Pocket Map for your Money Roadtrip

Pocket Map for your Money Roadtrip.

Take my hand. Let’s explore this territory, together. Get the very best of my approach, distilled into a powerful + practical, FREE 7-day journey into the Art of Money Method. It’s bursting at the seams with soulful wisdom and rays of clarity.

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The Ultimate Guide to Working with a Bookkeeper (Or Not!)


One of the most common snags I see people hit when they begin their money practice is around the question: should I hire a bookkeeper or not?

First of all: this is a highly personal decision — just like everything else related to money!…

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Ask me anything! Live Q and A Call About Art of Money 2014


My dear community,

It’s almost here! Next week, we welcome a whole new crew to our year-long money school, The Art of Money. There’s still time to join — but there’s only a few more days!

Registration is about to close.

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Art of Money 2014 is leaving the station…

My Dear Community,

It’s the tip of a new year. The air is electric with fresh intentions + possibilities.

The question on my mind? Is 2014 the year to finally make money an ally in the journey towards your dreams?

If there’s a yes glowing in your heart, my year-long program can show you the path, but here’s the thing:

The Art of Money 2014 program is beginning in 8 days, on January 15th.

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Your precious life, money legacies + it’s my birthday.


Golden Nugget #10: Money Healing, Money Practices, Money Maps.

Today, I write to you with a tender heart.

It’s my 45th birthday. The beginning of a new year. A fresh start. Celebration + gratitude. Endings + beginnings. The power of possibilities … and the tenderness of crossing a sacred threshold.…

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How to Create Your End-of-Year Money Ritual – Part Two: Looking Ahead


Golden Nugget #9: Money Maps

Psst … If you missed it, do check out the first part of this practice. In Part One: Looking Back, I guide you through a mini money ritual to complete 2013. Because every transition (whether it’s a new year or a whole new phase of your life) involves saying hello to the new and saying goodbye to the old.

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