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Can’t. Hold it. In. Anymore. Something large and lovely is coming for you!


My dear community,

Today, I’m asking for your input on some mega-important stuff. But first: some big news!

After years of dreaming and talking and musing about it, it’s finally time. And I can’t keep it from you any longer …

I’m writing a book!

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Why I’m hosting a full day at the Healthy Money Summit.

healthy-money-summit-2My dear community, 

It’s shoulder-shimmies central over here, and the reason is some happy, exciting news-you-can-use! 

Every once in awhile, an opportunity comes along that’s just so perfect, you bend your own rules (the loose ones, anyway!), move some small mountains, and happy-dance your way to a dream-come-true.  Yes?  Yes!  Here’s what I’m talking about… 

This Tuesday, November 5, I’m hosting a whole day of the Healthy Money Summit, created by the Shift Network.

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Holy chocolate bars! I just landed in mainstream media and could use a little help


Hey there,

Bari here with a quick, exciting update and a request for a little help.

I don’t normally toot my own horn like this, but this is just too cool to keep quiet. So I’m tooting honking the horn.

30 minutes ago, US News and World Report just published an article about me and my work…and I’m kind of levitating about an inch off my chair.…

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My HEART is in Boulder: A Personal Update on the Flood + Money Teaching

My dear community,

I’m writing you today from a rain-drenched and tear-soaked Boulder.

As I’m sure most of you have heard, our little community and the surrounding areas have been hit with terrible flash flooding this past week.  They’re calling it our 1000 Year Flood.…

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3 really good rec’s for my entrepreneurial ladies (and special gents)!

I’m still in the glow of starting The Art of Money, but I’m peeking out of my AOM cocoon because I have three really fantastic resources I can’t NOT share with you today (two out of three are total freebies)!…

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You Asked. I Pondered. It’s Here. The Art of Money 2013.

It’s here. 

I’ve been dropping hints. Sprinkling breadcrumbs. Visioning, candle vigiling, crafting, planning, tweaking, deep breathing it into existence. 

Today’s the day. 

With all the heart-busting pride and humble gratitude and shoulder-shimmying excitement I have, I give you … 

An 11-Month Community Program

February 1 – December 31, 2013

With Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps

With Rockstar Guest Teachers on a Multitude of Topics

With Ongoing Leadership + Rich Community Support

With Handy Exercises and Resources Galore

… at the most accessible price point I’ve ever offered. 

Click here for all the delightful details. 

The chrysalis has opened.…

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Rumors, Cocoons, and My One Birthday Wish

Dear Community,

Today is full of all kinds of auspicious wonder-making and merriment.

It’s my 44th birthday.
My son Noah is 4.
I’m officially announcing my 11-month program for 2013,
The Art of Money.

(11 x 4 = 44 = happy entrepreneurial goosebumps)

I want to pull back the curtain a little farther on The Art of Money, clear up some rumors, and share some tidbits that have warmed my heart along the path to today.…

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Tending your money relationship during the holiday season. Here’s help.

How are you doing these days, during this wonderful, and sometimes challenging, season? How are you and money doing these days?

{Hint: help with that below.}

For me, holiday time conjures up so many emotions all at the same time: from deep love, joy + connectedness .…

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Farewell Conscious Bookkeeping SALE!

It is with overflowing excitement, gratitude, anticipation . . . and a sprinkle of bittersweetness that I share a very large announcement (+ some gift giving cheer)!

After eleven years, after thousands of changed lives, after soulful turns and spicy twists along my entrepreneurial path …

I’m bidding my Conscious Bookkeeping programs a very fond farewell.

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It’s Coming! The Art of Money, 2013.

It’s been courting me for some time now. A long time. Inklings, signs, elements. Finally: it’s (almost) here. 

The seeds have been there all along. Through eleven years of doing money work. Through all the formats I’ve played with. Through the decade ofworking as a body-centered therapist before that.…

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