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How to solve your money koans.


Money koan.

It’s a phrase I’ve used for a while in the community of my year-long Art of Money program. When I see someone in a hard spot around money, I tell them I see their struggles as being their current money koan.…

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I’m writing a book in my nightie, and other updates on family, life, and business.

book writing session 

Dear Community:

There is so much going on behind the scenes in business, book creation, and family. I want to share some of these moments with you, and today’s the day!  

You see, I love to document moments through images and photos with my iPhone and then share them on social media.…

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Money and Kids. Lessons from our family.



Dear Community,

I’m excited to be in your inbox today! We haven’t been as prolific in our articles over the last month or so because we are fully immersed in the book writing process behind the scenes.

We’ve got quite the editorial deadlines laid out for us by our publisher, Parallax Press, and we’re deep in creative process.…

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Great shoes and good friends: A photo travelogue of my Emerging Women NY trip.


Hi everyone! I’m writing to you today from my mama bear den, where I’m resting like crazy after an amazing trip to NYC. And I’m so excited to tell you the story, show you some gorgeous photos, and share just what went down on my trip.

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This woman uncovers money patterns through interior design. And I love her for it.


Welcome to the Money Mentor Series! This is a special guest post from my dear colleague and friend, Rebecca McLoughlin. Rebecca has been a member of the Art of Money community for years now, doing her own deep money work. She is also a gifted guide in her own field, Interior Life Design, where she weaves together deep inner work and beautiful, authentic home design.

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On Motherhood, Money Stories, and Finding Clarity in the Choppy Waters of Life.



Welcome to my Guest Post Series! For the rest of 2014, my team and I are in deep creation mode, writing my book, The Art of Money. Yay! While we’re away, I’m thrilled to present voices + perspectives about money (and much more) from some of my favorite colleagues + thinkers.
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Travelogue of an entrepreneurial family – behind the scenes lessons + pics.


Today, a mini dance break: for storytelling and sharing, for visioning and adventuring, for loving and living.

You see, I love crafting + curating teachings around money (and all that it touches) for you all — including creative entrepreneurism, mama-preneuriship, somatic practices, relationships, and so much more.…

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The Real Deal About My Money Challenges: Past, Present, Future.


This is the second post in the Golden Nugget Series: a collection of the sweetest, bite-sized tidbits of my work. It’s all celebrating the The Art of Money, my year-long money school, which begins January 15th, 2014. If you’re new here, subscribe for updates and money wisdom at the bottom of this post!

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Getting honest about growing pains. Plus, big changes on the team!

Gone are the days when I can remember everyone’s email address on my list by heart. (Yes, I really used to have my email list memorized.)

I am intentionally growing over here, honored to lead this global money movement and incredible community of money adventurers.  …

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I knew this day would come as a Mommypreneur.

noahsmileYesterday Noah (my 4 ½ year old son) told us he wants to go to school full time, instead of just a few days a week.

Deep Breath. Excitement. Hand-on-my-tender-heart.

It’s not surprising that this request has come just two weeks after we completed the transition into his own cool big boy bed, after 4.5 years of co-sleeping with me.…

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