programs you recommend. I’ve been in communities where this is done with less care, or that don’t align with my values so I know the difference. I find everything, from the worksheets, to the audio and video, even your perspective that shines through everything you say and write as one of the most valuable offerings I’ve experienced in my life thus far. Year 2 has really helped Mike and I take things deeper and the continued support made our money practices even more ‘sticky’ so that we find we’re much more committed to continuing our couples money journey into the future.
Gayle Yamauchi-Gleason

Bari is a wise, loving and incredibly real. Working with her has been a grounding point not only in my relationship to money but also in my life. She naturally creates a safe haven and gently holds the space for you to navigate the wilderness of money and all dances with it. She wears many hats… a guide, a teacher, mentor, friend, role model and she moves through these hats with the perfect amount of transparency, professionalism and grace. Her worked moved me from a place of fear, shame and isolation around money to a place of having much more confidence, clarity, ease and enjoyment! I never knew that looking at my numbers could actually be exciting. If you know the time has come for you enter “money adulthood” then Bari is your gal. Her work leads your through a process that is both deep and transformational but also fun, educational and action oriented. Working with her was one of the best decisions I made all year.
Rebecca Lewis

I cannot say enough about the positive impact Bari’s work is having in my life. Profound as well as practical, her Art of Money class has been life changing. Coming so late to this money awareness, I might have been harsh with myself, but Bari’s compassionate approach has allowed me to move forward without chastising myself for the past. Thank you, Bari Tessler Linden!
Athena A. Pallis

Our relationship to our financial life is LOADED. Bari’s insights, gentle questioning, and wise coaching definitely lightened my load. I am so glad to see the challenges of the personal, spiritual, and practical realities of money being addressed!
Lynn Jericho

Money & shame – who knew?!? I think down deep – we all know. And Bari’s coaching and program help you face those patterns and create new ones. I’ve tried Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey and have found that few lessons stuck with me. The work with Bari is deeper and gets to the root of the problem.
Stacey Donelson

One of the best gifts I’ve given myself this year is the ‘practice of money’ with Bari’s Art of Money class. It has allowed me to consider from multiple perspectives: my value as an entrepreneur, the transition from private practice to stay-at-home-mama, and the intentional steps to enter the workplace again, empowered with a fuller knowledge of saving, sustainable investing and meeting debt with gratitude. This is amazing transformative work.
Jess Anderson

I’m participating right now in Bari’s Art of Money program. It’s completely fabulous. I have learned so much about myself and money — more than I ever expected. And because of that, I am for the first time in my life using a system to budget and manage my personal finances. Not only am I NOT gritting my teeth, I am truly enjoying it — and I feel more on top of my money than ever. The content of the course is incredible, the way it’s organized, the guest presenters, everything…but here’s the thing. The real magic happens because of Bari’s compassion, encouragement, and understanding. She makes it possible to step in and air your money hang-ups without fear of judgement so you can get on with the practical stuff. Absolutely incredible.
Erin Callaway

Bari’s work was just what I needed. Bari is a gifted coach. I was able to pinpoint the areas of my financial life that need my attention. And, most importantly, I’ve been able to look honestly at my finances and start developing a plan to change the things that need changing. All in a spirit of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and ultimately self-confidence. Bari calls herself a coach, but I think “money whisperer” is more like it.
Leah Bray Nichols

I think what Bari does more than anything is un-shames us around money. It’s the combination of nuts and bolts financial knowledge and practices, with compassionate attention — not only on the numbers, but past baggage, emotions, and heart. . . . . It was the combination of rigor — and frankly love — that made this work land with me like nothing before.

Kristen Wheeler

Thank you Bari. My wife and I are more connected now because of your work. I am a fan! We now meet once a week for sacred financial practice. And, we're getting so much out of the shared vocabulary. Considering everything that my wife and I have been through together, this is truly an amazing gift. Getting clear about my relationship with money means more freedom to create wealth. If anyone reading thisis thinking about investing in your education this year, personally or professionally, make the Art of Money a priority.
Seth Braun

Bari was my entrance to the world of conscious money, and over the span of slightly more than 10 years I have studied with her twice, and continue to follow her writing and work. I remember what a relief Bari’s presence was, how I knew she was ‘one of us’ but in the world of money, that I could trust her. She holds the tension of practical ‘real-world’ bookkeeping and financial tracking skills in perfect harmony with the world of personal patterns and human relations. When I recently read her post naming her superpower as ‘unshaming’, I couldn’t agree more! She brings her delightful, and very human, self to her work, creating a space for you to bring yours. I still recommend folks to her, and will continue to do so!
Ursula Ferreira


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