What is Bari’s teaching style like?

written by Ali Willoughbhy February 5, 2019

Bari has a very gentle, nurturing, compassionate, loving, although very direct when needed, teaching style. Our program also has a feminine style to it, from the way the program is structured, to how the content is delivered, to how Bari teaches.

Some of the recordings are succinct and some are not.

This is 100% Bari’s teaching style and can be seen in all of our public content and again in the sample content that was provided from the registration page on our site.

During the program enrollment period though the sales page, sample content page, FAQ page and our emails we make every effort to be as clear as possible about the type of style of the program, what it is and what it is not. We do this intentionally so anyone interested in the course can easily see if it’s a good fit before they sign up.

At the heart of it, this is a personal growth course that gives you a journey and an experience that supports members to change their relationship with money on practical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. This takes time and while there is a clear framework and specific tools, it’s not a succinct program nor does it have a succinct style. It’s really not a business, quick-fix, get to the point, kind of program.

The Art of Money program has worked for hundreds of students over the years. But it won’t be right for everyone.