It’s finally here…The Art of Money Dialogues



From the moment I switched my business model to a format of running just one year-long program every year (and only opening it once during the year), many of you in the Art of Money community have been asking for a smaller, lower cost program: a way to dip your toes into the Art of Money work…and you didn’t want to wait until we opened the year-long Art of Money program to get it.

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How to solve your money koans.


Money koan.

It’s a phrase I’ve used for a while in the community of my year-long Art of Money program. When I see someone in a hard spot around money, I tell them I see their struggles as being their current money koan.…

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Money Musings, Gold Spinning and Money Dates



Dear Community,

I am having an incredible amount of creative ideas lately. I usually like slow and steady, but things are FLOWING over here, and I’m itching to get more of this created and soon. Right now my team is already maxed out with current next steps and our cash flow is at it’s capacity.  …

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