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Bari holding The Art of Money Book

Dear Community, Holy champagne and ticker tape parades, Batman: Today my book, The Art of Money, is officially published!! I am beside myself with excitement. Gratitude. Tenderness. And even more excitement. This book was a labor of love. It took a ton of work. Years of life experience. It incorporates stories and voices not just from my own life but from so many of my amazing and brave students and colleagues. The Book is Here! was last modified: June 13th,…

June 13, 2016
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A delectable mishmosh of book-y goodness for you!

Dear Community, It’s that moment juuuust before the kiss, your belly all a-flutter. That heart-pounding drumroll, so insanely joyful you can’t stand it. The pregnant glow: so sweetly, soulfully lustrous. Sometimes, the moment right before something amazing? Is stupendously wonderful, all on its own. In 7 short days, The Art of Money book officially hits the shelves! (Click here to pre-order your copy.)

June 10, 2016
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