Pocket Map for your Money Roadtrip

Money can’t buy happiness, but consciousness can.

You strive to be conscious in all areas of life: relationships, spiritual practice, raising children, your work in the world. But bringing awareness into your relationship with money? Isn’t the easiest thing.

With this free course, you’ll learn how to take the wheel and steer your money life where you want it to go. You’ll come back with healing, awareness, and clarity in your bag.

Because you don’t need money to grow on trees if you plant wildflowers in your bank account.



From the heart: A tele-ritual with you. Art of Money begins this Sunday.


My dear community,

It’s almost here…The second train for The Art of Money 2014 is rounding the bend, headed our way. It’s leaving the station this Sunday, at 3pm MTN time. Hop on board now and join us for an incredible live-streamed tele-ritual.…

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The Art of Making Money Decisions


Golden Nugget #7

It’s a funny thing: I make my living helping people heal their relationship with money.
And today, I’d like to talk openly about the elephant in the room here:

How in the world do you decide whether to spend money on your relationship with money?

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Bravery… and then Grace.


Bravery… and then Grace.

(With my work, my voice, my marriage, being a mother, with my health, my body… and my recent thyroid biopsy)

There is Bravery with my work that I bring to the world.

And in growing a business.…

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Overcoming Underearning – Interview with Financial Expert Barbara Stanny


Golden Nugget #6: Money Healing

Today we’re diving right into one of the deepest, tenderest areas in all of conscious money work. Hold onto your tiaras and cowboy hats, folks. Today, it’s about …

The Question of Value

Everywhere we turn — especially in the online entrepreneurial world — we’re bombarded by affirmations and commands about value.…

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How to Change your Holiday Money Story



Golden Nugget #5

Well, the streets and interwebs are both a-buzz with Holiday commerce!  Between Thanksgiving and Black Friday (here in the States), the opening of the Holiday shopping season, and Cyber Monday today … there’s a lot of money emotions and transactions and plannings going on! …

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