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It’s Official: I’m writing a book! Here’s the fairy tale story of how I found the perfect publisher.

I_m-published-selfie.-550w This is my: “I am so happy to have a signed contract with my publisher!” (Selfie)

On Friday, February 20th, at 4:30 Mountain, it happened…

I signed a book deal!!

Yes, yes, yes. With tears of gratitude streaming down my face.…

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Have Hugs, Will Travel! Watch Real-Life Money Stories from Our RV…


Dear Community,

Oooooh, I’m so excited to let this cat out of the bag … !

In a few days, we’re packing up an RV, hitting the road, and heading out West to talk to some of our favorite Art of Moneyers!

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We begin in 2 days! Are You Joining us for The Art of Money 2015?

AOM 2015 banner clean-blog

Dear Community,

My candles are lit. The lavender’s been spritzed. Everything is ready forTuesday, November 18th, which is less than 2 days away,  when it all begins…

Will you join us as we begin the Art of Money 2015 journey?

Welcoming Entheos overview-blog

It’s all starting with a live, kickstarter call with me on Tuesday, November 18th at 6pm Mountain Time.

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Great shoes and good friends: A photo travelogue of my Emerging Women NY trip.


Hi everyone! I’m writing to you today from my mama bear den, where I’m resting like crazy after an amazing trip to NYC. And I’m so excited to tell you the story, show you some gorgeous photos, and share just what went down on my trip.

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Here’s what happens when I get to craft my dream party. (You’re invited!)

Entheos experts-top of blog

Dear Community,

Imagine you got to design your dream party. And every element was up to you: the beautiful location (beach, please!), the sumptuous menu (CHOCOLATE!), even the perfect music to set the mood.

Well, that’s basically the opportunity I’ve been given by the good folks over at en*theos!…

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Want to Work Privately with Me? Here’s Your Chance.


Hello everyone!

Sometimes, I have chocolate for breakfast. I put my hair up in a funky bun for interviews. And I break business “rules” left and right. I do things a little differently, because I want my life and business to feel creative, playful, and authentic.…

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Social love. Here’s what happens when I discover Pinterest.

Pinning Party400w

Hi everyone!

Two fabulous things to share with you today!

1. Come join our (Pinterest!) party.

When you’re a little late to a party, it’s all the more important to show up with bells on. Right? (And fabulous lipstick. And chocolate for everyone.…

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Can’t. Hold it. In. Anymore. Something large and lovely is coming for you!


My dear community,

Today, I’m asking for your input on some mega-important stuff. But first: some big news!

After years of dreaming and talking and musing about it, it’s finally time. And I can’t keep it from you any longer …

I’m writing a book!

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Why I’m hosting a full day at the Healthy Money Summit.

healthy-money-summit-2My dear community, 

It’s shoulder-shimmies central over here, and the reason is some happy, exciting news-you-can-use! 

Every once in awhile, an opportunity comes along that’s just so perfect, you bend your own rules (the loose ones, anyway!), move some small mountains, and happy-dance your way to a dream-come-true. 
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Holy chocolate bars! I just landed in mainstream media and could use a little help


Hey there,

Bari here with a quick, exciting update and a request for a little help.

I don’t normally toot my own horn like this, but this is just too cool to keep quiet. So I’m tooting honking the horn.

30 minutes ago, US News and World Report just published an article about me and my work…and I’m kind of levitating about an inch off my chair.…

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