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Feeling brave? Take a moment and imagine this hypothetical scenario with me. It’s something I hope never happens to you, but … it’s terribly important to consider. You and your honey go out for a date night. Your child is safe at home with the babysitter while you two have a great time at your favorite restaurant. You have a warm, glowy evening together. You laugh. You flirt. You discover an absurdly creamy Spanish cheese. You pay the bill and…

January 17, 2016
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Creation is messy business. And beginnings are rarely tidy. That fluffy, warm stack of Paleo pancakes started out in a kitchen flung with batter, a sink overflowing with eggy, buttery bowls. And, as I have learned this year, writing a book means drinking lots of coffee in the morning to push through the voices of self-doubt whispering, “Can I really do this??” The creative process isn’t shiny. It drags you into the shadows and dares you to dance with them,…

January 12, 2016
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I knew a woman once who had an utterly uncalled-for number of shoes. Her closets were bulging and bursting with fine Italian leather, strappy slingbacks, and faded blue beach wedges.   Now, I love a great pair of shoes, but I don’t feel the need to collect moremoremore of them. But I do have a borderline-embarrassingly huge collection of something else … STORIES. Art of Money Podcast: Episode 2 How to make more money and overcome underearning. was last modified:…

January 7, 2016
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