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Dear Community, I’m writing you today from the road. Because … My book tour is officially underway! I’m visiting some of my favorite cities in the U.S. and Canada, in bookstores and cozy living rooms, reading excerpts from my brand-new book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness. And you know I’ll be sharing fun, quickie videos with you from on the road! Today, I’m in gorgeous San Francisco, where, this evening, I’ll be giving a book…

July 5, 2016
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What should you charge

It’s trickier than playing Old Maid with a sneaky six-year-old. Bramblier than a blackberry thicket. More emotionally confusing than the last episode of Game of Thrones. And on top of all that? It’s incredibly, life-altering-ly important. It’s the question that echoes in creative entrepreneurs’ minds at least once in their career (but usually more like one thousand times): What should I charge? Whether you’re a massage therapist or a marketing consultant, a Wiccan candlemaker or website developer, this question has…

July 5, 2016
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