Money Practices


Can I ask you a personal question? Would you like to earn more money? If you said YES, you’ve probably thought about this a fair amount, already. Maybe you’ve already bumped up your income, but still feel like you’re stuck under a “money ceiling.” Maybe you creep past that threshold … only to fall back down. So … why are you stuck? It’s NOT because you’re a bad person. It’s NOT because you’re lazy. It’s NOT because it’s impossible. 3…

October 23, 2016
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Sometimes, we hit a brick wall, with our money stuff. (This is useful. When we listen to it.) The credit card payment comes due … and we feel all kinds of anger, shame, or just plain resistance. Or we see “student loan payment” in our monthly spending plan … and feel a queasy knot of anger in our stomach. What’s going on here … is simpler than you might think. (And way more profound.) What we CALL our spending, saving,…

October 19, 2016
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Get Better with Money

Somewhere in the thick of my busy West Coast book tour last month, I met a darling young woman. It wasn’t at one of my book readings or book parties — in fact, it was a chance encounter. But there she was, reading my book … and there I was, thrilled to meet her. As we settled into a sweet conversation, she began to tell me how she’d discovered my work. And it’s a story as old as time. (Well,…

September 22, 2016
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