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Dear Community, The last thing you need is yet another reminder of how crazy the world is, right now. I know, I know.   Deep breath.   But I do want to speak aloud what’s been happening behind-the-scenes over here. To share how I’ve been working with my business and mission — within this turmoil. Because there’s power in transparency. And because I think — I hope, I hope — hearing this will support and soothe you. (And, yes: your…

February 9, 2017
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Dear Community, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Money Memoirs Series! It was such an honor to curate this for you. This podcast was part of my ongoing mission to create safe spaces for honest conversations about money: so we can talk about the good stuff and the tough stuff … the emotional and practical and spiritual stuff … and everything in between. If you’re inspired to bring even more honesty, safety, and mindfulness to your money relationship in 2017,  check out…

January 29, 2017
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