How to Make Money a Self-Care Practice

Money Practice Definition

Are your eyes ready for this goodness?? You’re about to behold
the very first excerpt from the official, final version of my new book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness. After countless rounds of revising and polishing, the book is off to the printers — and can be in your hands oh-so-soon!

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Holy.Shmoly. You Can Now Pre-Order My Book!

noah and forest reading book galley (550)

My boys reading the galleys of my book. A dream come true!

Dear Community,

For 15 years now, I have heard the same question, over and over, Red Rover:

“When’s the book coming out?”

People asked me this question …

… after every public talk (from people who wanted MORE)

… smack-dab in the middle of private financial therapy sessions (from folks who knew their sweetie was ready for this work, too)

… and throughout my year-long money school, from lit-up students who wanted to share this work, this message, with their best friends, mothers, neighbors, cousins — all those people who are so ready to heal the stress, shame, and confusion they feel about money and make this relationship a unique expression of their noble hearts: clear, grounded, aligned, and empowered.

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News! Want to work privately with me? (They filled up in 10 hours last year.)


Dear Community,

Sometimes, the higher you soar, the more you long for your roots.

That’s the latest nugget o’ wisdom I’ve discovered in a big year of soaring. As you know, I spent the past year authoring my first book:

… In quiet moments, alone at my computer.

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