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Money Mocha 1

So there you are, all set to pay your bills in a loving, conscious way. Your candle’s lit. You put a few squares of your favorite, fair-trade dark chocolate on a saucer (the fine china, even). You’ve got soft jazz playing and incense wafting. And suddenly, you hit a wall of fog. You go “deer in headlights” and can’t focus on the numbers on the screen, let alone unpack your feelings about them. You’re overwhelmed with emotions you can’t quite…

October 17, 2017
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Dear Community, Sweet, tiny ah-ha’s. Subtle-yet-profound shifts. Bite-sized ideas that change everything. Sometimes, smaller is better. Especially when it comes to shifting your money relationship. That’s why I’m so excited to gift you this free content series … and it’s right around the corner! Money Mochas are Coming! Money Mochas are short, sweet, and deep money teachings. Mini-jolts of financial clarity and love, zapped straight to your inbox (sign up here!) or you’ll find them right here on the blog. …

October 12, 2017
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A couple months ago, my husband, Forest, and I had an epic, 24-hour Money Date. If you’re new ‘round here, a Money Date is simply a time you set aside to put some love and attention on your money relationship — on a practical, emotional, psychological, and/or spiritual level. You might have smaller, 30-minute Money Dates once a week to pay your bills (while nibbling some dark chocolate) … and have larger ones monthly or quarterly. We knew we were…

September 18, 2017
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