Pocket Map for your Money Roadtrip

Money can’t buy happiness, but consciousness can.

You strive to be conscious in all areas of life: relationships, spiritual practice, raising children, your work in the world. But bringing awareness into your relationship with money? Isn’t the easiest thing.

With this free course, you’ll learn how to take the wheel and steer your money life where you want it to go. You’ll come back with healing, awareness, and clarity in your bag.

Because you don’t need money to grow on trees if you plant wildflowers in your bank account.



10 Ways to Deepen your Connection with your Honey Through Money

 money-honey-2(Here’s me and my hubby on a spontaneous money lunch date last week!)

Raise your hand if this has happened to you. All’s well and lovey-dovey with your honey … until this fateful sentence is uttered:

“Honey, we need to talk … about money.”
Dun, dun, dunnnn.

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The True Story of My Biggest Biz Failure, and How it Led Me to See My True Value


Failure. It’s such a painful word, isn’t it?

It shakes and rattles us. We take it personally. We try to move on, to call it a “learning experience” — but it cuts deep.

And for many of us, it feels like each failure chips away at our value.…

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How to Claim Your VALUE: My Curated Collection of Love + Tips


Dear Community,

Everywhere I turn these days, one question keeps popping up. With private financial therapy clients, in blog posts, in coffee shops, and over and over again in my year-long Art of Money community:

How do I KNOW my own value?

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5 Big Money Lies that are Holding You Back


Welcome to my Guest Post Series! For the rest of 2014, my team and I are in deep creation mode, writing my book, The Art of Money. Yay! While we’re away, I’m thrilled to present voices + perspectives about money (and much more) from some of my favorite colleagues + thinkers.…
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Social love. Here’s what happens when I discover Pinterest.

Pinning Party400w

Hi everyone!

Two fabulous things to share with you today!

1. Come join our (Pinterest!) party.

When you’re a little late to a party, it’s all the more important to show up with bells on. Right? (And fabulous lipstick. And chocolate for everyone.…

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