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4 grounded ways to marry money and spirituality

Can money and spirituality really know each other? This is the question that haunts some people and initiates them into deep money work. “Why can I bring mindfulness and compassion to every area of my life — from my career to my parenting to my sexuality to my nutrition practice — but money still feels like the icky, dirty, fraught exception?” they ask. If you feel like money is the “final frontier” of your conscious lifestyle, you’re in excellent company.…

September 30, 2016
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Get Better with Money

Somewhere in the thick of my busy West Coast book tour last month, I met a darling young woman. It wasn’t at one of my book readings or book parties — in fact, it was a chance encounter. But there she was, reading my book … and there I was, thrilled to meet her. As we settled into a sweet conversation, she began to tell me how she’d discovered my work. And it’s a story as old as time. (Well,…

September 22, 2016
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Today, I stand before you, the author of a beautiful book … that almost didn’t happen. One bewildering night, last September, I realized: I might have to call the whole thing off. In that heartbreaking moment, the entire project flashed before my eyes. The months of work my team and I had poured into the manuscript. The years I’d dreamt of being an author. My book, my reputation, my methodology, my life’s work. It was all on the line. And…

September 12, 2016
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