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Travelogue of an entrepreneurial family – behind the scenes lessons + pics.


Today, a mini dance break: for storytelling and sharing, for visioning and adventuring, for loving and living.

You see, I love crafting + curating teachings around money (and all that it touches) for you all — including creative entrepreneurism, mama-preneuriship, somatic practices, relationships, and so much more.…

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Bravery… and then Grace.


Bravery… and then Grace.

(With my work, my voice, my marriage, being a mother, with my health, my body… and my recent thyroid biopsy)

There is Bravery with my work that I bring to the world.

And in growing a business.…

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My HEART is in Boulder: A Personal Update on the Flood + Money Teaching

My dear community,

I’m writing you today from a rain-drenched and tear-soaked Boulder.

As I’m sure most of you have heard, our little community and the surrounding areas have been hit with terrible flash flooding this past week.  They’re calling it our 1000 Year Flood.…

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How my Food Cleanse INSPIRED a Money Cleanse for my students.

My 44th year has been powerful.

And, I have been Daring Greatly like crazy.

Some of my great dares this year have been: 

1. As many of you know, I opened my year-long program, The Art of Money, a global conscious money movement.…

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Failure or Lesson? In your Money House…

“The only difference between a failure and a lesson, is how much you were paying attention.”

When I recently read this on Joshua Onysko’s Facebook wall, I felt a big YES! My mind was flooded by all the ways this relates to our money relationship and the path to money healing.…

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A tribute to my first money mentor, Tamara Slayton.

In August of 2001…

I moved from Colorado to California, and arrived in a little town called Sebastopol.

I was post-graduate school (in Somatic Psychology), standing at a huge professional crossroads. I was working as a bookkeeper, doing overnight hospice shifts, and leading authentic movement groups.…

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I knew this day would come as a Mommypreneur.

noahsmileYesterday Noah (my 4 ½ year old son) told us he wants to go to school full time, instead of just a few days a week.

Deep Breath. Excitement. Hand-on-my-tender-heart.

It’s not surprising that this request has come just two weeks after we completed the transition into his own cool big boy bed, after 4.5 years of co-sleeping with me.…

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My little holiday love note…

The dear Hannah Marcotti invited me to write a holiday love note.
She included it in her ‘Joy Up’ Community, where she mixes magic, soulwork, tradition, ritual with grounding in the now.  Joy Up is a wonderful place to hang out online during the month of December.…

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Tending your money relationship during the holiday season. Here’s help.

How are you doing these days, during this wonderful, and sometimes challenging, season? How are you and money doing these days?

{Hint: help with that below.}

For me, holiday time conjures up so many emotions all at the same time: from deep love, joy + connectedness .…

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Really good advice for riding the waves (of life, love, and launches)

As some of you know, my household is in the bliss and chaos called “launch mode”, as my hubby, Forest, welcomes a new crew of students into his Tech Genius program .

I’m fascinated by “launch energy”.

It’s exciting, intense, and hopefully filled with moments of deep calm + trust.…

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