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If you’re in the United States, you know what April 15th means. (And it’s the 17th this year!) Tax Day. Before we get to the beautiful opportunities this day can hold (promise — no Pollyanna-ing required!), take a moment and feel what you’re feeling, right now. What happens for you, when you read those two teeny little loaded words? Tax Day. Notice your feelings, sensations, thoughts, emotions, and memories. (Do a full-blown Body Check-In, if you like.) Breathe into Tax…

April 9, 2018
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Bari Book Selfie

Dear Community, WILL YOU PLEASE JOIN ME IN JUMPING UP AND DOWN FOR JUST A SEC? Right now, at this very second, you can now buy my book, The Art of Money, in a brand-spankin new format: AHHHHH, PAPERBACK. This is such exciting news! A few reasons why: That copy you lent to your friend and never got back? Now you can gracefully let her keep it (while you devour your brand-new copy). It’s proven: we retain information better when…

March 13, 2018
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Dear Community, When you’ve been thonking your head against your tax return for six hours (and four chocolate bars). When you see that Post-It on your desk that says, “stop undercharging already!” but quote your new client last year’s rates, anyway … and can’t figure out why. When you’ve been researching for months for the best place to invest all the while trying to make sure the options align with your organic-peace-loving values. When you and your sweetie keep having…

February 14, 2018
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