Renew Art of Money with Alumni Discount

Dear Art of Money Alumni,

I wanted to tell you something it takes most people years to figure out. Deep money work? Never truly ends. It’s the journey of a lifetime.

Just when you think you’ve got it all “figured out,” life throws you a big curveball — a new job, a new baby, or a Huge Personal Insight. Life happens … and then it’s up to us to respond. With heart and savvy. With deep emotional presence … and practical steps, too.

That’s why more and more of our dear Art of Money members continue this program, year after year.(Scroll down for payment links with alum discount.)

They know that life doesn’t remain still. There’s always a new chapter, a new challenge, a new opportunity to dig deep and get intimate with ourselves, our emotions, and a new, “leading edge” … in life, in relationship, and in money.

All this gets smoother, deeper, and richer when you have loving mentors and community to support you.

This deep money work is a lifelong practice and we want to make it as easy and accessible as possible for you to keep up your momentum in the coming year with continued community support in our weekly co-working sessions and monthly Office Hours calls.

This is why we’re offering alumni a big discount so you can have continued support and encouragement as you progress with your money journey.

“Wait, I thought I got lifetime access to the program?” Yes, you’ll have access to the content (12 modules and library) for the year you signed up. Yes, you’re welcome to keep coming back to that material over and over at your own pace. But after 12 months, you’ll lose access to the community components which includes weekly coworking groups and monthly office hours.

So, what’s the benefit of joining another new year as an alumni? Let me tell you a little more about renewing as an alum and some reasons our community members choose to continue as an Art of Moneyer, a second or third (or fourth!) year:

1. Weekly Zoom (video) co-working sessions. Alumni have so much wisdom to share about the methodology and the trials and tribulations of the journey. We have a wonderful crew of alumni guides from around the world who host these calls. Doing this work in a community can be incredibly powerful. It un-shames, busts through the taboo, and supports us when we most need it. Knowing you can reach out to a kindred community when things get tough, or when you need someone to celebrate with you, is priceless.

2. Monthly Zoom (audio) Group Call (aka: Office Hours). On these 90-minute group calls, I’m here and available for you and the community. You can ask me any question live or send your question in advance. These calls are recorded if you have to miss one. The only other way to get access like this is through my private financial therapy (which is a much higher price-point).

3. Ongoing structure + accountability. Don’t let those valuable teaching materials rot on your hard drive! Even if you feel like you’ve got enough interviews and exercises to keep you busy for a long time, really ask yourself: will you engage with them on your own? Most of us really benefit from the thoughtful format and ongoing email love letters.

4. We’re never truly “done” with this work. If you’re growing and deepening as a human, your money relationship can (and will!) grow right along with you. If you show up to it. This work is like a spiral: each time we go around, it’s at a deeper level. And, every year, we fine tune our money practices and relationship with money more and more.

5. Every year we evaluate what needs to be updated in the program and where we want to put our resources. This year: we added the weekly coworking Zoom sessions with the alumni guides. Some of you have been asking for video and more ways to connect with others doing this work and to find a buddy to go through the journey with.

Additionally, I create new interviews each year with my financial colleagues and Guest Teachers. For example: How to Work with Fight, Flight, Freeze strategies during money moments, How to Initiate Hard Money Conversations with your Parents and Kids, How to Earn More Income, How to Find a Health Insurance Advocate, How to work through Money Conflicts with your Spouse, just to name a few new interviews.

6. The Alumni Discount. You’re part of the Art of Money family now, so it seems fitting that you should get a friends and family discount, right? How about almost half off the normal price of the Art of Money Program?

Activating your new VIP family member status is easy. Just use one of the links below to join the Art of Money and we’ll automatically apply the discounted rate for you.

For Solo Journeyers:

Click here for the alumni-only pay-in-full option.
That’s $450 (regularly $850)

Click here for the alumni-only 10 monthly payments option.
That’s $49/50 x 12 (regularly $98 x 12)

Buddy Rate:

Click here for the alumni-only bring-a-friend pay-in-full option.
That’s $900 (regularly $1200)

Click here for the alumni-only bring-a-friend 12 monthly payments option.
That’s $99 x 12 (regularly $132 x 12)

OK. Body Check-In Time!

We would love you to join us! But the most important thing to us? Making sure it’s the best choice for you, right now.

So. Body Check-In time! Right now, take a moment. Take a few deep breaths. Ask yourself: what could you gain from another year of AOM? And: what is that worth to you?

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ right here. And please reach out to us if you have any additional questions– we’re here for you.

We hope to see you in the program! It’s gonna be amazing.

With my dearest wishes,

PS: Remember: that big lovely alumni discount isn’t listed anywhere on the Art of Money sales page. So if you’d like to sign up for The Art of Money and receive the discount use these super-special links on this page.

P.P.S. The program now starts the day you sign up – so, you’ll have 12 months of support and access from the day you renew. You’ll get immediate access to module one, the Art of Money Library, and information on how to access the coworking sessions (which is the best part).

P.P.P.S. Got questions? We’ve got answers. Please review our most updated FAQ right here.