Money wisdom from incredible Guest Teachers:
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written by Bari Tessler October 21, 2019
Art of Money Guest Teachers

“Spiritual is who I am. Finance is what I know.”

I got chills when Saundra Davis said that!

This nugget of money wisdom tumbled out of her heart in our recent interview. That interview is right below – but first, please allow me to say: this interview was an absolute honor and thrill!

I’ve wanted to interview Saundra for many years, and am proud to add her to the impressive and growing list of money pioneers I’ve interviewed and shared with you.

That’s why we chose to share the full interview for a longer Money Mocha today. It is such a good interview and we want to show you what the interviews are like inside the program.

Connecting you with world-class money teachers is a top priority for me.

You see, no one can be an expert in all things money. It’s just too big of a subject! Money affects so many areas of our lives – from communication to career to parenting to psychology and on and on.

Money’s too complex to learn from just one person. That’s why I’ve hand-picked a team of amazing mentors.

I’ve done this in my own life-and-money journey: picking the best accountants and business coaches and bookkeeping trainers, for example.

And it’s my delight and honor to extend the privilege to you, dear community!

Please don’t shame yourself for not already knowing all things money. Get a great guide instead. (Or 29 of ‘em.)

I love sharing wisdom from other money teachers here on my blog. But the full Guest Teacher lineup is only available in my year-long money school, The Art of Money — which is now open for a quickie earlybird registration period!

If you join The Art of Money 2020, you won’t just learn from me. You’ll soak up money wisdom from an incredible lineup of Guest Teachers: the very best pioneers, visionaries, and experts I could find, on a huge array of money-related areas.

From money pioneers like Barbara Huson, Olivia Mellon, Karen McCall, and Deborah Price … to soulful, cutting edge teachers like Hiro Boga, Jacquette Timmons, Fabeku Fatunmise, and Mark Silver … on topics from parenting to personality types to couples to communication to somatic tools, credit scores, credit card debt, creative-preneur strategies, bookkeeping, and on and on and on.

In the year-long Art of Money journey, you’ll be introduced to two of these Guest Teachers per month (on average).

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OK! Without further ado …

Sit back and soak up wisdom from a true money pioneer: Saundra Davis.

We first met years ago, at the beginning of my career as a financial therapist. In a room full of white, male financial planners, she was one of the only other women — and the only woman of color.

It’s always interesting to me to hear why people get inspired to work with money, but her answer includes some truly universal money wisdom.

In my interview with Saundra, she shares:

  • How she woke up to the importance of personal finance {boom!}.
  • Why she become a financial planner in her 40’s.
  • One of her personal self-limiting money patterns (this is a really common one!).
  • How making jewelry and “trusting her art” was powerful prep for financial planning.
  • How she brings the intuitive, spiritual side of herself into her financial life.
  • Her top money skill: trusting others’ wholeness.

Saundra Davis is a financial coach, educator, consultant and motivational speaker who is nationally recognized for her work with community-based organizations that focus on asset building for the working poor. She is the executive director and founder of Sage Financial Solutions, an organization which bridges the gap between financial services professions and low-wealth communities. They believe that everyone needs and deserves access to competent, ethical financial services and so we provide support to community based organizations (CBOs) and financial life skills programs for low-wealth individuals.

Saundra was instrumental in the development of the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment’s Smart Money Network and is a co-founder of EARN’s work in financial coaching. She is the Past-President of the Financial Therapy Association and is active in the Financial Planning Association (FPA) San Francisco Chapter Pro Bono Committee. She has served on the FPA Pro Bono National Advisory Committee the Diversity Task Force. She has received numerous awards for her work including the Heart of Financial Planning award and the Pro Bono Planner of the Year. Find Saundra on Facebook and Instagram.

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Opening ourselves to guidance, support, and different perspectives about money is one of the smartest things we can do.

But how do you receive external guidance … in a way that honors your inner truth?

If someone’s money advice makes you uneasy or runs counter to the values in your heart of hearts? I don’t care if they’re a “guru” or expert. Please run.

That’s why all of the guest teachers you have access to in The Art of Money 2020 are like Saundra: they understand that money isn’t just dollars and digits, but also deeply personal.

If you’d like access to high-caliber money visionaries to help you access your own inner wisdom in smarter ways, consider joining The Art of Money 2020.

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Learning to trust yourself more with money is a journey.

It requires some practical steps: learning the language of money and setting up systems you understand and trust.

And it requires some inner, emotional steps: releasing limiting beliefs, claiming your value, and loving yourself more and more and more.

If you’re ready to honor both of those sides of money? There’s a whole global community waiting to welcome you … and walk this path with you.

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