Can’t. Hold it. In. Anymore. Something large and lovely is coming for you!

written by Bari Tessler April 23, 2014

My dear community,

Today, I’m asking for your input on some mega-important stuff. But first: some big news!

After years of dreaming and talking and musing about it, it’s finally time. And I can’t keep it from you any longer …

I’m writing a book!

That’s right! It will be all about the Art of Money: my 3-phase approach to deep money work for personal, couples, and creative entrepreneurial finances. It will be beautiful and gentle and bold. And so helpful, for so many people.

Right now, my team and I are stepping into a period of deep-visioning and creative collaboration, behind-the-scenes. We’re pouring everything we’ve got into this beauty, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Don’t worry, though: I’ll still be popping in your inbox, on the regular, with great content! But, to free up the time + creativity that we need to focus on the book, there will be some shifts in my blog and this newsletter — and I think you’re going to love them.

Here’s what to expect over the next few months (and: I need your help!) …

Introducing: Money Mentors + Community Voices

For the first time ever, I’m inviting other dear friends to share their stories, ideas, and wisdom on my blog. As I’m sure you know, money touches so many areas of our lives, in such deeply personal ways. That’s why I’m thrilled to open up this conversation to more perspectives + expertise — so we can illuminate ever more facets of our money relationships. I hope you’ll find it as eye-opening and heart-opening as I do!

We’re opening up the blog to two different kinds of guest submissions:

1. Money Mentors: Hear from my colleagues and extended professional family about their areas of expertise, and how they intersect with money. Think: guest teachings from an eclectic group of powerhouse thinkers, on everything from student loan debt to ritual to body-based practices … and more.

2. Community Voices: Hear the real + raw truth about money from people just like you! Think: intimate, empowering stories about overcoming money shame, creating a prenuptial agreement, or working through debt.

Here’s What I’d Love Your Help With!

1. What topics would you love to hear about? What “money stuff” is “up” for you right now? What do you keep waiting for me to talk about? What subjects have you heard me mention and just can’t get enough of? Click over to here and let us know. We’re all ears!

2. Who would you love me to interview? Interviewing is one of my all-time favorite things! So: who would you love me to hop on the phone or Skype with? Who are your favorite teachers/thinkers/entrepreneurs? Who talks about money in a way that intrigues you — or talks about other things (parenting, business, love, etc. etc. etc.) that you’d love to hear applied to money? Click here and let us know!

3. Would you love to share your story? Share it in my Community Voices series! Did you have a big ah-ha moment with money? Overcome underearning, shame, or some other adversity? Do a powerful money-ritual? If you have an inspiring, empowering, or just plain interesting money story, I’d love to hear it! Click here to see our submission guidelines.

Don’t fret: I’m not going anywhere!

This isn’t a cone of silence I’m crawling under, folks! I love my dear community too much to stay silent long. You’ll still hear from me on the regular: in the Money Mentors interview series, over on Facebook, and in the occasional article (or maybe even book excerpt!) in my newsletters.

With my dearest wishes,

P. S. When my team and I go into deep creation mode, great things happen. Check out our latest gem, Pocket Map for Your Money Roadtrip: A 7-Day Journey into the Art of Money Method. It’s a free mini-course, delivered straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Tax Day has come and gone (here in the U.S.). How was it for you? Did it stir up emotions or a list of To Do’s? Get loving support for unshaming and taking next steps in my Tax Day Reflections article (an oldie but a goodie!).

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