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  Most of us don’t talk about money, except with our closest friends. But we ALL have money stories. Tough times we survived. Triumphs and gifts. Practical wisdom and soul-deep insights. And when we share our money stories with one another, openly and lovingly? Well, magic happens. We un-shame. We spread confidence and peace of mind and a whole lotta love. Honesty is just the beginning … Please curl up with a cuppa and enjoy this special, intimate interview series:…

January 16, 2017
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I’ve got a fantastic podcast episode to share with you today, but I will BURST if I don’t share this huge news with you first: It’s here, it’s here … the box of my book galleys arrived! The moment I opened the box and saw what it was, I screamed so loud, I scared the pants off of poor Forest. That’s why this photo is a bit blurry: I was still jumping and wiggling all over the place, giddy with…

January 22, 2016
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Feeling brave? Take a moment and imagine this hypothetical scenario with me. It’s something I hope never happens to you, but … it’s terribly important to consider. You and your honey go out for a date night. Your child is safe at home with the babysitter while you two have a great time at your favorite restaurant. You have a warm, glowy evening together. You laugh. You flirt. You discover an absurdly creamy Spanish cheese. You pay the bill and…

January 17, 2016
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