Money Practices

5 steps to making a solid money decision.

Dear Community, As you probably know, we’re gearing up to start The Art of Money 2019 program on February 1st. I’m so happy to welcome the hundreds of folks from around the world who have decided to join us and are about to begin the journey of healing their relationship with money. If you’re reading this and are still trying to decide whether or not to join us yourself, I have some help for you. See, what you’re facing right…

January 24, 2019
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Dear Community, Lighting the candles. Singing songs. Deep rest and family time. This is the time of year for old traditions and deep meaning. Some we inherit from family — and might even be so old, we don’t even remember why we’re doing them. Others, we create ourselves (and these are some of my favorites). Sure, ideally, we’re always bringing deep meaning and intention to what we do. But there’s something special about this time of year, for many people,…

December 17, 2018
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As joyful as the Holiday Season is supposed to be, it’s no secret that it wreaks some major havoc and stress on many people — especially when it comes to money. I’ve often heard people in my Art of Money community (and beyond) say things like: The mere thought of Holiday presents stresses me out. I hate having to buy all that stuff, but feel guilty when I don’t. I was doing so well with money stuff, and then the…

December 3, 2018
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