What do you stand for?

written by Bari Tessler June 29, 2021
Values statement

Dear Money Adventurer,

When we talk about money, we aren’t just speaking to the value of a dollar or the cost of living. We’re playing out our own unconscious money stories, sharing our deep-seated beliefs, creating dreams for the future, and sharing a hope for something more.​

This journey is deeply, intimately personal. It’s about grounding ourselves in self-awareness and compassion, empowering ourselves in relationship with money and how we manage it in our daily lives – it’s about growth and transformation.

It’s about what matters to you. It’s about what you want to release, what you want to claim, and what you want to build.

There is power in declaring our intentions, naming our values, and standing for what we believe in.  You can read my full Values Statement here.

The Art of Money was born of my own money journey, my own experiences, healing, and learning along the way to creating a more authentic and meaningful relationship with money in my own life. As the Art of Money has grown from small, local classes of 10 people to a global community 500 students strong, it has become essential to create a Values Statement that clearly and intentionally identifies the values and principles that are the foundation of this work.

It’s about offering transparency, standing in integrity, and openly sharing our commitment to accessibility, inclusivity, and social responsibility. That means sharing what this approach to Financial Therapy is all about, how this work has grown and developed, who it’s for, where the stories come from, and where I’m coming from.​

Because yes, we ARE going to talk about money, emotions, and how to communicate – we’re also going to talk about social responsibility, social justice, and privilege while we learn how to work with money in meaningful and practical ways. Because money truly does touch every part of our lives, we are building the foundation for a new chapter together.

The Art of Money Values Statement

  • To guide, support, and empower a more authentic, personally meaningful relationship with money for singles, couples, and creative entrepreneurs.
  • To offer a framework of support and guidance to empower folks to create a more intentional and authentic relationship with money in their lives.
  • To break down the taboos around money and offer a supportive framework to empower the pursuit of a more compassionate, conscious, and intentional relationship with money.
  • To foster a more intimate and authentic relationship with money through the development of emotional literacy and financial literacy.
  • To make our Financial Therapy tools and support available and accessible to as many people as possible while running a sustainable business.

Want to know more?

Read the complete Art of Money Values Statement here.

Thank you for growing along this journey with me, for sharing in the challenges and triumphs, for being a witness and a partner as we hope and heal and strive to create a brighter, more equitable, more compassionate future.

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