The Art of Money Testimonials

It’s been an absolute joy to support you in The Art of Money. I’m on a mission to bring more joy, consciousness, and peace of mind to our money relationships — and I simply couldn’t do that without YOU.

After all … you’re the reason I do this!!

So today, I have a teensy request for you … that would be HUGE for me.

As you probably know, The Art of Money kicks off once a year — and that time is fast approaching.

I’m gathering some of my favorite testimonials / success stories / words of praise to share on the program page and in emails and blog posts … and I’d love to include some fresh, new faces and stories.

You remember how it was, when you signed up for The Art of Money.

You were excited, sure … but probably nervous, too (or downright terrified!) Could you really trust this lady with something so intimate as your money stuff? Would it hurt? Would it actually HELP? Would it work for someone like YOU?

That’s why real-life words of praise from people like YOU are perhaps the single most important thing on that entire, gargantuan page.

If you could take a minute or two to share your experience below, it would mean the world to me … AND to the people who read your honest take.

It doesn’t have to be long or fancy or flowery. Short, raw, honest, personal stories are amazing.

Please share in the form below.

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Thank you!