Financial Therapy

You’re savoring the last bite of your luxurious chocolate soufflé …

And then — it happens. Again.

The evening had been perfection, until that point. Your favorite restaurant twinkled with candlelight and clinking glasses. Your honey sat across from you, his eyes aglow with tenderness (and appreciation for your black strapless dress). Conversation flowed easily and lovingly. All was happy and right with the world.

The moment that changed everything: when the waiter placed the check on your table.

Because that was no ordinary slip of paper. It landed like an anvil from the sky, carrying the weight of the ultimate taboo: MONEY.

You get that familiar ick in the pit of your stomach. Your voice catches in your throat. And your honey, right there across the table, suddenly feels a million miles away.

Your lovely evening out suddenly shatters under the weight of a thousand unspoken words, ongoing fights, fears about the future, and shame about the past. Worst of all, your own confusion:

Why is money so hard? Why can you bring loving awareness to every area of your life under the sun — from food to sexuality to spirituality — except money?

You and money don’t need to be enemies (or strangers). With the right guidance, you can create a conscious, loving relationship with money. And this can change everything.

That’s because money touches every area of your life: from career to romance, parenting to creativity, spirituality, health, self-worth, and more. When we create a healthy, honest, empowered relationship with it, the positive effects ripple out to our entire life.

Yet most of us were never taught how to manage money — let alone our emotions around it. So it remains a tangled territory of stress and fear, doubt and disconnection. Even the most thoughtful, mature adults get lost in these woods — and their whole lives pay the price. And that anvil can fall from the sky a dozen times a day: when you swipe your card at the checkout, when you plan your vacation, or when you dream of the future.

There is a better way. Take my hand. You don’t have to do this alone.



Private Financial Therapy

An intimate, customized journey through your unique money relationship. For individuals, couples, and creative entrepreneurs.


Private financial therapy is the fastest, most focused way to transform your money relationship. And your whole self is welcome, here.

We’ll create a safe space for your tenderest explorations. A can-do plan. A grand vision, aligned with your values. Knowing, loving support right where you need it.

Deep money work can be gentle AND practical.

My feminine, body-centered approach sparks deep insights, loving un-shaming, and shoulder shimmies — in droves. I’m crazy-in-love with practical steps and systems, but this isn’t a tough-love approach. We’ll bring gentle awareness to aspects of your money relationship that nobody talks about. And we’ll integrate three phases:

Money Healing: Unravel the emotional, familial, and psychological pain in your money relationship. Bring massive doses of honesty, forgiveness, and love.

Money Practices: De-mystify finances, and make money a regular part of your self-care routine. Work with numbers, systems, and practical steps in a way that’s meaningful and beautiful, to you. (And YES, we bring chocolate.)

Money Maps: Align money with your deepest values and cherished life goals. Zoom out and clarify where you are in this one, precious life — and make money support your big dreams.

Private financial therapy brings the very best of my Art of Money method directly to the areas of your money relationship that most need love.

Together, we can move mountains. Expect to:

  • Get intimate with your own, unique money story
  • Uncover and heal unconscious money patterns holding you back
  • Dissolve the fear, anger, and tension when you talk with your honey about money. Learn to deepen your relationship through money dates.
  • Create customized, playful, and smart money practices on daily, weekly, monthly bases
  • Learn the language of money (this is so empowering!)
  • Align your spending and savings with your big life goals and deep values
  • Establish the financial support team you need, right now (bookkeepers, accountants, financial planners, etc.)
  • Get mentor coaching on creative entrepreneurship and authentic business models.

This isn’t for everyone. But you will love it if:

  • You want to go deep, quickly — and experience big, life-affirming shifts
  • You love intimate, personalized guidance and attention
  • You’re on a path to create a conscious, authentic life … and money is a final, essential piece
  • You have already done some work on your money relationship — and now, you’re ready to take it to the next level
  • Or … you don’t have any relationship with money, whatsoever — and are ready to create one
  • You’re going through a big life transition (divorce, career change, death of a parent, etc.) and money issues are hitting you in droves
  • Or … your money relationship has been calling your name for awhile — and you know in your heart that now’s the time.
  • You and your honey want to deepen your intimacy by working on your money issues
  • You’re a creative entrepreneur and would love support around business models, marketing, and owning your value more.

Wherever you find yourself in the money wilderness, we will carve a path, together.

Choose from two levels of private financial therapy:


Option #1: Single session

For individuals, couples, and creative entrepreneurs
(We’ll meet over the phone or skype for a 75 minute session) 

We’ll dive straight into the area of your money story asking (or screaming!) for love, healing, and support. Before we meet, you may send me anything you want me to know about you and your situation, so we can jump right in. After our session, you’ll receive personalized email support, love and resources.
This option is perfect for you if:

  • One issue or area of your money relationship is screaming for attention. You sense what it is, and you want focused, deep support through it.
  • You are in my Art of Money program, or you’re a former student, already immersed in my work — and you want an extra boost of my undivided love and attention to support your path.
  • This money work feels deeply exciting to you — and you’re a little lost about where to start. You want to experience it first-hand, one-on-one.
  • You’re curious about my private, 6-month Money Journey, but want to start with a small taste.

Your Investment: $250

Heads up: I am currently booked solid with private sessions until February of 2015. Please check back in on this page at that time to sign up for private work with me.

Please consider joining my year-long community program, The Art of Money. The curriculum, community, and Guest Teachers are truly divine. (And: it’s a super-reasonable monthly price.) We’re opening our doors in November (soon!) for our 2015 group journey. All the details are right here.