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The Ultimate Guide to Working with a Bookkeeper (Or Not!)


One of the most common snags I see people hit when they begin their money practice is around the question: should I hire a bookkeeper or not?

First of all: this is a highly personal decision — just like everything else related to money!…

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Whoa. I interviewed a Student Loan Expert.

Dear Community, 

I discovered Heather Jarvis in response to requests from my Art of Money community for student loan support. Even though this topic wasn’t originally part of the curriculum, it quickly surfaced as a need for my community and I set out to find an expert (as I am certainly not!) to support them.…

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Tax Day Reflections

Dear Community,

Today is a loaded day. It’s Tax Day in the US.

Body Check In: What happens when you read those two teeny little loaded words? Tax Day. Feelings, sensations, reactions? Breathe into Tax Day. Take a peek at what’s there for you.…

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20 Questions for Your Accountant that Will Save Your Tushy

Do you have an accountant you adore and trust? If so, you can stop reading now.

If, on the other hand, the mere mention of the word “Accountant” puts you on edge . . . today’s article is for you, dear friend.…

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How to Take Yourself on a “Money Date”.

When was the last time you took yourself on a money date? Okay, I admit, it might not have the same appeal as dinner + a movie, but the rewards of regular money dates are huge and far reaching. And it may surprise you to experience just how fun, sexy, and nourishing they can be!

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Just pick one: choosing a bookkeeping system

So, you’re working through your deeper “money stories”, gaining clarity all over the place, and then. . . Boom. Stopped in your tracks around this question:

“Which system should I use to keep track of my money??”

This is a big, huge hang up for so many people journeying on the path of financial transformation.…

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How to Make A Money Decision

It’s a funny thing: I make my living helping people heal their relationship with money.

And today, I’d like to address the elephant in the room of financial therapy and financial healing:

How in the world do you reconcile the confusion about spending money on your relationship with money?…

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If you’re terrified to even *peek* at your numbers . . .

Why is it so darn hard to look at our numbers?

This is a question I’ve spent many-a-session exploring with my clients over the years, and within myself since I began addressing in my own relationship with money years ago.

If sitting down to look at the hard and fast numbers of your finances scares you to death .

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Your Mint Questions Answered.

After launching our brand new Wake Up With Mint Course last week, we are thrilled that so many of you have already jumped in to start your money practice in such an affordable, practical, and soulful way!

Here’s what some of you have been saying about the Wake Up With Mint course:

“Love your price point, thank you for making it so easy to jump in!”
“‘Learn Mint’ has been on my ‘to-do’ list forever, perfect timing.”
“Forest is great teacher.…

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My hubby’s bookkeeping confession + Our 1st Collaboration

Dear Conscious Bookkeeping Community,

forest & bari

I’m so excited to announce to you my very first business collaboration with my husband, Forest. We’ve put together our heads and hearts and created a  practical and meaningful learning tool for your journey.

(Can’t wait? Click here to check out our brand new Wake Up With Mint Course!)

If you’re already a student of my method, this is a fantastic new addition to your toolkit.…

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