How on Earth do you make a good money decision?


One of the most common and perennial questions people arrive to my work with is:

How on earth can I make a good money decision?

Let’s face it: most of us were never, ever taught how to do this. And it’s one of the most crucial skills to build — for life, in general, but particularly if we want to deepen our relationship with money.…

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AOM Roadshow Ep 8 – How to Turn your Money Life Into a Work of Art: My Top 6 Favorite Tools and Practices


One week from today, something big is happening.

Hundreds of people are gathering for it. From 14 countries (and counting!). Some have done it before. Others are brand-new to it. They’ve told me they’re excited, nervous, thrilled, not-sure-they’re-really-ready, and oh-so-sure-they’re ready.

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AOM Roadshow Ep. 7: She spoke the truth about growing up wealthy. Hint: it’s not as easy as you think.


Dear Community,

My little family and I are back in Boulder, safe and sound after our amazing Art of Money Roadshow adventure. What a wild and beautiful ride it was! (Check out our behind-the-scenes travelogue — with my notes and photos from the road!!…

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